What Are The Calmest Cat Breeds?

Looking for a cat that's ready to chill all day long? Read this article to learn about the top 11 calmest cats.

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Last Updated: February 6, 2024 | 4 min read

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Cats sleep on average 16 hours a day, but during their waking time, you’ll find a stark difference between their activity levels. Some felines are naturally chill and happy to relax on the couch and cuddle all day long. Other cats embrace their wild side and are busy, curious, demanding, and athletic.

Like humans, all cats have different personalities and temperaments, but some breeds, in particular, seem to be calmer than others. If you are looking for a low-key feline that is content with a day of binging Netflix, read on to learn about the 11 calmest cat breeds. 

American Shorthair

American Shorthair sitting on wood floor

The American Shorthair is even-tempered, friendly, and quiet. If you are looking for a low-maintenance breed, the American Shorthair is for you. The American Shorthair’s amiable personality makes it a friend of all, including children, dogs, and other pets. This lazy kitty often suffers from excessive weight gain, so encourage regular playtime to boost activity levels.


Birman is sitting on chair

A sweet and affectionate kitty, the Birman is a quiet cat that enjoys people and companionship. This breed makes a great addition to families or multi-pet households. Their calm demeanor allows them to adapt to busy households and they don’t mind being left alone for short periods. The Birman is patient and gentle. Prepare for this kitty to follow you around the house. While less active than many cat breeds, the Birman is happy to play and participate in the events of the house.

British Shorthair

British Shorthair sitting on grey background

The British Shorthair has a calm and quiet personality. These cats are easy-going and affectionate and get along with humans and other pets, including small animals like birds and rabbits. The British Shorthair learns quickly and is adaptable. They get attached to their family but enjoy their private time. This cat is rarely vocal and usually dislikes being carried.

Exotic Shorthair

Exotic Shorthair sitting looking up on white background

Exotic Shorthairs tend to be more aloof than other kitties on this list. This breed has a similar temperament to the Persian cat. In fact, this cat was bred to meet the Persian standard with only one exception: the short, plush coat. This feline is sweet and affectionate but is also happy to have its alone time. Their docile attitude makes them great for small homes or apartment living.

Maine Coon

Calico Maine Coon cat laying on back

The Maine Coon holds a position as one of the largest domestic cat breeds and is easy-going, intelligent, and active. Described as “dog-like,” this breed loves to play and enjoys attention of any kind. Don’t confuse this cat’s laid-back personality with laziness. The Maine Coon loves being active. This feline will adore spending time with you all day and will happily follow you around the house. Earning the moniker the “Gentle Giant,” Maine Coons are popular as family pets, therapy cats, and personal companions. 


A woman using a comb brush the Persian cat

The Persian cat is sweet, affectionate, and quiet, making them the perfect buddy for a chill household. This cat prefers lounging with their humans over jumping and playing. Think of them as a furry pillow that also purrs and cuddles with you. While Persian cats are recognized for their calm, affectionate demeanor, they may be less friendly with children and other pets. A Persian is a lazy cuddle-bug that thrives in a secure and serene home. This breed is content to spend their day in a sunny window and watch the day go by. 


RagaMuffin sitting next to shredded paper

The RagaMuffin is a delightful breed that is people-loving and affectionate. This kitty develops a strong bond with their family and wants to please. The RagaMuffin is a great feline for those who live alone, as this cat has lots of love and support to give. While this cat is active and enjoys play, the RagaMuffin is happy to curl up in your lap for the afternoon. Take your RagaMuffin on a stroller ride; this cat’s calm and patient attitude pairs well with new adventures. Your RagaMuffin will happily attend events with you and will be purring by your side the entire time. 


A male hand petting a small beige colored ragdoll Siamese kitten cat on white sheets

Docile, even-tempered, and affectionate, the Ragdoll loves humans and thrives on play. This intelligent and active breed will love to follow their companion around the home and will pay with anyone. They are an excellent addition to a house with young kids, thanks to their gentle nature. Ragdolls are known to go limp and flop into the arms of the person holding them, giving them the appearance of a ragdoll—hence the name. Your child can safely play with the Ragdoll without the worry that your cat will expose their claws.

Russian Blue

Russian Blue Cat licking paw

Good-natured and affectionate, the Russian Blue is a gentle cat that can become somewhat shy around strangers. This kitty is devoted to their loved ones and will want to spend all their time with you. The Russian Blue prefers a quiet house with plenty of safe spaces to hide if needed.

Scottish Fold

Scottish Fold sitting next to sofa

The Scottish Fold is a hardy cat with an easygoing disposition. This cat adapts to any environment with ease, including noisy homes, busy airports, strange hotel rooms, and overly friendly house guests. The Scottish Fold loves to relax and prefers light play to going all-out. This cat has a tiny voice to match their sweet expression. This feline will adore its family and give out plenty of love.

Selkirk Rex 

Selkirk Rex sitting next to a chair

While the first thing you may notice about the Selkirk Rex is their curly coat, the breed’s loving and patient personality really steals the show. While these cats can be playful and silly, they are not hyperactive. The Selkirk Rex is a quiet breed; you won’t hear your pet demanding attention or treats. This breed enjoys socializing in a relaxed environment and is happy to cuddle and be held all day long. Consider a companion pet for the Selkirk Rex, as this breed prefers company when you’re away.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the calmest cat breed?

The answer to this depends on your definition of calm. If you define calm as placid, not easily upset or disturbed, the Ragdoll cat fits the bill. This cat is friendly to all and adapts easily to environmental changes. 

If you think of calm as being less active and great for seniors, small apartment renters, or anyone enjoying peace and quiet, the Persian takes the title. Persians are the ultimate lazy cat and enjoy a calm, relaxed environment. 

What is the most chill cat?

The Maine Coon is the ultimate chill cat. This feline is smart, loyal, and independent. Take your Maine Coon on adventures; they’ll be happy to join in. Busy at work? Maine Coons can easily amuse themselves and don’t require constant attention. Your Maine Coon is cool doing whatever you’re doing, from relaxing on the couch to hard playtime and activity.

Final Thoughts

While you can use this guide to find a cat breed that best fits your lifestyle, remember that a cat’s personality is all their own. Visit shelters before bringing a cat into your home. This is a good way to interact with different breeds. Above all, treat your cat with love and respect, and you will have a forever friend.

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