Best CBD Cat Treats: Benefits & Tips

CBD for cats is widely available. All products are not created equally, and owners may have a challenge picking the best one. We discuss the best CBD cat treats, the benefits of CBD, and answer some frequent questions in this quick guide.

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Last Updated: June 25, 2023 | 13 min read

CBD Hemp Food Delicacy for Dogs and Cats in dishes with the green leaf of hemp close up

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Cannabidiol, also called CBD, is all over the retail and wellness world. It can be found in topical creams, edible treats, and supplements for humans. In recent years, the pet CBD market has grown exponentially. Many feline owners have learned to love what CBD does for their purr babies. Finding the best CBD cat treats can be a challenge because the market is constantly growing.

Purr parents want the best for their pets, and for some, cannabis is the right choice. More feline owners are looking to CBD every day to help their cats manage different medical conditions and have a higher quality of life. While these products can be immensely helpful, owners need to be informed about what they are giving their pets. Doing their research before starting one of these products is advisable.

A popular choice for cannabidiol is edible products. There are several varieties of infused cat treats that are readily available. We looked at some of the top choices for the best CBD cat treats.

At A Glance: Our Favorite CBD Cat Treats

HolistaPet Cat CBD Treats

Overall Favorite

HolistaPet CBD Cat Chews

Treatibles CBD Cat Treats

Great Taste

Treatibles CBD Cat Treats

R & R Medicinals CBD-infused Cat Chews

Popular Pick

R & R Medicinals CBD-infused Cat Chews

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CBD can be a wonderful choice for some felines. It is important to remember that all felines are different. What works for one animal may not be as effective for another. Cannabidiol will affect every individual cat differently, and there is no way to truly predict how they will react until they have tried something.

  1. The information that is presented in this article is not intended as a substitute for advice or consultation from a licensed veterinarian.
  2. Our information is intended for research and informational purposes only. This is simply a guide for cat parents to learn a little bit more about the different feline cannabis-infused treat options available.
  3. Always consult a veterinarian for answers about your specific cat and for guidance on using cannabis to treat a specific condition.
  4. Always read product labels and follow their dosing instructions unless directed otherwise by your veterinarian.
  5. Not all cannabis-infused products have the same potency.

What Is CBD?

Siamese Cat sitting next to bottle of CBD Oil
There is a wide range of ways to use cannabidiol, it comes in a variety of forms including oils.

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a cannabinoid produced in the Cannabis Sativa plant. Unlike tetrahydrocannabinol oil or THC, CBD has no psychoactive effects on the brain. When using it, there are no feelings of being high either in the brain or body. This is true for both humans and felines.

Cannabidiol can be derived from both hemp and the marijuana plant, but the hemp plant has much higher levels of it. When derived from hemp plants, does not contain elevated levels of THC. Hemp comes from the Cannabis Sativa plant. Cannabis is a plant that humans have been using long throughout history. Hemp has historically been used to make clothing, sails, paper, rope, food, medicine, and more.

Felines should never be given any product that contains THC, as it is not safe for them. Cannabidiol, on the other hand, is safe and can be used to help manage a number of different medical and behavioral conditions. Cannabidiol works with the body’s natural endocannabinoid system resulting in different health effects and a boost of overall well-being.

Some of the conditions cannabidiol has been used to manage include anxiety, arthritis, diabetes, chronic pain, insomnia, MS, Crohn’s disease, seizure disorders, depression, and more. For humans, there is currently one cannabinoid-based drug that is available at prescription strength. This drug is called Epidiolex and has been approved by the FDA to treat a very rare form of childhood epilepsy, LGS, or Lennox Gastaut Syndrome.

A very popular one is oil that is extracted from cannabis plants and then mixed with carrier oil. The product range for humans includes food, beverages, dietary supplements, as well as many different topical creams. In recent years cannabidiol has become increasingly popular and continues to be studied as we learn more about its healing possibilities.

For felines, cannabinoids can be a safe and helpful option to manage a specific health condition or boost overall well-being. There are many options to choose from, and because these products are not heavily regulated, owners must do thorough research before starting their cat on any infused treatment. If possible, discuss this with your veterinarian or a holistic veterinarian specializing in using cannabis to treat felines.

Is CBD Safe For Cats?

Cannabidiol derived from hemp is perfectly safe for feline use. Owners need to be careful not to mix a cannabidiol product with any other medication a kitty may be on. Giving cats an appropriate dose is essential, but starting small is always advisable. Too low of a dose and a cat may not experience any benefit, but if they take too much, they may have some unpleasant side effects and feel off. It is important to look for high-quality products. Always look for products that are specially formulated for feline use. Some are formulated for both dogs and cats to use, but if possible, it is always best to stick to things that have been developed, especially to meet the needs of the feline body.

There can be some interactions between cannabinoids and other medications. If your cat takes medications or other supplements, discuss this with your vet beforehand. This is important because sometimes other ingredients in products or the cannabinoid itself will interact with or lessen the effect of prescription medication. Avoid products that have a lot of different additives and ingredients that might be questionable for your cat. One thing to look for is the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC) quality seal or the US Hemp Authority certified seal.

Owners can also look for something called a certificate of analysis or COA on cannabis products. This report shares different details about product testing, potency, and lab conditions with consumers. This can help owners learn more about a specific product. Never introduce any cannabidiol product to your account without thoroughly reading all the labels.

CBD Benefits For Cats

Cannabidiol has many different potential benefits for cats. It can be extremely helpful in pain management and reducing inflammation. Stress reduction, easing anxiety, seizure management, increase in appetite and an overall boost in mood are just some of the benefits.

Currently, there have not yet been any specific case studies done to evaluate the effects of CBD on seizure management in felines, but research on rodents shows a positive impact and reduction in epileptic seizures. Cannabidiol has also been shown to be an effective anticonvulsant.

Cannabis oil has been shown to reduce inflammation and can ease pain and symptoms for kitties who have joint issues, IBS, arthritis, and other inflammatory conditions.

CBD Benefits To Cats Include:

  1. Chronic pain management.
  2. Urinary tract health.
  3. Cancer growth inhibition and pain management.
  4. Reducing swelling and inflammation.
  5. Reduce feelings of anxiety and depression.
  6. An overall sense of well-being.
  7. Boost the immune system.

It is important to follow suggested dosages for felines. It is used on both humans and canines, as well as some other animal species. All these animals process and react to it differently, and their dosages are not the same. Cats will need higher doses than canines because they do not have as many cannabinoid receptors as dogs do.

There is not enough research and documentation yet regarding cats and cannabis use to have a specific dosage recommendation. Because of this, it is important to always use caution and go very slowly when giving your cat any cannabidiol-infused product. Veterinarians have been recommending cannabis for a very long time, but not every veterinarian is experienced with it. Holistic veterinarians are more likely to have this specific experience and expertise, so reach out to one of those if your veterinarian is unable to give you appropriate guidance.

It is always best to start with a small amount and then slowly increase the dosage. This helps a cat get used to the feeling as well as shows owners how well a cat is tolerating a product. Keep in mind that cannabis products have many other added ingredients, and sometimes those ingredients may not sit well. Cannabidiol takes a little while to show effects, so do not expect your cat to eat a treat and immediately have a reaction. It can even take up to a few hours for owners to determine if a feline felt anything.

Though there is no official feline cannabidiol dosage recommendation that we could find, most suggest between one and five milligrams at a time per 10 pounds of body weight for felines.

Tips For Feline CBD Dosage

CBD Dosage in small amount in cat food
Cannabidiol has many incredible benefits for felines.
  1. It is important to discuss cannabidiol products with your veterinarian before use.
  2. Start small and slowly increase the dosage. Once a day at first is a good guideline, then slowly increase the amount as you observe your pet’s reaction. Keep an eye out for any adverse effects.
  3. Consider all of your cat’s long-term health conditions, other medications, and unique health and behavioral needs before adding cannabis. Always discuss this with your veterinarian if your cat has any underlying medical conditions.
  4. Activity level, age, size, and weight should all be considered before administering any cannabinoid to a feline. Keep in mind that the less active an animal is, the longer it will take their bodies to metabolize cannabinoids.
  5. Always read labels to look for ingredients and potency levels. Remember, not all products have the same potency. It is essential to read labels to avoid unknowingly giving a cat too much or too little. Potency and ingredients vary significantly between brands.
  6. Always stick to high-quality products that do not use any kinds of chemical additives or harmful toxins.

Before adding any supplements, research a company’s background and discuss any concerns you have with your veterinarian. Do not be afraid to discuss this subject with your veterinarian. Hemp-derived cannabidiol is perfectly legal, and veterinarians often have safe, tested products they trust to recommend. Cats and owners will be better served seeking professional guidance from a qualified medical professional rather than just picking a random product because they like the packaging or the claims they make in a commercial.

Quick Note

Some kitties may experience unpleasant or adverse effects. These can include stomach or gastrointestinal distress. Kitties given too high of a dose may experience sleepiness, nausea, or stomach upset. Because of this, it is crucial to start with a small dose and gradually increase it. Do not start with a high dose, as this might create an unpleasant experience for your purr baby, making them reluctant to try it again. Start small, observe their reaction, then slowly increase the dose.

Best CBD Cat Treats

There is a wide variety of cannabis-infused products available in the pet care market. It is impossible to review every single one, but we have looked at some of our top choices for the best-infused treats for cats. Treats and cannabis-infused oils are the two most common choices, and treats are often easier because cats can eat them, and they usually taste incredibly good. In no particular order, here are our top picks for the best CBD treats for cats.

Top Picks

HolistaPet CBD Cat Chews

HolistaPet Cat CBD Treats
  • 100% Natural Ingredients.
  • Hard and soft chew option.
  • Long-lasting.
  • Broad-spectrum hemp oil.
  • 2mg hemp extract per treat.0% THC

HolistaPet is one of the best companies out there for cannabinoid pet products. They offer two delicious options for CBD-infused treats. The hemp salmon-flavored hard chew is one option. The bag has 75 chews, about 2 mg per chew. It is made with broad-spectrum cannabidiol, no THC, non-GMO, no dairy, artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. This treat is grain-free and has no psychoactive effects. All natural ingredients, no gluten, soy, or dairy.

HolistaPet also offers a calming chew for felines. This is a calming soft chew, salmon flavored. These have the same dosage as the hard chews, 2 mg per treat. They are made with organic superfood ingredients and brad spectrum hemp.

We love that there are different options to choose from and that the company uses 100% natural ingredients. Along with the two feline treats, the company also offers hemp capsules that can be mixed in with food. These are formulated for cats, dogs, rabbits, and horses.

Treatibles CBD Cat Treats

Treatibles CBD Cat Treats
  • Soft chews.
  • Multiple flavors.
  • 1.5 mg CBD per treat.
  • Catnip leaf, turmeric
  • Natural flavors.
  • Supports calming, gut health, joints, and flexibility.

Treatibles offers a few varieties of cannabis-infused cat treats. Chews contain 1.5 mg of cannabinoids. 5-in-1 support for calming, gut health, joints and flexibility, immune system, and skin health. Treats include catnip leaf, turmeric, natural pork, and salmon flavors. In particular, we like the soft chewable chicken liver flavor.

We love that this is a wholesome treat, even without cannabis. Each treat contains 1.5 mg of cannabidiol. They offer an extra strength option with 3 mg per treat. These come in salmon flavor.

Other Notable Options

Penguin CBD Salmon Cat Treats

Penguin CBD Salmon Cat Treats
  • Oregon-grown hemp.
  • Salmon-flavored chews.
  • 3.3 mg CBD per treat.
  • No THC.
  • Specifically made for cats.

Penguin CBD Salmon Cat treats are delicious and packed with 3.3mg of cannabidiol per treat. They use all-natural ingredients and broad-spectrum hemp oil. Each container has 60 treats.

We love that this product has a higher cannabidiol potency, as some kitties will need that. They can eat less of these than some lower potency ones and get a stronger effect. The company offers a 30-day product guarantee with a full refund if owners are not satisfied.

Just CBD

Just CBD
  • Variety of flavors.
  • 100 mg CBD per jar.
  • Can mix flavors.
  • Added vitamins and minerals.
  • Great taste, healthy benefit.

Just CBD makes feline-specific cannabis-infused treats. These contain 100 mg of CBD per jar. These include vitamins and minerals, including biotin, folic acid, and riboflavin. This company also makes infused oils and goodies for dogs.

We love that these treats come in a variety of flavors. The mix of chicken, chicken liver, turkey, and fish provides a great taste and flavor selection. This is important because some cats are finicky and will not want the same flavor every day. Owners can purchase one flavor or mix them up.

Koi CBD Salmon Treats

Koi CBD Salmon Treats
  • Supports overall wellness.
  • 150 mg CBD per bag.
  • Different formulas for cats and dogs.
  • Affordable.
  • No dairy or gluten.

Koi Salmon flavored CBD cat treats are made with salmon, chicken, and full spectrum hemp cannabidiol. The bag includes 75 treats and 150 mg of CBD per bag. No dairy, gluten, or artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.

We love that these treats pack a punch of flavor and support overall wellness in felines. We appreciate that the company has different formulas for cats and dogs. They are very affordable as well.

Paw CBD Soft Cat Chew

Paw CBD Soft Cat Chew
  • Uses catnip.
  • Chicken, CBD, and catnip blend.
  • THC-free hemp.
  • All American-grown hemp.
  • Solid meat taste.

Paw CBD makes a chicken, catnip, and CBD soft cat chew. It can be used by kittens all the way to senior cats. Delicious taste and a solid dose of cannabidiol. Broad spectrum cannabidiol in every bite. THC-free hemp, sourced from American-grown hemp.

We love that this treat has an incredible meat taste and catnip. It has everything a cat loves. We also like that this offers a more complex flavor and ingredient list than just CBD and chicken.

Petly CBD

Petly CBD
  • Farm-raised protein.
  • Chicken and fish flavors.
  • Formulated for kittens and adult cats.
  • No THC guarantee.
  • 200 mg of broad spectrum per bottle.

Petly CBD makes a variety of infused treats for cats. Along with infused oils, they offer a food topper and infused treats. Treats come in chicken and fish flavors. All farm-raised proteins and all-natural ingredients. Organic hemp is grown in Colorado.

We love that this company guarantees no THC at all in any of their cat products. This is a crunchy treat packed full of flavor that cats love to chew. Treats us 200 mg of broad spectrum, hemp-derived cannabidiol oil. It can be used with kittens and adults.

Pet Hemp Company

Pet Hemp Company CBD Cat Treats
  • Family-owned.
  • Only pet products.
  • 2 mg CBD per treat.
  • Grain-free, organic superfoods.
  • No animal by-products, corn, wheat, or dairy.

This company specializes in hemp products specifically for our pets. They were started by a family who saw how hemp helped make their dog’s senior years better and wanted to share that with other pets in his memory. They offer salmon-flavored CBD treats for cats along with calming CBD chews. Both have 2 mg per treat/chew. Grain-free and fortified with organic superfoods.

We love that the focus here is on pets, not on general CBD products. This is a company that is concerned about your animal, not just making a quick profit. Companies that sell every kind of CBD product are not focusing as much on making high-quality treats for cats.

General Pet CBD Treats/Chews

King Kanine

King Kanine CBD Cat Treats
  1. Formulated for both cats and dogs.
  2. Wide selection of flavors.
  3. Naturally derived hemp.
  4. Organic ingredients.
  5. Gluten-free.
  6. Fresh fruits like apples.

We stuck to products designed especially for cats until now, but there are some that are made for both dogs and cats. King Kanine is one company that makes some of the best. They have several varieties and more to choose from than many of the other brands.

We love that there are a variety of flavors and potencies to choose from. These hard hemp chews use naturally derived hemp and organic ingredients. Gluten-free with added ingredients like honey, turmeric, and fresh fruits like apples.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can my cat overdose on CBD?

Felines cannot overdose on cannabis oil or edibles. THC is a different story, and it can cause several adverse side effects. CBD does not cause intoxication or euphoria in felines. However, if a cat has taken a higher dose, they may have some unpleasant side effects. This is not true for all cats, but every animal’s sensitivity and reaction are different. It is very unlikely a cat would be able to overdose on it.

Will CBD help with stress for cats?

Yes, cannabis can help with stress for cats. It is known to help them calm down and promotes feelings of relaxation and overall well-being. While cannabidiol is not a cure for any kind of feline ailment or disease, it can be extremely beneficial in helping an exciting kitty calm down or keeping cats mellow around company, as well as aiding with stress and other issues that start to occur as cats age.

Can I mix CBD with my cat’s food?

Owners can mix CBD oil into their cat’s food, which is an extremely uncomplicated way to get them to consume it. Fortunately, cannabidiol-infused treats are designed to be edible and deliver a powerful punch of relief. Oils and treats can be mixed into feline food. Make sure to follow the serving size correctly for treats as well as any CBD-derived product.

Can I give my cat CBD products made for people?

It is not recommended to give your feline any CBD-infused product made for people. There are a variety of reasons for this. For starters, products created for human consumption often have other added ingredients that can be toxic or harmful to felines. Remember that cannabidiol is often added to a carrier agent or oil. In products created specifically for pets, owners can rest assured that all ingredients are safe. However, the same is not to be said for CBD-infused products intended for humans.

It is always best to stick with a feline-specific formula or one designed to be eaten by both cats and dogs. Always discuss adding cannabis to your cat’s diet with your veterinarian beforehand. They can help walk you through the dos and don’ts, as well as help determine an appropriate dose for your pet.

Final Thoughts

Cannabis oil is a rapidly growing landscape for both humans and pets. New products are constantly hitting the market, so owners should research before selecting one. Read product labels, learn more about a company, and ensure the ingredients are beneficial to your pet. Many pet owners and veterinarians have turned to cannabinoids to help manage different conditions in their pets, including inflammation, pain, anxiety, seizure management, and mood stabilization.

Cannabis has many benefits for felines. However, owners should not rush into anything without having all the information. Take the time to do research, ask questions, and make sure that you are purchasing and using a product that is going to be safe and beneficial for your feline. We always recommend discussing the addition of any new supplement, like CBD, with your veterinarian before beginning use. Because cannabis may be a tricky subject in some areas, search for a holistic veterinarian or one specializing in treating pets with CBD.

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