Best Cat Toothbrush: Our Top 10 Picks

While often overlooked, dental hygiene is crucial for cat's overall heath. We review the best toothbrushes and toothbrush alternatives for cats.

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Last Updated: July 14, 2023 | 6 min read

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Imagine how your teeth feel if you skip brushing even once. A sticky film forms over your teeth, and if you run your tongue over them, it feels fuzzy—like your teeth are wearing tiny sweaters. Yuck.

Like humans, cats are prone to periodontitis and gingivitis, which can be caused by a build-up of plaque and tartar. According to Cornell University Feline Health Center, between 50 and 90 percent of cats older than four years of age suffer from some form of dental disease. So why do so many cat parents view dental care as optional for their feline companions? Well, it’s probably because you’re afraid your cat will put up a fight when it comes to brushing their teeth.

We’ve compiled a list of the ten best cat toothbrushes, including ergonomically-designed toothbrushes, nifty finger brushes, and toothbrush alternatives like toys and treats for those who straight-up won’t tolerate brushing.

Best Cat Toothbrush At A Glance:

RYERCAT Dual-Sided
Our Rating

Best Overall

RYERCAT Dual-Sided

Nyanko Care Micro Head
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Nyanko Care Micro Head

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Best 360-Degree


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Best Cat Toothbrushes

Best Overall: RYERCAT Dual-Sided

  • Designed specifically for cats
  • Good for kittens and adults
  • Small, soft brushing head
  • Made of cornstarch
  • Charcoal-infused bristles
  • Two-sided brush and pick
  • Curves based on cat anatomy
  • Women-owned, small business

RYERCAT meets every expectation for a quality brand and product. Created by co-founders Samantha and Melanie after two of their cats underwent dental surgery, the idea for a quality toothbrush started as a passion project and developed into the RYERCAT brand of feline oral health supplies.

Designed with cats in mind, the toothbrush features a double-sided brush and an ergonomic curved design to clean your cat’s teeth painlessly. One side of the brush features a micro-head, soft-bristle brush made with nylon bristle; the other side forms a pick made out of bamboo bristles to get hard-to-reach molars. Both heads are infused with charcoal to help remove stains on the teeth.

The toothbrush’s body is made of cornstarch instead of plastic, which gives this product major eco-friendly points. The curve of the toothbrush prevents any damage to the Jacobson’s Organ, a sensitive nerve found just behind the upper incisor teeth. The brush also comes in five different colors for the design-focused buyer.

Runner-Up: Nyanko Care Micro Head

  • Designed specifically for cats
  • Micro-head for small mouths
  • Small, soft bristles
  • 15-degree bend for easy brushing

If you like the design of the RYERCAT brush but can’t afford the price tag, consider Nyanko Care’s Micro Head toothbrush. While this brush may lack some of the bells and whistles of the RYERCAT toothbrush, it still offers a lot to love.

This cat-specific toothbrush features an itty-bitty brush with soft bristles that is small enough to get to all of your cat’s teeth. The compact size makes it a good choice for both kittens and adult cats. The nylon bristles are soft and flexible, making them gentle enough to use on the gum line.

Unfortunately, the brush’s body is made from plastic, making it a less eco-friendly option. Reviewers praise the brush for its compact size; however, others complain that the size brush size requires precise aim, requiring you to brush tooth by tooth. Still, this toothbrush is priced reasonably enough to give it a try.

Best 360-Degree: Cateeth

  • Created for cats
  • Made from FDA food-grade, BPA-fee silicone
  • Soft, 360-degree bristles
  • Sturdy handle with stainless steel interior
  • Good for sensitive gums

If you’ve already tried the traditional-style toothbrush and found it a no-go for your cat, consider the Cateeth 360-degree toothbrush. This patent-pending silicone brush is designed to ensure quick and thorough brushing. Cats love the texture of the brush, and many reviewers said their cat took to it right away, biting the brush and rubbing it against their gums—although, to maximize the toothbrush’s life, you shouldn’t let your cat chew on it.

The compact design of this toothbrush helps when trying to reach hard-to-get areas, and the 360-degree brush head ensures you’re hitting all surfaces in the mouth. The soft silicone bristles cover the entire surface of the toothbrush head, including the tip.

The Cateeth toothbrush is available in mint green, yellow, and rose pink.

Best Dual-Ended: Virbac C.E.T.

  • Dual-headed to fit various mouth sizes
  • Angled design for easy brushing
  • Soft bristles
  • Made from BPA-free plastic

Virbac is a well-established name in the world of pet care. As an animal health pharmaceutical company specializing in dental care, medicine, and supplements for pets, Virbac offers a wide range of dental care products. Products include toothbrushes, toothpaste, dental chews, and water additives.

The Virbac C.E.T. dual-ended toothbrush features a long handle—about nine inches—with one large and one small brush head to match the size of your cat. The soft-bristle heads taper at the ends for easier access to back teeth.

Durable, BPA-free plastic makes up the body of this toothbrush. Each end features reverse angles to allow for accessible dental care.

Best Finger Brush: Nyanko Care Cat

Nyanko Care Cat
  • Design allows you to brush the front and back of teeth at the same time with your index finger and thumb
  • Made from cotton and nylon
  • Recommended for beginner pet owners who aren’t comfortable using a standard toothbrush

While you’ve likely seen the silicone finger brushes for cats, Nyanko Care takes a different approach, making what looks like a two-finger glove brush. The Nyanko Care finger brush allows you to rub your cat’s teeth simultaneously using your thumb and index finger, gently removing plaque from teeth and gums as you go.

The cotton glove features nylon at the fingertips for better brushing. If your find standard toothbrushes or the thimble-style finger brush doesn’t work with your timid cats, they may feel more comfortable with this glove-style brush.

Fair warning: This glove isn’t bite-proof. If your cat gets aggressive during teeth cleaning, you’ll likely need to choose a different option.

Best Value: H&H Pets Cat & Small Dog

H&H Pets Cat & Small Dog
  • Soft-bristle brush
  • Designed for cats and small dogs
  • Budget-friendly
  • Small business

H&H Pets is the most economical option on this list.

The single-head, soft-bristle brush is designed for cats and small dogs, making it a good option for small mouths. The brush’s body is made of rubber with soft, nylon bristles. The pack comes with four mint and four off-white toothbrushes.

While some reviewers say these brushes are too large for their cat’s mouth, however, for the price they’re worth trying out. H&H Pets also has a 60-day money-back guarantee for those who find these brushes a no-go.

Best Kit: Oxyfresh Premium Pet Dental Kit

Oxyfresh Premium Pet Dental Kit
  • Complete dental kit includes three finger brushes, toothpaste, and a tartar-fighting water additive
  • Safe and non-toxic ingredients
  • Made in the USA
  • Small business

Oxyfresh’s dental kit is a great way to try various dental care products on your cat. The kit includes three BPA-free silicone finger brushes (dishwasher safe), toothpaste, and dental water additive.

Oxyfresh toothpaste and water additive use non-toxic Oxygene® to neutralize odor bonds to promote fresh-smelling breath. It breaks down plaque and protects against plaque and tartar. All formulas are flavor and scent-free—good for picky pets.

Best Dental Wipes: Vet's Best

Vet's Best dental wipes
  • Vet formulated
  • Made with natural ingredients like thyme oil and green tea extract to kill bacteria and freshen breath
  • Freshens breath while reducing tartar and plaque build-up
  • Made in the USA

While not as effective as a toothbrush, dental wipes are a good compromise for kitties who can’t stand getting their teeth brushed. These finger wipes by Vet’s Best help remove plaque using natural ingredients like green tea extract and thyme oil.

Thyme oil is an incredibly potent natural antibacterial. Thyme has long been used in traditional medicine as an antibacterial, antiviral, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory agent. It contains a compound called thymol that can kill pathogens like bacteria and fungi. Studies have shown thymol’s ability to break down bacteria biofilm (like plaque), making it an effective dental treatment.

Each container of Vet’s Best finger wipes comes with 50 disposable finger wipes.

Best Dental Toy: Petstages Plaque Away

  • Made with mesh material to help remove plaque and tartar
  • Infused with catnip to encourage chewing
  • Mint stick toy stuffed with dried mint to support fresh breath

The Catstages Plaque Away toy series features a netting to floss teeth and remove plaque and tartar. Pick between a pretzel, banana, shrimp, avocado, and more toy varieties. All toys are stuffed with catnip to keep your cat coming back for more.

Alternatively, the Plaque Away mint stick toy contains dried mint to keep your kitty’s breath fresh as they chew. Toys range in price and size, so check the listing for the purrfect dental toy for your kitty.

Best Dental Treat: Meoijuana Silvervine Sticks

Meoijuana Silvervine Sticks
  • Chewing silvervine sticks helps remove tartar
  • Good for your cat’s emotional wellbeing
  • Small business

Meowijuana’s silvervine sticks are not only great for dental health, but they also induce a euphoric state in cats. Research shows that almost 80 percent of cats respond to silvervine, so you’re cat will likely love this treat.

While silvervine may reduce stress and anxiety in cats, it also helps remove plaque from teeth and improves digestion.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Often Should I Brush My Cat’s Teeth?

While daily brushing is best, aim for three times a week. Supplement with Plaque Off and dental-supporting treats—like freeze-dried minnows from Vital Essentials—to keep your cat’s oral health in tip-top condition.

What Toothpaste Should I Use?

Use an enzymatic toothpaste that inhibits plaque formation, like this one from Virbac. This poultry-flavored toothpaste is a pet favorite and is free from foaming agents, so it’s safe to swallow. Never use toothpaste meant for humans, as it’ll burn your cat’s mouth, throat, and stomach.

How Do I Brush My Cat’s Teeth?

Ideally, you’ll start brushing your cat’s teeth when they’re young. Treat the first time you attempt to clean your cat’s mouth as a training session. Touch alongside their mouth and gradually work to place the toothbrush just inside the lip against the teeth. If you’ve clicker trained your cat, this is a good time to click and reward. If not clicker trained, reward with a treat, praise, and pets. You’ll want the brushing session to be quick and comfortable. The faster the process, the less likely your cat will throw a fit.

If you have trouble with brushing, try the kid’s toothbrush hack. Purchase a kid’s toothbrush that features a suction cup base. Add coconut oil or cat-safe toothpaste to the bristles and wait for your cat to “brush” their own teeth. Many cats view this as a toy and will bite and lick the brush without persuasion.

Final Thoughts

Are you curious about other hygiene and grooming products for your cat? We cover the best shampoos, brushes, and nail clippers. Learn to recognize the difference between ear mites vs. ear wax, and follow our steps to clean your cat’s ears. We also cover everything you need to know about litter boxes, including how often to change your cat’s litter and our picks for the best air purifiers for cat litter dust.

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