10 Best Cat Steps For Your Wall

Cats love to climb, there is no question about that. For some owners installing cat steps on their walls can be an amazing way to give cats a way to explore and climb safely. We review ten of the best cat steps for walls on the market.

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Last Updated: June 11, 2023 | 11 min read

Tortoiseshell cat reaching for the final step on cat climbing wall

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Cat owners are always looking for ways to keep their pets entertained and active. A bored kitty is a destructive one, so making sure they have plenty of ways to play and exercise is essential. There are many options out there, and one popular with kitties and owners alike are cat steps for the wall.

Cats love stairs. Many owners will watch them race up and down all day. Carpeted stairs are also a big temptation for kitties that are big scratchers. While owners love that cats like to play on stairs, they may not love the wear and tear that comes with it. Cat steps to attach to the wall are a great option.

Knowing what products are worth the investment or what felines like is a dilemma every kitty owner faces. This is often a big challenge because what works for one cat will not always work for another. Felines, just like products, can be similar yet very different at the same time. We looked at some of the top wall-mountable kitty climbing step options on the market and reviewed them to help make the buying process a little easier for pet owners. Here is our list of best cat steps for walls.

Best Cat Steps At A Glance

Value Pick

Purife Set of 3 Wood Wall Climbing Steps

Easiest To Install

FUKUMARU Climbing Shelf 4 Step Stairway With Jute

Hapykitys Tree House with Hammock Wall Mount

Wall Step/Tower

Hapykitys Tree House With Hammock Wall Mount

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It is important to remember that each animal is an individual. Products and ideas that work well for one cat may not work for another. Some kitties will immediately be excited about a new toy or play structure. Others may need more time to investigate. Owners should take the time to look at various products, read reviews, and compare price options before buying. Pets may need some encouragement and training to try new things. Just like people, they can get anxious or feel apprehensive about something new in their environment. This is especially true for something like climbing structures mounted on the wall.

Why Felines Like To Climb

Felines are agile, athletic, and intelligent creatures. While some breeds are more active than others, all kitties love to climb. Felines are overtly curious, naturally skilled hunters who follow these instincts by climbing on about anything. Cats who live outdoors are constantly climbing trees, fences, houses, and even cars. Indoor kitties still have that instinct and urge to climb. Some indoor kitties are so energetic they need to run energy off on cat hamster wheels. Climbing is a useful natural ability that helps felines survive.

Cats will climb trees, fences, cabinetry, and furniture. Steps hold particular temptation, as they offer a variety of ways a kitty can climb, scratch, and entertain themselves. Felines will often create routes along shelves and the tops of furniture and appliances. This is part of the reason kitty shelves mounted on walls may appeal to both felines and owners.

What Are Cat Steps?

Cat steps, also called stairs, shelves, and wall-mount climbing stairs, are an excellent concept that can be very useful to felines. These miniature sets of stairs are installed in different places throughout the home to give kitties a safe and approved spot to climb and exercise. They have benefits for both kitties and owners. These are mounted to walls and take up a lot less room than large towers. They provide a safe place to climb and discourage felines from climbing on top of bookshelves, etc.

Along with offering a place for kitties to climb safely, these can aid aging kitties who are unable to jump as far, etc. These are often installed in places around the house where kitties might need a leg up. Wall-mounted stairs are a popular choice. Although they require a little more work to set up, these last longer than kitty towers and sleepers. They are a lot sturdier, take up less room in the home and provide kitties a safe place for climbing, allowing them to get to the high spaces they love to seek out.

Things To Look For In Cat Wall Steps

Owners should consider a few things when choosing mountable steps, condos, or stairs for kitties to climb on. Owners always want to make sure products are safe for pets. Look for products designed for pets, as they will take into consideration a feline’s size, bone structure, athletic ability, and safety needs. Budget, materials used, and stability are three main concerns.


Buy the best stairs you can afford. Owners should not break the bank but should remember that the cheapest option is not always the best choice. Neither is the most expensive. Budget is always a concern, so doing thorough research before buying is helpful. Always look for warranty and return policies in case things do not work out.


The materials used to construct the steps should be considered. Natural wood and materials that are safe for felines should be considered. The quality of materials is important as these steps need to support a feline’s weight when they are higher up in a room. Inferior quality materials may cause steps to fail and risk injury to pets.


Ensure that the product you purchase can support your pet’s weight. If you have multiple kitties, take that into consideration, as they may try to climb on a step at the same time. Always look at the materials used, base, mounting instructions, and weight limits.

Best Cat Steps

Cat steps come in a wide variety. There are basic simple steps, fancy luxurious tree houses, and a few that fall in between. We looked at 10 of the top options on the market and reviewed them. Some are basic, others more lavish. All will keep purr babies climbing and happy.

Best Value

Purife Cat Wall Climbing Steps

  • Eco-friendly wooden materials.
  • Steel base and metal brackets.
  • 30 – day guarantee.
  • Easy to install, simple design.
  • Supports cats up to 25 pounds.

This set of three wooden cat wall steps is our favorite for the best value. It is well made, sturdy, and just the right price. One thing that stands out is the steel base and metal support brackets. These are super sturdy, easy to install, and made to support kitties up to 25 pounds. This is good news for big breeds like the Maine Coon, or Bengal. It is often hard to find things that support the larger breeds, so this is another big plus in our book.

Because these are three separate pieces, owners can set whatever distance they like between steps. The design is simple. Easy to understand, highly usable, and versatile. Kitty steps are made from mature wood with a no-slip mat. Materials are eco-friendly. These steps are suitable for older kittens and adult kitties. The product comes with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

Easiest To Install

FUKUMARU Climbing Shelf Wall Mounted, Four Step Stairway with Jute

  • 100% rubber wood.
  • Natural jute fiber wrappings.
  • Easy installation.
  • Small space appropriate.
  • For active cats of all ages.

These multi-level stairs by Fukumaru are easy to install and give a kitty a great option for climbing. The design is simple and built to last. Installation involves only drilling a few small holes and using screw anchors. Made from 100% rubber wood. Steps are wrapped with natural jute fibers.

The simple and non-intrusive design is perfect for small spaces. These are super sturdy and require the installation of only one unit. It can easily be used with other units to create longer or multi-tiered cat stairs. Designed for active kitties of all ages. This one is great in price as well as functionality. It is designed to interact well with other pieces to form a customized “wall jungle.” This one is great on its own as well, and owners can add to it over time.

Best Wall Step/Tower Combo

Hapykitys Tree House with Hammock

Hapykitys Cat Tree House with Hammock Wall Mount
  • Multiple climbing shelves.
  • Hammock and ladder.
  • Cat bridge for added activity.
  • 100 % solid pine wood.
  • Easy to install, detailed instructions with well-marked parts.

This combination cat tower and tree house includes a hammock and multiple climbing shelves. A combination of climbing surfaces, scratching posts, wall hammocks, and a ladder bridge make this a very versatile investment. Kitties will not get bored with this one. There is so much to do. Great for a multi-kitty household.

Made from 100% solid pine wood, and has a Sisal-covered scratching post. Plenty of places for cats to perch, explore and get that energy out. While this one has more parts than some of the others on the list, it is quite simple to install. In fact, the boards are all marked with letters and numbers to help make matching everything up easier. Stands 75.4 inches tall.

Other Notable Options

PetFusion Activity Wall Shelves

PetFusion Cat Activity Wall Shelves
  • Supports up to 30 pounds.
  • For cats of all ages.
  • Easy to install, only a banner and screwdriver are needed.
  • Made from engineered wood.
  • Sisal scratching surface with plush lunging pads.



PetFusion Cat Activity Wall Shelves are a very versatile option. This one can work as three separate shelves or one big shelf. Perfect and safe for purr babies of all age groups. Sisal scratching surfaces and soft plush lounging pads.

Zinc drywall anchors make this super easy to install. Only a hammer and screwdriver are needed, and they can be removed easily with just a screwdriver. About 20 minutes total assembly time. These products are made from engineered wood with an espresso finish. Kitty steps can combine with other shelves to create more space for climbing. This one can hold up to 30 pounds, making this an excellent choice for larger, heavier felines like the Maine Coon.

Yehnna Wall Shelves

Yehnna Cat Wall Shelves, Cat Shelves and Perches for Wall
  • Floating shelves.
  • Can be movable and installed for your specific needs.
  • Natural wooden tones.
  • Cat shelves and cat condo.
  • Sisal scratching post. stands up to wear and tear.

This one is simple, with multiple shelves, a kitty condo, and a sisal scratching post. They are designed to be easy to maintain and simple to climb and scratch. Featuring a straightforward design and offers multiple spots for felines to climb. The condo is movable, so owners can change placement to keep things interesting. Floating shelves are able to be combined in different ways to suit the space and needs of the kitty.

Made from 100% solid pine wood and cotton rope scratching post designed to hold up to wear and tear. The natural wood tone matches many wooden surfaces in the home. Wall-mounted and able to support full-sized adult felines.

TINTON LIFE 9 Piece Wall Wood Climber Set

TINTON LIFE Wall-mounted Cat Hammock with 2 Steps
  • 2 cat condos.
  • 4 shelves/perches.
  • 2 fabric ladders.
  • Good for multiple cats.
  • Made from solid pine wood, Sisal, and fabric.
  • Deluxe option.


This is a more deluxe option but is well worth the investment. It has just about everything cats could want except an open catnip bar. A versatile product, this is great for multiple kitty homes as it has dual cat condos, four shelves, and two fabric ladders. Plenty of places for purr babies to play, lounge, and get that energy out. All climbing surfaces use solid pine wood, and the scratching post uses Sisal.

This one takes a little longer to install because it has more pieces. Very sturdy, with plenty of room for cats. Kitties will be entertained for hours at a time. With so many different places for climbing and perching, there is always something that can challenge them. Great for small spaces and for getting cats that access to high spaces.

7 Ruby Road Hammock Shelf

7 Ruby Road Wall-mounted Cat Hammock with 2 Steps
  • Hammock and cat step combo.
  • Round steps covered in woven jute.
  • Cotton canvas hammock can be hand washed.
  • Grows with cats from kitten to adult.
  • Can support the weight of two full-size cats.

This cat hammock and wall-mounted step combo are perfect for felines of all ages. It can support two full-size cats and is also perfect for larger breeds. The double-stitched hammock is extra sturdy and intended to support a lot of weight. The hammock is 100 % cotton canvas and needs hand washing. Sustainable wood makes up shelves and other parts. Steps have a thickly woven jute cover for maximum comfort.

The platforms on this one are not flat. Instead, they are round and can double as scratching surfaces. This grows with kitties and is suitable from kittenhood through senior years. Comfortable and versatile for felines of all sizes.

Voottou Hammock With Wall Steps

VOOTTOU Cat Hammock Cat Wall Shelves with 3 Steps
  • Cat hammock and wall steps.
  • Sits securely in a corner.
  • Guardrails on the hammock for safety.
  • East to install, predrilled dholes, just need nails.
  • Neutral tones.
  • For smaller cats, it can be used by all ages.

This kitty hammock and wall step setup is one that we like a lot. This is because it feels sturdier than some other options due to the guard rails that are part of the hammock. An enlarged base keeps these very sturdy and prevents wobbling. Made from engineered wood and covered in soft plush carpeting. Easy to install with predrilled holes. You only need to nail it to the wall.

The hammock can be securely installed in the corner of a wall, keeping cats safe and reducing the risk of falling. Neutral tones help it blend into any décor or color scheme. Suitable for adult cats and older kittens. However, this one is better for smaller kitties as it is not very large.

Hapykitys Moon Hammock And Wall Shelves Set

Hapykitys Moon Hammock and Wall Shelves Set
  • Moon-shaped cat hammock.
  • The hammock can be used as a hanging bed on the floor.
  • Floating staircase.
  • Highly reviewed.
  • Sturdy and can be moved around to suit the cat’s needs.
  • Supports up to 45 pounds.

This one is cute in design and high in functionality. The adorable half-moon hammock looks great on walls and serves as a perfect chill spot for Fluffers. These shelves support up to 45 pounds, which is great for more than one cat to play on or for some heftier breeds like the Ragdoll. The multifunctional hammock can also function as a hanging bed. It is very versatile.

Made from 100% natural pine wood, these are sturdy, simple to install, and easy to clean. The floating stairway works by itself or with other pieces to create the perfect cat play area. Well made, sturdy, and highly reviewed, this one is affordable and will keep kitties entertained for hours.

La La Wooden Shelves

La La Pet Wall Mounted Cat Furniture Wooden Cat Shelves
  • 9 climbing surfaces.
  • Cat condo with cat paw and face cut-out windows.
  • Cat bridge made from sturdy canvas fabric.
  • For smaller breeds.
  • Great for small spaces.

This one is another big set that can take some time to install but gives your purr baby endless hours of entertainment. It has large and small climbing spots, a kitty condo, cat-shaped shelves, and a bridge secured with canvas fabric. The scratcher post has a sisal covering.

It comes in neutral wood tones but can be painted to match any home. This product is odorless and scratch resistant. It boasts nine different surfaces for kitties to play on. The cat condo has adorable paw and kitty face cutouts. It may be better for smaller breeds. Easy to assemble and can move around to give pets new climbing paths and ways to play. Saves a ton of space and keeps kitties active and engaged.

How Do I Get My Cat To Climb On Kitty Steps?

Kitties may have an interest in mounted wall stairs immediately, or they may be apprehensive. After learning not to climb on furniture or shelves, they may need encouragement to understand that these steps are for them. You can try putting a treat every few steps to incentivize them to climb up and explore. Allow kitties space and time to get to know their new area. They may seem timid initially but will warm up over time or right away when owners leave the room. Sometimes kitties like to investigate new things without the watchful eyes of their owner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are kitty steps and stairs for the wall safe?

Cat steps installed on the wall are safe for kitties as long as owners follow all installation and use instructions. Make sure to check weight limits, as this will affect how well they work. These are safe, as long as owners follow directions, and can be incredible ways for felines to get exercise and explore their homes.

Can kittens use cat steps?

Yes, kitty stairs are safe for kittens as long as they are older than about six months. Ensure they are not too high, and only let kittens use these under supervision. Make sure to read all product labels to make sure the specific one you purchase is suitable for kittens to use.

Will kitty steps damage my wall?

Cat steps will not damage your wall when installed the right way and used properly. However, owners should remember that kitty age, size, and energy level will play a role. If kitties are dashing wildly up and down them, that may cause more wear and tear than kitties calmly climbing them. Generally speaking, these products are designed not to damage walls. Keep in mind every feline is different, and there is always a chance that one could damage the wall.

How are steps for the wall any different than a cat tower?

They differ from kitty towers because they attach to the wall and usually are higher up. Climbing shelves attached to the wall can give kitties a route to climb safely instead of walking on furniture or shelving. Mountable options take up far less room than towers, and many options are less expensive. They are also more sturdy than climbing cat towers as they securely attach to the wall and do not run the risk of tipping over.

Final Thoughts

Cat steps attached to the wall, also called climbing shelves or cat stairs, are mountable stairs and shelving that owners can use to create a safe kitty highway across rooms in their homes. This can give felines a safe way to climb up to the high spaces of homes that they often seek out. They create safe climbing spaces safe for kitties, instead of felines looking for ways to perch on top of refrigerators, bookshelves, closets, and tall furniture. There are many different options, from basic three-step kits to involved towers and obstacle courses attached to the wall.

Whether you want something simple or something big and fancy, there are options for every owner and kitty out there. While not everyone is okay with installing special cat steps on their wall, these can be a life-changing investment for high-energy kitties and owners that live in small spaces.

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