Taylor Swift-Inspired Cat Names: 120+ Ideas For Swiftie Kitties

Looking for the perfect Taylor Swift cat name for your new kitten? Taylor is a huge cat fan, and so are we. We discuss her three cats, their names, and over 120 other Taylor Swift-inspired cat names.

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Taylor Swift with cats and a rainbow behind them.

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Taylor Swift is loved worldwide for her music, personality, and beaming smile, but she is also famous for a reason closer to our hearts: cats. Taylor LOVES cats, and so do I. Cats are amazing creatures, and Miss Swift takes her appreciation and dedication to her sweet fur babies as seriously as she does her music, and I, for one, appreciate her for it. Filling in that blank space for your new fur baby’s name is fun. For some owners, naming a pet after their favorite artist is the only way to go.

Taylor has never been shy about her love for cats. They even make it into her song lyrics and music videos. Like her, I also believe “Karma is the cat purring in my lap because it loves me” from her song “Karma.” Swifties around the world hold her in awe for her devotion as a pet parent and for her outstanding accomplishments as an artist.

While we can’t all sing as well as Taylor Swift, we can share her compassion and dedication to cats, which gives us the idea for Taylor Swift-inspired cat names. Whether you want to know more about Taylor’s sweet fur babies or need ideas for naming your own adorable kitten, I’ve got you covered. Let’s get into it!

Taylor Swift’s Cat’s Names

Her sweet purring pets accompany her everywhere: on tour, backstage, and red carpets, and they are regular features on her social media. She takes them traveling in an adorably stylish kitty carrier, and her kitties always have the most stylish and comfortable furniture. Swift is a true cat mom and makes sure her kitties have a lovely life, despite her busy schedule and world travels.


Like me, she even shares pictures of her cats sitting in cardboard boxes because boxes are truly the most fantastic cat toys ever invented. Fans have come to scour the posts for easter eggs and clues about her next big news.

Currently, Taylor is the proud mama to three feline beauties.

Meredith Grey

Meredith Grey, a lovely and somewhat shy Scottish Fold, is her oldest kitty, and she has had this sweet girl since 2011.

Olivia Benson

Olivia Benson, a brilliant snow-colored Scottish Fold, came into the family in 2014. She often accompanies Taylor to events and walks about New York City.

Benjamin Button

On the set of the music video for ‘Me!” featuring both her girls, Taylor met and fell in love with her youngest cat, Benjamin Button. Mama Swift adopted this beautiful boy in 2019. Benjamin Button is a gorgeous Ragdoll who just so happens to grace the cover of TIME magazine with his mama as the magazine’s Person Of The Year.

Taylor Swift-Inspired Cat Names

Naming your kitten after Swift or one of her cats is a lovely idea we completely approve of. After all, she may just be the most famous cat lady of all of us. While you certainly can name your purr baby directly after her or even give her the ultimate fan name of Swiftie, there are plenty of other ideas inspired by Miss Americana that we love.

We start with nicknames out there that refer to Taylor herself. Any of these can make a fantastic name for your new kitten.

  1. Alison – Alison is Taylor’s middle name and a fun way to pay tribute to her without directly naming your kitty after the songstress.
  2. Becky – Longtime Swifties will remember this one. A picture posted on Tumblr referred to a young Swift as the poster’s friend Becky, who “died instantly from snorting marijuana.” Eagle-eyed fans pointed out that the picture was, in fact, the star herself, and one of the most famous internet memes was born. In epic style, Taylor responded by wearing a shirt that said, “no its becky,” and posted it to Tumblr herself, promoting her “1989” album.
  3. Blondie – Inspired by Taylor’s hair’s golden hue, Blondie is a perfect idea for a white, golden, tabby, or even orange kitten — or any kitten if you love the name.
  4. Dead Tooth – A tooth-chipping incident earned Swift this nickname from collaborator Jack Antonoff. It was an unfortunate mishap, but it gave us a unique idea for a kitty name.
  5. Dr. Swift –This may come as a surprise to some, but Taylor Swift holds a doctorate. She was awarded an honorary Doctorate of Fine Arts from New York University in 2022.
  6. Miss Swift – This one is relatively self-explanatory and timeless. Simply make it a Mr. Swift if your kitty is a boy.
  7. Nils Sjöberg – A pseudonym used when she wrote the song “This Is What You Came For” with fellow stars Rhianna and Calvin Harris. This one makes a uniquely interesting title for a kitty.
  8. T – Swizzle – T – Swizzle (T – Sweezy) is a nickname given to Taylor when she did a parody track with T-Pain for the CMT awards in 2009.
  9. T-Swift – This is a longtime classic and a perfect moniker for a male or female kitty.
  10. Tay Tay – Tay Tay has been a well-used nickname for Swift since her early days of stardom. It is often shortened to Tay.
  11. Tayla is a lovely variation of Taylor’s name.
  12. Teffy – This is the nickname Taylor’s brother uses for her.

Cat Names Inspired By Taylor Swift Songs

Tay Tay is known for paying tribute to her friends, family, and love interests in her songs by using or referencing many of their names in her lyrics. Below are just a few of the special people she has honored.

  1. Abigail – One of Taylor’s best friends, mentioned in the song ‘Fifteen.”
  2. Betty – The name of her good friend Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds’s daughter.
  3. Cornelia – The street Swift lived on in NYC and a lovely title for a sweet kitten.
  4. Este – The name of a good friend and collaborator, Este Haim.
  5. Inez (Ines) – The name of another of Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds’s daughters.
  6. James – Another daughter of her good friends Blake and Ryan.
  7. Kenny– After Kenney Chesney, who was pivotal in helping Taylor early in her career.
  8. Majorie – Majorie is Taylor’s grandma and a song title on her Folklore album.
  9. Mary – One of Taylor’s close friends and neighbors.
  10. Ronan – The character of a song she wrote in honor of a little boy with cancer.
  11. Timothy– After Tim McGraw, the country singer and title of Taylor’s debut single.
  12. Travis – After Travis Kelce, Taylor’s new love interest.

40 Female Taylor Swift-Inspired Cat Names

Over the years, the songstress has made an impressive body of music, with hundreds of songs. Many of these songs feature the names of characters she tells stories about. Your lovely little lady will be the talk of the town with one of these beautiful titles.

HeavenSweet Tea

40 Male Taylor Swift-Inspired Names

Any handsome male kitty will rock one of these names, inspired by the music and life of Miss Swift.

Dan Maserati

40 Other Taylor Swift-Inspired Cat Names

There are many names involved in Taylor’s lyrics and other creative works. Below, we cover a few more amazing T. Swift-inspired ideas for naming your new kitty, boy or girl.


What’s your favorite Taylor Swift-inspired kitty name? If I missed yours, shout it out in the comments.

5 Cat Naming Tips

Naming a new kitten can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. Don’t feel pressure to have a perfect idea picked out quickly. This process takes time. A pet’s name represents them and their owners, but it’s also a pivotal communication tool, so it’s worth it to take some time to get the best fit. Let’s go over a few tips to help make naming your new kitten a breeze.

  1. Keep it simple. Short words are easier for cats to recognize. A longer name can be fun, but come up with a shorter version to make it easier for your fur baby to understand. One to two syllables are best. Felines also like double-syllable words such as Dolly, Buddy, and Bella.
  2. Felines respond better to words that end in vowels. When we say a word that ends in a vowel, the tone of voice changes. Cats notice that change, which makes the word stand out. Long vowel sounds are easier for them to pick up. The long (“ee”) sound specifically is one that cats seem to respond to well. Examples include Queenie, Gracie, and Ivy.
  3. Avoid the names of other pets or people and words that sound similar to common commands to avoid confusion. Cats recognize their own names from other general words so they can tell the difference. Additionally, research done in 2022 at the University of Paris Nanterre has shown that cats also recognize their owner’s voices from those of others.
  4. Be gentle, and use a soft voice when teaching your kitty a new name. Cats like softer tones better than harsh, intrusive ones. Felines also prefer higher-pitched tones and have shown favorability towards female voices. They also react to “baby talk” when it comes from their owners.
  5. Stay positive and patient. This is a learning process for you and your fur baby. You will need to practice often and offer plenty of rewards, treats, and positive feedback when your kitten responds. Associating the name and their response to it with a positive reward will teach them that this word is special.

One last note: always stay appropriate and remember that other people like vets, groomers, and pet sitters will also use this name. Say your ideas out loud to hear how they sound before you make a final pick. And don’t forget to consider your kitty’s breed, size, appearance, and personality.

Need Other Kitty Name Ideas?

Taylor Swift is a huge world influence, and we love her. We adore that she is a proud and unapologetic cat lady. We’ve presented several names to get your creative ideas going. If you still need some ideas, we’ve got you covered. Learn more about names for certain breeds like Bengals, Maine Coons, Ragdolls, and Persian cats. Or, if you want a little more fun, check out our article on 250+ Mischievous Cat names.

Whichever name you pick, we know you will love rocking out, shaking it off, and cuddling up to your little snuggle bug, and we wish you the absolute best.

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