Best Hanging Cat Beds: Hammocks, Stands, Swings & More

Picking out a new bed for your kitty is a big task. There are so many options to choose from. We looked into some of the top choices for hanging cat beds. Take a look at our list of best hanging beds for cats.

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Last Updated: July 5, 2023 | 11 min read

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Cats love to sleep and deserve to be super comfy and secure. Owners have many choices of cat beds. One option is a swinging or hanging cat bed. These beds keep cats elevated off the ground and allow them to enjoy a soothing swinging motion.

There are a few assorted styles to choose from. The pet product market is constantly changing, and owners can find themselves overwhelmed with options. Swinging beds can be hammocks, have stands, or even attach to the ceiling.

To help owners make informed decisions, we investigated this style of cat bed to learn more. We looked at the benefits cats get from these hanging beds. We also reviewed some of the top choices on the market today. Additionally, we present a buying guide and what to look for in a hanging cat bed.

At a Glance: Our Favorite Hanging Cat Beds

Best Hammock

Pefuny Cat Window Perch Hammock

JUNSPOW Free Standing Hammock

Best With A Stand

JUNSPOW Free Standing Hammock

LCRUNONE Pet 2 in 1 Swing bed

Best Swing Bed

LCRUNONE Pet 2 in 1 Swing bed

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Are Hanging Beds Safe For Cats?

Swinging beds are safe for cats, provided they are set up correctly and made of appropriate material. Because of this, owners must do their research before purchasing any hanging or swinging cat bunk. Suspended and elevated cat beds are greatly beneficial for felines.


There are benefits to felines from having a hanging or swinging bed. These are more than just simple places to curl up and sleep. Some are very basic, while others will have more bells and whistles. Depending on your cat’s age, size, and activity level, owners can pick what works best for them.

  1. Hanging beds are amazingly comfortable. Though cats are known for being able to curl up and sleep just about anywhere, comfort does matter to them. Hanging bunks and hammocks are quite comfortable. Just as we humans enjoy the sensation of freely floating in comfort, felines do as well.
  2. Besides being comfortable, hanging beds provide a bit of a challenge for cats. For them, they are not simply a place to cuddle at night. They are a tool, something to interact with, get exercise, and something that enhances their natural abilities. Felines are hunters and climbers who love to climb up to high spaces and find a place to perch. A hammock or swing design can provide a way for them to fill that need. They will enjoy the challenge of getting to their bunk and getting down from it.
  3. Felines are natural hunters; even the most docile, tiniest, sweet, fluffy house cat has a hunter’s instinct deep inside. Hanging berths and hammocks give them a place to perch and hide. Cats are always looking for that safe spot to curl up where they can observe what is happening around them. So along with comfort and challenge, elevated bunks provide felines more of a natural perching place than lying on the floor or furniture.
  4. Hanging cat beds like hammocks have been known to help kitties that suffer from anxiety. They give them a place to stay safe and provide a secure retreat. These beds are particularly good for skittish cats as they give them a place where they can hide but still have a full view of the area around them.
  5. Hanging beds are more versatile than the more traditional cat sleeper options. Instead of being placed on the floor, in a crate, or on the furniture, these beds can be placed near windows higher up on walls and in smaller spaces where cats like to hide. A suspended bedstead can be used as a cat’s only place to crash or in addition to a more traditional one.

Buying Guide: What To Look For

Choosing a new bed for your kitty is a fun task, but is also a big responsibility. Beds should be comfortable, sturdy, made from safe materials, and should not break the bank. Safety is the first priority, followed by comfort. Owners should do diligent research and look at the descriptions of products to see if it seems like something they will use. It is essential to keep in mind a cat’s specific needs like size, age, and medical issues like hip dysplasia or arthritis that may prevent them from jumping or climbing too high.

Things To Consider


Durability is one of the top concerns when buying a new cat bunk. Hanging ones, in particular, should be very sturdy as they will need to support the full weight of a cat. Bunks need to hold up to a cat’s activity level. Cats move around a lot during their sleeping time. Some kitties like to fluff the sides of their berth, and others may want to scratch. A hanging place to sleep should be durable enough that it can hold up to a feline’s ordinary activity.


Cat furniture should always be made from products that are safe for feline use. Avoid products with small pieces that can break off, hard plastic edges, or exposed wood. While hanging swings should be sturdy and secure, they should be made of feline-safe materials. Always make sure to supervise your pet when they first start to use a hanging bed. It will be new to them and pose different challenges, and you will want to ensure they do not break it or hurt themselves.

Safety Hazards

Avoid products that are not explicitly made to meet feline safety needs. Inspect products for choking hazards, detachable parts, and other possible safety hazards. Some feline products will have added elements for decoration. While these may be aesthetically pleasing, they can sometimes pose a risk. Ensure that the products you purchase for your cat are safe, will not pose a hazard, and will support their total weight and size. Stay away from options with lots of added strings, feather toys, bells, and squeakers.


The size of a cat’s bunk is part of the consideration owners need to have when picking a new one. These will take up room in your home. Some are going to be bulkier than others. Some products will need to be attached to walls or ceilings. Make sure to know the dimensions of the area you plan to put the product in before purchasing. Because some of these beds are suspended, it is vital to make sure that the area of the home they will be placed in can support them and have enough room where they will not become a hazard.


Price is always a consideration when purchasing pet supplies like everyday food and big purchases like a new bed. Owners should never allow themselves to spend more than they have but should purchase the best product they can afford. Higher quality products tend to come with a higher price tag. This is something to keep in mind when researching products. This higher price tag goes into making a better product. A clever way of thinking is always to buy the best you can afford but not more than you need.

Best Hanging Cat Bed

There are three major categories that hanging beds fall into. These include a hammock, a hanging one with a stand, and a swing type of bunk. Some products are combinations of these or are entirely different concepts. We looked at a few options on the market to bring you this list of the best hanging cat beds.

Cat Hammock Bed

Pefuny Cat Window Perch

  • Supports over 40lbs.
  • Space-saving and foldable.
  • Giant suction cups.
  • Deformable fabric.
  • Sturdy frame.

The kitty hammock is a simple concept that provides hours of comfort and fun. These can be set up all over, in pet crates, on windows, and in the corner of rooms. Hammocks are very versatile and give kitties access to new areas. They especially like to sit in the window with these and observe the world.

This kitty window perch is durable, space-saving, and can hold a hefty amount of kitty weight. 360 degrees of sunbathing possibilities. It also folds up for easy storage. The product is made from sturdy materials, including thick steel cables. It has giant suction cups that stay put. It can support over 40 pounds. Uses rugged outdoor, deformable fabric. The fabric is removable for cleaning.

We love that this is designed for larger cats and that multiple pets can use it. It comes with soft flannel pads but can be used with pillows or another soft mattress. The frame has added rope clip slots for stability. Dimensions are 26.4 x 14.6 x 24 inches. The berth weighs 1.75 pounds.

Pupagree Cat Window Hammock

  • Waterproof mat.
  • Deformable fabric.
  • Steel wires and sturdy ABS pipes.
  • Odor-free fabric.
  • 40lb weight capacity.

The Pupagree Cat Window Hammock is an easy-to-install window perch. This one is made from very sturdy materials, including steel wires and ABS plastic pipes. The mat is waterproof and removable. The hammock is also made to be deformable, which is excellent for cats known to flatten beds quickly.

We love that this window hammock can be attached right to the window, allowing felines to get that bird’s eye view of both the indoor and outdoor world. We also appreciate the odor-free fabric. 26.4 x 14.6 x 24 inches. Maximum weight is 40 pounds.

Catry Tower and Hammock

  • Cat tower and hammock combo.
  • Sisal-covered scratching posts.
  • Cozy hammock and perch.
  • For smaller cats.
  • Good for kittens.

This option is a cat tree with a hammock. It has both a place to perch and a cozy hammock. It has sisal-covered scratching posts. This one offers more than a place to crash. It serves as a kitty perch and can support more than one kitty at a time. This one is smaller and better for kitties 10 pounds and under.

We love that this has an additional perch and is an excellent choice for cats that do not want to climb and jump far. This is ideal for older felines and kittens. Small enough to be used comfortably anywhere in the house. Perfect for smaller homes or homes where a window hammock is not an option.

This is an alternative kitty tower and hammock option made by Amazon Basics. It does not have a perch but does have a hammock suspended between two scratching posts. It has plush carpeting and is wrapped in natural jute fiber. Suitable for larger felines, even those about 20 pounds. This has a sturdy base and is highly reviewed.

FunnyFuzzy Window Perch Seat Suction Cups

FunnyFuzzy Window Perch Seat Suction Cups Cat Bed
  • 360° panoramic view.
  • Powerful suction with 4 large suction cups.
  • Supports cats weighing up to 20-30 pounds.
  • High quality soft plush material, advanced tubing.
  • Easy to install.
  • Comes in 3 colors and 2 sizes.

The FunnyFuzzy Window Perch Seat Suction Cups Cat Bed is shaped like a cat. It comes in yellow, grey and brown and medium or large. The hammock doesn’t hold as heavy of cats as the other two picks, but is a good option for smaller cats.

We love that this perch is a panoramic design with no strings or cords so your kitty can see any view unobstructed (and avoid chewing or getting hurt). It’s soft and strong and gives your cat a fun, relaxing place to sunbathe while enjoying the lazy life.

Hanging Bed With Stand

JUNSPOW Free Standing Hammock

  • Comfortable circular shape.
  • Free-standing hammock-style hanging bed.
  • Indoor and outdoor use.
  • Suspended design.
  • Breathable material.
  • Easy to clean.


This suspended bunk is perfect for giving felines a comfortable, soothing place to sleep. It has a free-standing base that allows cats to sleep in elevated comfort. The swing can be used indoors or outdoors. It is large enough to accommodate bigger-bodied kitties and even small dogs. Suspended design and breathable material keep kitties cool. It is also easy to remove and clean.

We love the circular hammock shape. It allows cats to curl up and get cozy while still having that soothing movement of a hammock. The bed is quick to fold up into the storage and carrying bag. This one comes in pink and gray color options.

Babyezz Elevated Hammock Bed

Babyezz Elevated Hammock Bed
  • Elevated hammock bed.
  • Comes with a kitty tent.
  • A mattress is included.
  • Pine material frame.
  • Cotton linen fabric.
  • Multiple pattern options.

This elevated hammock comes with its own tent. Felines simply will love popping in and out and having a cozy, secluded place to call their own. There are several pattern options to choose from. The product is made from pine material and has breathable cotton linen fabric. This one supports kitties up to 35 pounds, so even more generously sized kitties can enjoy it.

We love that this design also comes with a soft mattress. It truly offers felines complete comfort. It is also extremely easy to break down and clean and can be set up just about anywhere.

YoSpot Hanging Wicker Bed

YoSpot Hanging Wicker Bed
  • Unique hanging design.
  • Made from rattan wicker.
  • Solid steel frame.
  • Soft padding.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Safe and secure hanging nest-style bed.

Kitties and humans alike love this handmade hanging rattan wicker cradle by YoSpot. This is a suspended wicker house that swings. The structure is steel to offer support. The padding is machine washable. The base is solid and keeps the structure from tipping, It is strong, and pets can easily come and go.

We love the unique and stylish design of this bed. It is unbelievably cute to look at and gives cats a safe place to hunker down. The cozy nest is durable as well as easy to move and set up anywhere. There are few other products like it.

Cat Swing Beds

LCRUNONE Pet 2 in 1 Swing bed

  • Swinging hammock-style bed.
  • Two in one hammock and bed.
  • Pine wood frame. Soft linen material.
  • Machine washable padding.
  • Elevated sleeping surface.

This two-in-one hammock and bed option is comfortable and functional. It can be switched from a hammock to a cradle. The frame is made of pine wood, and the resting material is durable and soft linen. The fabric is removable and machine washable. Cats can play, swing, and sleep. It can hold 10 to 22 pounds.

We love that this is a simple yet maneuverable design. The two-in-one function makes it a more versatile product. The elevation keeps kitties cool and dry while still giving maximum comfort. The curved design prevents the whole thing from flipping over and has a non-slip bottom.

Doralus Macrame Cat Swing and Bed

  • Macrame swinging bed.
  • Hangs from the ceiling.
  • Soft, durable, cotton rope.
  • Allows movement while inside.
  • Gives cats comfort, and a challenge.

This option is a true swinging bed. It is a macrame bed and a suspended kitty house. It is made from durable cotton, the swing hangs from the ceiling. Kitties can cuddle up in style and gently swing. Ropes are strong and will support felines as they swing and slumber.

We love that this is a stylish and less common design of a swinging pet bed. It gives kitties a cozy place to be, allows the kitty to move, and keeps them intrigued. It is challenging to get in and out of, making it even more fun for felines.

laddawan Macramé Hanging Cat Hammock

laddawan Macramé Hanging Cat Hammock
  • Open design.
  • Easy to get in and out of.
  • Cotton twine material.
  • Can be hung on a cleaning, stand, or wall.
  • True swinging bed.

This is another option for a macrame kitty bed. This one has an open and flowing design. Cats are amazingly comfortable, and the design adds a unique look to the home. It may be hung from the ceiling or on a stand. Also, it has an option to be mounted on the wall. Handwoven spiral columns support felines as they sleep and swing. Made from sturdy cotton and has a comfortable cushion.

We love that this bed is able to be hung up in so many ways. It is very versatile and can be placed in many places. The open design allows purr babies to get in and out easily and gives them a perfect view of the room.

These hanging and swinging kitty beds are quite a hit. They allow felines maximum comfort and take pressure off their bones and joints. Make sure to pick one that will support your kitty’s size. Also, look for options that are easy to clean. Padding is important. There are some heated options, but we did not rate any of those here. Purr babies who need more warmth can have a heating pad or hot water bottle placed in their beds to give them more heat. Always make sure safety is the top priority. Follow all installation instructions to ensure products are set up properly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do cats like a hanging or swinging bed?

Yes, many kitties really enjoy these kinds of beds. They appreciate the swaying movement and feeling of being suspended. These options also give felines a safe and secure place to climb, hide, and observe.

My cat does not like her hanging bed. What can I do?

Give your kitty some time to get used to a new bunk. Purr babies who have never had a hanging bunk may need some encouragement. You can try putting toys or treats inside to entice kitties into them. Give kitties rewards and praise, and let them have time to get used to anything new.

Are hanging beds better for my kitty?

This is a question that has many answers. The best bed for your purr baby is the one that they like best. Not every cat will need or do well with a hanging bed. For some felines, it will be a perfect fit. These options can help alleviate pressure on a cat’s body and can be wonderfully comfortable, lulling them to calmness and sleep with gentle movements. Some pets do well with both kinds of sleeping arrangements. This is more of a try-and-see type of thing. Every purr baby is different and may need time to try out different options.

What is the best bed for a cat?

The best bed for a feline is one in which they feel safe and secure. Not all beds are created equal, so ensuring safety and durability are top factors. No one product is best for every feline. If your kitty has trouble sleeping, talk with your vet to see what options there are.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of options for cat beds. Felines, just like humans, love the feeling of gentle swaying. Hanging cat beds can be a fantastic option. There are multiple varieties available, from window hammocks to fully swinging beds. Felines can be suspended in comfort or curl up in a private little nook. Thankfully, there are a lot of distinctive designs and bed choices, so there is likely something out there for every kitty, no matter how fussy they are.

Cats love to be comfortable and safe. Suspended beds are both. We hope our breakdown of some of the best products on the market has helped you learn more.

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