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Cat furniture is designed for functionality and convenience. Have you considered a cat tree with a litter box? A cat tree with a hidden enclosure for the litter pan is convenient, discreet, and keeps the litter out of sight. Learn more and see my top picks.

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Last Updated: April 10, 2024 | 10 min read

Cat with cat tree that has liter box on the bottom and litter box next to it.

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Cats have many needs, but two that do not change are the requirements for litter boxes and places to perch. Most of us cat owners have these set up as separate structures, but what if they were one and the same? I wanted to know about the options for a cat tree with a litter box.

You may want to incorporate a hidden kitty litter area into your cat tree for several reasons. It saves space and helps keep the litter in a secure, discreet spot. A cat tree and litter box combo can be a terrific way to save space for smaller homes with less room to move about. They are also very discreet and can hide that unsightly potty pan in style.

Multifunctional cat furniture has many advantages. If you’ve been considering a cat tree with a litter box, you have several options to choose from. I researched over 50 top choices. Let’s get into my top picks.

Tongou Cat Tower With Washroom

For Large Cats


Unipaws corner box enclosure

Space Saver


Lamerge Cat Tree

With Bowls


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What Is A Cat Tree With A Hidden Litter Box?

Generally, a cat tree and a litter box are two separate entities. However, the world of cat furniture has come a long way. Convenience, style, and space management are all reasons to consider a cat tower with a litter box enclosure.

There are several different options to choose from, but most work the same way. The enclosed area at the bottom serves as a private potty, with easy access for your cat. On top of that is a cat tree. These can range from relatively simple to very complicated.

The enclosed litter box helps control odor and gives your fur baby privacy to do their bathroom business. Additionally, a firm barrier exists between the potty area and the play space. You want to avoid purchasing products that encourage your purr baby to play in the potty.

Some options even contain a separate area to place food and water bowls, creating a three-in-one functionality. Litter box furniture combines two (or more) of your pet’s essential needs in one space. I know exactly how hard it is to find an appropriate spot in the house to put the kitty potty, so an all-in-one solution of an enclosed bathroom area with a climbing tower on top can solve many problems. It helps with odor control and keeps that unappealing potty tray out of sight.

5 Things To Look For

You want to look out for a few things with these structures. Safety and stability are always the number one priority. Because these structures are often taller and heftier than traditional cat trees, you must be sure they are sturdy, can support your pet’s weight, and will not tip over. Below, I discuss five different areas to consider when selecting one of these multi-purpose cat towers.

1. Stability

You must be sure that the structure you pick is made from sturdy, feline-safe materials. Additionally, the structure itself should be solid, not wobbly, and have some way to offer extra support. Climbing trees often come with a brace or strap to attach to the wall.

2. Odor Control

Odor control is a top priority if you use something that encloses a pet potty pan. Cat towers with litter enclosures encourage your pet to play in the same area they are using the bathroom, which is something only some cats are comfortable with. So, odor control is of twofold importance here.

You want to ensure your purr baby is comfortable using the bathroom area and playing on the tower. Additionally, you do not want to set up something this large only to have it bring the potty box odor front and center in your living room or kitchen. Look for options that have clear ventilation to ensure airflow.

3. Leak Control

Along with odor control, you need to be sure that anything you pick is moisture-resistant and will not leak. The potty pan is a high-use area and must withstand the impacts of liquid and solid waste.

4. Amount Of Room Needed

You must consider how much room you have available to set up the structure. Picking something too large may take over your whole room, and something too small may simply not suit your pet’s needs and be a waste of money.

5. Cleaning

It is important for a structure to be clean, especially one that is going to house litter. Just because the potty is enclosed in a kitty tower does not mean it doesn’t need daily maintenance and regular cleaning. You want the bathroom area to be easy to access and swap out. You also want to be sure that the setup does not allow or create excess tracking of filler or waste materials into your home.

5 Best Cat Trees With Litter Box Enclosure

When selecting cat trees with litter boxes on the bottom, there are several different options and styles to choose from. Some offer an open entry, while others are more discreet, with cabinet-style doors and full coverage. Below, I review five of my favorite options for kitty trees with litter box areas. I looked at over 50 different products when making my selections. When doing my reviews, I considered construction material, dimensions, ease of setup, odor control, cleaning convenience, extra features, price, and consumer opinions.

Best For Large Cats

EnHomee Cat Tower With Washroom Review

Tongou Cat Tower With Washroom
  • For larger cats
  • Sturdy construction
  • Soft, plush lining
  • Cat bed and sleeping bowl
  • Kitty condo
  • Scratching pad
  • Easy assembly

My cats are hefty, so I know firsthand how hard it can be to find sturdy products that can withstand extra weight. So much so that I often have to build my own. This option by EnHomee is designed specifically for larger-bodied cats. It includes a kitty washroom, kitty condo, and climbing tree with multiple perching spots. It is made from particle board and covered in soft plush material.

This two-in-one kitty condo includes a bed, a round sleeping bowl, two scratching posts, a bathroom enclosure, a kitty condo box with a cushion, a scratching pad, and a plush ball toy. The potty area is made from thicker wood, ensuring stability and supporting your pet’s weight on top. This tower has a safety belt to attach to the wall to ensure it doesn’t knock over or move out of place.

The sleeping bowl can hold 18 pounds, which is more than most. The tower stands about four and a half feet tall, a foot and a half deep, and over two and a half feet wide. There is plenty of room for your fur baby to move about, and there is even an extra compartment on the bottom for a bed or storage.

Best Space Saver

Unipaws Corner Box Enclosure Review

Unipaws Corner Box Enclosure
  • Space-saving design
  • Weathered wood and metal frame
  • Plush wrapping
  • 3 platforms
  • Sisal scratching post
  • Easy assembly
  • For small and medium breeds

Saving space is one of the biggest motivators for finding a litter enclosure combined with a climbing tower. This one by Unipaws is designed to be sleek and fit in the corner, taking up extraordinarily little space. It offers three different plush-lined platforms for your purr baby to perch and climb. It also includes a sisal-covered scratching post, offering a safe spot for your kitty to work out those scratching urges.

The Unipaws structure is easy to assemble, and you don’t need any outside tools. Everything required comes with it. It is best for small and medium breeds. The Unipaws tower is set atop a wooden enclosure with an easy-access entrance. It is simple in design, aesthetically pleasing, and can work in tiny spaces.

Putting it in the corner offers additional stability, knowing your pet won’t knock it over when jumping from one platform to another. The weathered gray wood and black metal framing fit in with almost any room aesthetic.

The Unipaws corner tower is just about five feet ten inches tall, a foot and a half wide, and two and a half feet long. It offers plenty of room for your cats to climb, stretch, move about, and comfortably use the restroom in a private, easily accessible spot.

Best With Food & Water Bowl

Lamerge Cat Tree With Litter Box Review

Lamerge Cat Tree
  • 3-level cat house
  • Feeding station
  • Made with P2 particleboard
  • Metal frame
  • Adjustable foot pad
  • Extra holes for odor control
  • Adjustable design

There are several options if you are looking for an all-encompassing, three-in-one potty enclosure, climbing tree, and feeding station. One that stands out to me is this one by Lamerge. The all-in-one option offers a private, easily accessible bathroom area with separate platforms for lounging and an eating area. It includes a sisal-covered scratching post, a cozy condo, and multiple platforms for perching.

Lamerge’s three-level kitty house is constructed from high-quality P2 particle board with a metal frame. It is sturdy and waterproof, with an adjustable foot pad design. Whether you choose the enclosure for a potty box or a soft bed, your purr baby will feel secure and private. Extra holes in the bottom help increase airflow and reduce odor.

While I’m generally not a fan of playing and eating in the potty area, I like this option because all three things are entirely separate. Your pet will have a sturdy place to take care of their private business and a comfortable place to enjoy a snack and an afternoon nap. One thing to point out, this one takes some time and patience to put together.

Best Luxury

Gymax Cat Tree With Litter Box Review

Gymax Cat Tree With Litter Box
  • Winding entry
  • 5-tier cat tree
  • 2 platforms
  • 2 condos
  • For large and small cats
  • Anti-toppling fittings
  • Removable parts for cleaning

If you want to pamper your pet and allow them to live in the lap of luxury, this five-tier kitty tree by Gymax might be perfect for your feline companion. It has a hidden potty enclosure and two kitty condos that fit both small and medium-sized cats.

The winding entry allows easy access and helps prevent debris from tracking to the floor. There is plenty of space, with two platforms, a plush perch, two comfortable condos to rest on, and two dangling toys.

The Gymax tree even has a self-groomer to help your kitty get those hard-to-reach scratches and remove loose hair. This option has an anti-toppling fitting to ensure full support on all surfaces. The cushions are removable and washable to keep your pet resting in clean, soft comfort. Additionally, the enclosure’s door handle has a magnetic catch to keep it closed and allow for easy opening and shutting. The surfaces are waterproof and easy to clean and maintain.

This all-encompassing kitty tower is perfect if you want all the bells and whistles. It has room to set out a food and water bowl, but it doesn’t have a designated feeding station.

Best Basic

AWQM Cat Tree With Hidden Litter Box Review

AWQM Cat Tree With Hidden Litter Box
  • Double-level cat house
  • Multiple perching spots
  • Sisal scratching posts
  • Extra ventilation for odor control
  • Cat condo
  • Multiple enclosures
  • Adjustable design

Sometimes, keeping things simple is better, especially with cats. I like this simple option by AWQM. The tower has a hidden enclosure. It is made from rustic brown wood and features a cozy condo with multiple perch options. The double levels offer plenty of room between the potty and play area. Numerous scratching posts give your kitty the option of scratching high or low. The rustic brown design is pleasant, and the tower does not occupy much room.

The AWQM option offers both privacy and odor control. The design is adjustable and made from sturdy particle board and metal. The private enclosure on the bottom can be for the potty tray or a cozy bed. The paneling of this area has extra holes to help with airflow and odor. It is adjustable to fit different dimensions of potty boxes.

AWQM’s tower is slightly shorter, standing about three and a half feet tall, just under two feet long, and about a foot and a half wide.

Frequently Asked Questions

I know there are plenty of unanswered questions about these kitty furniture combos. I’ve covered a few of the top ones below, but if I missed yours, let me know in the comments.

Are cat towers with litter boxes sanitary?

Yes, these multi-purpose structures are sanitary, but of course, they need regular cleaning. Litter boxes require daily maintenance, so you should pay close attention to that area. Additionally, you must regularly inspect the tower for any signs of wear and tear, damage, or debris.

How often should I change my kitty’s litter?

A general rule is to clean out your kitty’s potty tray about twice a day and change it entirely about once every two weeks. The frequency can vary depending on your pet’s size, potty use habits, and whether you have more than one feline family member. You can learn more about the different types of litter and litter boxes. We also cover how often you need to change your litter to keep things sanitary and inviting.

What should I do if my cat doesn’t like a new kitty tree or litter box?

Don’t get discouraged if your kitty doesn’t like the new setup immediately. If this is the first time you are combining these two elements, your purr baby may be unsure and need some time to get used to the new setup. Do not replace your regular litter situation with this directly. Forcing it can cause problems, including inflammation from stress and, in severe cases, a blockage. You should offer your pet access to it until they feel comfortable using the all-in-one enclosure. Cats are creatures of habit, and change can be scary for them, so you must have patience and give your kitty plenty of time to get comfortable.

You may want to consider pet insurance for your kitty. Even if your cat is healthy now, unexpected problems can occur quickly. Some, like a urinary blockage, can be life-threatening and require expensive care. Pet insurance can help cover the costs so you can focus on your pet’s recovery.

Ways To Keep Your Cat Active And Happy

Keeping your feline healthy and happy is a full-time responsibility. Cats need plenty of mental interaction, toys, exercise, and healthy food. Healthy food is one of the most pivotal factors when it comes to your pet’s digestive health and potty habits. The better-quality food you feed your feline family members, the healthier their bowel movements are. You may want to consider fresh and human-grade food like Smalls. Even if you cannot make this your fur baby’s everyday diet, using it as an occasional treat or topper can add a boost of flavor and nutrients to your kitty’s diet.

Felines also need daily exercise, so make time for interactive play and provide plenty of options for physical activity. Climbing towers, steps on the wall, and other interactive play options like cat tunnels are best. Also, consider training your pet to do tricks, play games, or even walk on a leash. Have you ever wondered what your cat’s tail wagging during play or exercise means? Learn all about it in our cat tail-wagging guide.

Why Trust Love Your Cat?

Danielle has over three decades of feline care experience. She has raised felines with special needs, including a deaf kitty and those with kidney issues. Cleaning the litter box is a chore she has had every day of those 30+ years, and she has spent many hours finding the best way to keep her cat’s potty and her home clean. This includes testing out countless kinds of litter and litter boxes. Along with that, Danielle has purchased several varieties of cat trees and even built her own. Her quest to keep her cats happy drives her desire to learn more and to help other cat owners. Danielle is a dedicated and skilled researcher with over a decade of experience. She works tirelessly to stay on top of the latest science-backed research, developments, and trends in pet care, health, training, food, and products.

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