Do Cats Have Belly Buttons?

Do cats have belly buttons? Have you ever wondered if your cat has a belly button? And if so, where is this belly button? We have the answers to all your cat belly button questions.

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Last Updated: August 22, 2023 | 3 min read

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Although belly buttons are easy to find in humans, the lack of a prominent, visible belly button on a cat may make it appear that they don’t have one, but this is not true.

Cats technically do have belly buttons! It isn’t pronounced or apparent as a human’s, but it is, in fact, there. In this article, we’ll learn where your cat’s belly button is, why it is so hidden, and why they have one. Let’s get to it.

What Is A Belly Button?

To understand the mechanics of your cat’s belly button, we must first define the term belly button. A belly button is a scar or mark caused by the umbilical cord-cutting. Mammals are attached to their mother through this wondrous cord that provides nutrients while babies are in the womb. In short, the umbilical cord is the lifeline between mother and baby.

When baby mammals are born, the umbilical cord remains attached to the baby and must be cut to separate the newborn from the mother. Humans cut the cord and tie it. It eventually falls off, and the remaining indent is the belly button.  

Do Cats Have Umbilical Cords?

Yes, they do. Felines are mammals, so they get their support and nutrients in the womb from their mother. Nutrients are shared through the umbilical cord. Kittens are attached to their mother via the umbilical cord in the same way humans are. Sometimes mother cats chew through the cords. Other times the veterinarian will need to cut them. Once detached, the umbilical cord will dry up and scab over, eventually becoming the belly button.

Where Is The Umbilical Cord On A Kitten?

The umbilical cord on a kitten is very similar to that of a human or canine. On kittens, the umbilical cord attaches below the rib cage, on the upper part of the abdomen.

Do Cats Have Belly Buttons?

Yes, cats have belly buttons. Technically, cats do have belly buttons because they are mammals. Since cats cannot tie the umbilical cord, it remains on the kitty until it dries and falls off. This can take a few days.

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Where Is A Cat’s Belly Button?

In medical terms, a belly button is defined as “ the scar on the abdomen that is caused when the umbilical cord—through which the mammalian fetus receives nourishment—is removed.”

According to this definition, your kitty’s navel scar qualifies as a belly button.

How To Find Your Cat’s Belly Button

Kitties are not the greatest when it comes to having their bellies rubbed. Some are okay with it, but most are not. So, if your precious kitty lets you rub his belly, this will be the perfect time to investigate the location of his belly button.

To find your cat’s belly button, gently rub your hand about two-thirds down his abdomen. Feel around just below the ribs and between the nipples. It should be located here. However, it can be difficult actually to see or feel.

What Does A Cat Belly Button Look Like?

A cat’s belly button does not look like a human belly button. The belly button is more of a small, flat scar on felines. This area may be covered with fur, especially if you have a long-haired kitty like a Ragdoll, Norwegian Forest Cat, or Persian. Additionally, the scar may be very light and even harder to feel or see if your cat is older. Even with all your searching, you may not be able to find your kitty’s belly button, but please rest assured that it is there!

Frequently Asked Questions?

Where Should I Cut My Cat’s Umbilical Cord?

Most of the time, mother felines chew through the cord with no problems. In the case that they do not, owners should ask the veterinarian first to be sure it is safe to cut the cord. If directed to by the vet, owners can wrap a piece of floss (not mint, unwaxed) around the cord, tie a knot about half an inch from the kitten, and another about an inch from the other knot. The area between the tow is where to cut.

Can A Cat’s Belly Button Get Infected?

Yes, this can happen in kittens after the umbilical cord is cut. In some cases, they can develop a bacterial infection. The bacteria travel up the umbilical cord and cause infections. the area may look red, inflamed, and swollen. Kittens will need antibiotics quickly to clear up the infection and prevent it from getting worse.

Do Cats Get Umbilical Hernias?

Yes. Cats can and often do develop umbilical hernias. The hernia may appear as a soft, pliable bump, bulge, or soft mass, that is under the skin. It will be near the belly button and ribs. Kitties may experience pain and discomfort. While umbilical hernias are common in felines, they often need treatment. Some can resolve, but others may get worse. If you notice a suspected hernia on a new kitten, get a medical examination sooner rather than later.

Final Thoughts

Cats don’t only have adorable faces. They have cute tiny belly buttons too. They are so little that they are, in fact, almost not visible. However, if your kitty lets you look at his tummy, you may very well find the smallest scar, known as his belly button.

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