Kitty Poo Club Reviews: Is It Good? I Tested It To Find Out

Have your ever wondered about a monthly disposable kitty litter box subscription? I tried out the Kitty Poo Club firsthand, and am ready to share my experience with you. Jump in and get all the details in my Kitty Poo Club reviews.

Danielle DeGroot

Last Updated: March 28, 2024 | 10 min read

Kitty Poo Club litter box and bag with cat.

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Cleaning out my cats’ litter boxes is not my favorite part of pet ownership, but I know it’s a necessary daily task. Thankfully, with more chemical-free, natural, and eco-friendly options out there, litter box maintenance does not have to be such an unpleasant chore. Among these newer options are monthly cat litter subscriptions.

One in particular, Kitty Poo Club, has become extremely popular. They offer a disposable system that is eco-friendly. I wanted to find out if this monthly kitty litter subscription is worth the hype and how it all works. Let’s get into my Kitty Poo Club reviews to find out more.

Kitty Poo Club is marketed as a complete litter solution, saving you time and delivering everything you need to keep things fresh right to your door. I took a first-hand look at this company, its litter choices, disposable crates, and subscription options to see for myself what it is all about. I also spent weeks testing it out with my own two cats. As a budget-conscious pet owner, I am always looking for ways to upgrade my cat’s potty situation and save time and money, so I was excited to try this out.

7 Key Features

  1. Disposable litter boxes
  2. Monthly subscription
  3. Five litter choices
  4. Extra-large boxes available
  5. Eco-friendly materials
  6. Customizable to your needs
  7. Recyclable

Brand History

Kitty Poo Club is, as they say, a complete cat litter solution. They sell prepackaged bundles or custom subscriptions of kitty litter and disposable litter boxes. The company also offers some accessories, including scoops, mats, and box domes.

The brand got its start in 2017. It was an idea thought up by a father and son entrepreneurial team, Porter and Chad Kauffman. The father and son duo took on the problem of litter box maintenance, wanting to find a better way. They realized the issue was more than simply picking a suitable cat litter or the least difficult-to-clean potty box. They wanted to come up with an all-in-one solution. After some hard work, the Kitty Poo Club concept was born.

The concept is simple: a prepackaged litter and disposable litter box delivered right to your door every month. Instead of emptying and scrubbing out your plastic, stainless steel, wooden, or other potty tray option, toss it in the trash or recycling bin and start over. This all-in-one solution saves plenty of time and prevents those pesky trips to the store every couple of weeks to pick up another bag of cat litter.

Kitty Poo Club Review

Kitty Poo Club Review

  • Disposable monthly litter box and litter
  • Lasts one month for one cat
  • Corn & wheat, soy, clay, and silica litter options
  • XL sizes available
  • Boxes are made from 100% recycled materials
  • Starting at $27.99 per month

How Does The Disposable Litter Box Subscription Work?

Kitty Poo Club has a straightforward, easy-to-understand subscription process. You set up an account, pick the best subscription for your fur baby, make the initial purchase, and your cat will have a whole new bathroom situation within a few days. You can pick from three prepackaged bundles or set up your customizable subscription.

If desired, you can also pick from a selection of third-party cat foods and accessories to add to your monthly order to create a custom subscription that meets all your cats’ needs.

Litter Choices

KPC offers a reasonably wide variety of litter types, so you aren’t stuck with just one option. Currently, there are five different KPC litters to pick from.

  1. Corn and Wheat: This is a superior corn and wheat-based clumping filler with maximum odor control. This litter is 99% dust-free, with a lightweight, fine texture. It is biodegradable, renewable, and comes from the USA-farmed corn and wheat.
  2. Clay: The clay filler, derived from sodium bentonite, offers extra hard clumping. It has a fine texture, low dust, low tracking, and maximum odor control. KPC’s clay filler is hypoallergenic and compatible with automatic litter boxes.
  3. Organic Soy: The organic soy filler uses food-grade soybeans (tofu) and is comprised of entirely plant-based pellets. It offers traditional clumping with maximum order control and low tracking. The soy-based pellets are dust-free, biodegradable, antimicrobial, and hypoallergenic.
  4. Fine-Grain Silica: Fine-grain silica is a low-dust formula with exceptional odor control and long-lasting use. Made from amorphous silica gel, it locks in moisture to help keep your kitty’s paws dry. It is biodegradable, eco-friendly, and extremely easy to maintain.
  5. Silica: Silica pellet filler is easy to clean. Simply scoop out solids and stir. It is derived from natural minerals and has a smooth silica crystal texture. The silica is hypoallergenic and offers maximum order control, low tracking, and low dust.

Kitty Poo Club’s litter boxes are made from recycled material and are comprised of 89% cardboard and 11% plastic. Everything ships as a self-contained box, decreasing the amount of materials and packaging needed in shipping. Larger orders ship in reused and upcycled boxes. To dispose of, simply empty out the soiled filler into the trash, fold down the cardboard, and toss it in your recycling bin.

My Personal Experience With Kitty Poo Club

Inside overhead shot of Kitty Poo box contents box open.
My Kitty Poo Club box arrived in just a few days.

I tested Kitty Poo Club’s system for three weeks with my two cats, Zaphod and Twilight. They are an eleven-year-old bonded sibling pair. The ordering process was quite simple and took just a few minutes. I selected the Perfect Bundle with one standard-sized litter crate, dome, and organic soy pellets. My KPC order arrived just a few days after I ordered it. It was well packaged and secure, with no unnecessary extra filler or adhesive.

Setting Up Kitty Poo Box

Kitty poo box empty.
The standard disposable Kitty Poo Club litter box when assembled without the dome.

Setting up the disposable system was easy and took me about 15 minutes. This includes reading the instructions and watching the accompanying instructional videos by scanning the QR code on the packaging. My box came with the disposable crate, a dome, rails, litter, a scoop, and a bonus toy.

The cardboard crate and dome were quick to set up and prepare for use. The cardboard is sturdy, with an accessible opening. The rails are very helpful to keep the box straight and the cat dome in place. I also liked that the box is very efficient, as the lid reinforces the bottom of the tray.

When I opened the soy litter, I noticed right away that it did not smell funky, earthy, or otherwise off-putting. Additionally, virtually no dust came out when I dumped the pellets from the bag into the tray. The soy pellets are very lightweight and soft to the touch.

Kitty poo club litter bag open.
The soy litter is lightweight, odor-free, and soft to the touch.

Switching cat litter can be stressful, so I took steps to deter any anxiety my cats might experience from trying a new box and filler. My fur babies generally use pine pellets. Due to their age and health conditions, I set up the new cardboard crate in the same area as one of their regular potty bins. The strategic placement allowed them to investigate and try out the new stuff without the stress of entirely switching to something new.

The company suggests adding an inch or two of your current filler on top of theirs while transitioning your cat to the disposable system. I did not fully follow this, but I did sprinkle some pine pellets in the tray to give it a familiar scent. I wanted to test the new soy option on its own, which is why I placed the disposable box close to their normal potty. Zaphod has a history of urinary health issues, and I did not want to stress him out or cause undue anxiety by altering his normal litter box setup or making it unavailable to him.

Using Kitty Poo Club

Cat sniffing Kitty poo club box.
My cat Twilight took to the new litter and disposable box right away.

I like several things about the KPC setup. For starters, the box has an optional removable flap at the front to create a more accessible entrance. My cats are older and hefty, weighing between 18 and 25 pounds each. While they are still agile and can move about well, they need something easy to access. So, I appreciated being able to make this modification for them.

Additionally, I like the simple design and addition of the cat dome that came with the Perfect bundle. My cats like privacy and are accustomed to a taller bin. So, the cat dome helped them feel more secure and private when doing their business.

My male cat, Zaphod, was less interested in trying out the new soy pellet setup, possibly due to the smaller size, but Twilight, his sister, was much more adventurous. She was incredibly happy to pee in the new box shortly after it was constructed. After that, she used it regularly, at least twice a day. Despite the difference in texture and material from her regular pine pellets, she adjusted well.

Even after taking the lower entrance modification, there was fairly little tracking. Just a few pellets were flung out of the box. Twilight is a larger cat, up to about 18 pounds, so there is always a little bit of mess to be expected. I did have to pick up a few soy pellets each day around the litter area.


Kitty poo club scooping litter close up of clump.
The Kitty Poo Club soy litter clumps very easily as soon as it touches liquid.

The organic soy clumps remarkably well. The pellets dissolve and clump up after coming in contact with liquid. The soy soaks up the moisture, so no puddles of urine are left at the bottom of the box. This high absorption made for extremely easy scooping and maintenance. Cleaning the solid waste out was also relatively easy. I was pretty impressed by how well the soy pellets clumped together and did not leave much moisture behind.

Odor Control

I found the soy filler to be fairly efficient with odor control. On a normal day, I clean out my cat’s potty tray two or three times, which is necessary for my two large fur babies. I did not notice any lingering odors with prompt removal and regular checking for clumps. That was an excellent sign, as I was concerned that the cardboard would hold on to the poo and urine smell. Unlike most clay litters I have used in the past, despite the soy pellets melding together in one big clump, it did not leave any sticky residue or smelly mess at the bottom.

The cardboard bottom was lined with plastic, making it leakproof. This is a big claim, but it proved to be true. With regular cleaning, the soy pellets soaked up the moisture, and I did not observe any leaks in the cardboard, even after weeks of regular use. The plastic liner also likely helps prevent odor from seeping into the cardboard.

Overall, I found the experience to be very satisfying. Everything is very straightforward, from ordering to setting up to using and recycling. Kitty Poo Club does not try to sugarcoat things, make things fancy, or complicate the process. They are very upfront that cleaning up after cats is not fun, and they have created a simple, easy-to-use system that makes things much more manageable.

I found the pellet quality to be one of the best I have tried. I was uncertain that my cats would want to use a cardboard bathroom bin: one did, and one didn’t. Moving forward, I plan to try the other Kitty Poo Club filler types, including silica, as well as upgrading to an extra-large box so that my larger cats will feel more comfortable.

How Much Does Kitty Poo Club Cost?

The prices are comparable to litters you may purchase at the pet or grocery store. Some subscription plans have a higher initial or first-order cost because they cover additional supplies. Monthly subscription plan recurring costs vary slightly based on the type of litter you select. I’ve broken down the different plans and their associated costs below. These prices are for one cat. You should expect to pay about twice as much if you have more cats.

First-time bundle orders receive 25% off the first litter box, and all orders that include cat litter receive free shipping. Standard delivery is every four weeks.

Kitty Poo Club’s Subscription Plans

SubscriptionInitial CostMonthly Cost – Litter Box & Litter
Basic Bundle – Litter choice and one disposable box$19.59 – $20.29$27.99 – $28.99
Perfect Bundle – Litter choice, disposable litter box, standard cat box dome, and blue cat litter scoop$28.57 – $28.57$27.99 – $28.99
Super Bundle – Litter choice, disposable litter box, standard cat box dome, blue cat litter scoop, XL cat litter mat$61.56 – $62.26$27.99 – $28.99
You have the option to create a custom subscription if none of these bundles meets your cat’s needs.

What About The XL Litter Boxes?

Because I have hefty cats, one feature I really like about KPC is that they also offer an extra-large option for cats over 20 pounds. These are designed to last an entire month for one large cat and include two bags of litter. The extra-large box with any variety of filler costs $58.99. If you’d like to purchase an extra-large crate only, the price is $17.99. An extra-large dome is also available for $8.99.

Kitty Poo Club Coupon Code

Use code CAT30 via this link to get 30% off your first auto-ship order!

Pros & Cons

Natural litter optionsMore expensive than some options
Disposable monthly boxesSome litter options are made in China
Boxes are made from 100% recycled materialsOdor control may be a concern with more than one cat
Easy disposalIt may not last a month for all cats
Corn & wheat sourced from US farms
Free shipping on all orders with litter
Extra-large litter boxes and accessories

Frequently Asked Questions

KittyPooClub cat litter subscription box with cat and scooper.

I know I had several questions about Kitty Poo Club’s system and monthly subscription. I’ve covered a few of the top ones below, but if I still need to get to yours, let me know in the comments.

Is Kitty Poo Club worth it?

This monthly subscription is absolutely worth the higher investment. Though the start-up costs are initially higher, the subscription prices are very reasonable and comparable to other litters on the market.

The filler is of high quality and performs well. Having everything you need for your cat to have a clean, non-toxic, healthy potty setup delivered right to the door is fantastic. It saves hours of time driving to and from the store. Additionally, the disposable boxes stay very clean, smell fresh, and take a lot of the icky, gross parts out of keeping your cat’s bathroom area clean.

I also appreciate the selection and simplicity of the products. When it comes to cat litter, the bells and whistles that come with extra additives, chemicals, and lots of fragrances are not what I’m looking for.

What are Kitty Poo Club’s box dimensions?

  • The standard box measures 19″ x 15″ x 10″. The XL size is designed for cats up to 20 pounds.
  • The XL Litter Box for larger cats (20+ pounds) measures 22″ x 18″ x 10″. An XL Dome can raise the height by 5 inches.

The entrance for both disposable boxes is 8.75 inches off the ground. However, each has a removable perforated piece that lowers the height to 5.25 inches.

How easy is it to change my Kitty Poo Club subscription?

Changing your subscription and specific order details is simple and easy. Just log into your profile and make the changes, or send a message to the support team, who will be happy to help update your monthly order.

Benefits Of A Cat Litter Subscription

There are many benefits to a monthly subscription. Whether you like disposable boxes, prefer traditional clay, or want a non-tracking option, the convenience is unbeatable.

Additionally, many subscription companies offer superior products at very reasonable prices. There are a growing number of options to choose from. Our recent guide about the top cat litter subscriptions includes our personal experience with Tuft + Paw soy litter.

Why Trust Love Your Cat?

Danielle has over three decades of cat care experience. She has raised cats with special needs, including a deaf feline and those with kidney issues. Danielle is also a dedicated and skilled researcher and product tester with over a decade of experience. Danielle works alongside a talented and committed team, including a bonded pair of sibling cats, Twilight and Zaphod, to provide pet owners with valuable information to better their lives.

Cat sitting on top of a litter box with Tuft and Paw litter bag next to it.

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