Best Sifting Litter Box For Pine Pellets

Have you been searching for the best sifting cat litter box to use with pine pellets? We have reviewed some of the top choices around. Learn more about pine pellet cat litter, sifting cat boxes and more. We look at some products, offer buying tips, and answer frequently asked questions.

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Last Updated: February 16, 2024 | 8 min read

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Keeping up with cat litter box maintenance is a much-begrudged but necessary daily task for cat owners. As much as we love our purr babies, this chore never becomes more appealing. One thing owners can do is learn about different kinds of litter and kitty boxes. While many owners are happy with traditional clay, a large number have switched to using pine pellet litter.

Pellet litter has some advantages and can be used in a sifting litter box. It’s always a big gamble when switching to a new litter or box, and we can understand owners being apprehensive. We understand how you feel about new products and the cumbersome task of maintaining a clean and tidy potty area. Pine varieties do not behave exactly the same as clay or other litter, so using it in the same tray may not always end up well.

If you are looking for the best sifting litter box for pine pellets, then you are in the right place. This quick guide will present some of the top products on the market and go over quick buying tips. Hopefully, we can help you find the perfect sifter box for your sweet fur baby.

At A Glance: Our Favorite SIfting Litter Boxes For Pine Pellets

Tidy Cats BREEZE


Tidy Cats BREEZE Original System by Purina

Petmate Arm & Hammer Sifter with Microban

3 Pan Sifter

Petmate Arm & Hammer Sifter with Microban

Tom & Sora Creations Large

For Pine Pellets

Tom & Sora Creations Large

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What Is Pine Pellet Litter?

Wood pellet litter is an environmentally friendly choice made from compressed pine, or sometimes cedarwood, pellets. It has a natural pine aroma. Rather than clumping, these break down gradually and last longer. The sawdust or shredded pellets soak up moisture. Owners need to clean kitty boxes every day, usually more than once.

Some owners prefer pine because it often costs less and is less messy than clay. Wooden options also rarely have any added fragrances. One thing to note is that this type will not work the same in sifting boxes as clay. Using pine pellets in automatic sifting kitty boxes is also not usually recommended.

Another pellet option is recycled newspaper, but it does not smell the same nor break down the same way as wood does. Do not buy paper options and expect them to shred down into sawdust like pine. They will not.

Pine Litter Sifting Box Buying Guide

Keep the following tips in mind when purchasing a new potty setup for your cat.

  1. Pick the right size for your cat. Keep in mind your pet needs to be able to move around and maneuver to do her business. You want to make sure she has enough room. Boxes should be as long as your cat, from nose to extended tail tip. They should also be as wide as your cat is long when her tail is not fully stretched out.
  2. Consider the height of the box. Even small cats need potty facilities about 5 to 7 inches high. If your cat is messy, consider a larger or covered container. Make sure at least three sides are high enough to block urine spray or bits that get kicked out.
  3. Look for an option that is made from durable material, like plastic or stainless steel. Wooden boxes will hold the smell, and paper or cardboard will get messy fast. They are only suitable for temporary, short-term use.
  4. Consider getting a larger option as well as multiple boxes. Even with just one cat, having two boxes, felines like choices and do not like messy bathroom areas. This helps both you and your cat feel better.
  5. Replace your kitty box every 12 months to keep odors and bacteria at bay.
  6. Pick products made from feline-safe material.
  7. Read reviews and look for recalls.
  8. Remember that not all sifters are intended to be used with pellets and may need some modification.
  9. Consider an air purifier system in the kitty potty area. This can help keep the air clean of microscopic germs.

Sifting Litter Boxes

A sifting box has holes that allow sawdust and other debris to pass through it to a second tray. Sifters usually have two or three trays. Two tray boxes have a sifting pan that sits inside a larger tray. Three tray systems have a sifter tray, pan, and additional pan.

Most sifting boxes are not designed to be used with pine or other pellet types, but there are a few. The process is not as straightforward when picking a sifting box to use with wood pellets. Keep this in mind and note the size you plan to use before purchasing any sifting box.

Best Sifting Pine Pellet Litter Box

Finding the best option depends on the pellets you use and how many cats you have. Pine will work well in most basic kitty trays but require regular attention as they do not clump. Sifters can be used, but not all will have holes or openings big enough for the shavings to pass through. Some may have holes that are too big and will cause unused pellets to fall through.

Best Overall: Tidy Cats BREEZE Original System

  • Designed for pellets.
  • Easy to use and clean.
  • Three options, including hooded and extra-large.
  • Can be used with pine pellets or Breeze pellets.
  • Highly reviewed.
  • Keeps odors well controlled.

The Tidy Cats Breeze system is our top choice for use with pine pellets. This is because it is designed to be used with pellets, though not specifically wood. Purina makes a Breeze pellet made from zeolite. These do not break down the same way as wood and are smaller. The system’s design works very well with wood options, a big favorite among cat owners.

The Breeze system has a sifting tray accompanied by a drawer. So, owners do not need to remove a sifter pan. They simply open the drawer and remove anything inside. Some owners use a liner or paper inside the drawer for easier cleanup. This comes in three different styles: open, hooded, and extra-large.

We love that this is an item designed explicitly for pellets. It works amazingly well and has high reviews from owners. The extra-large version is best for larger breeds or multi-cat homes. Easy to clean and keep odors well controlled. For a budget friendly option, find the best Breeze pellet alternatives.

Best Basic: Petmate Arm & Hammer Large Sifting With Microban

  • Three-pan system.
  • Made from recycled plastic.
  • Designed to use with pine pellets.
  • Odor controlling.
  • Treated with Microban to reduce bacteria and smells.
  • Very affordable and easy to find.

Arm & Hammer is known for its odor-controlling products, so it is no surprise they make many pet products. The Petmate Arm & Hammer Large Sifting Box with Microban for odor control is designed to be scoop-free.

This is a three-pan system designed to reduce or eliminate the need for scooping. Built-in Microban helps inhibit the growth of odor-causing bacteria. It also has a reinforced bottom, which is crucial when keeping odors, germs, and liquids contained.

We love that this is made with recycled materials and designed to be used with wood pellets. This one is larger, so kitties have plenty of room to take care of business. Odor control is essential, and we appreciate that this product is designed to keep stinky stuff under control. This one is easy to find online and in stores and very affordable, so it works for every budget.

Best For Pine Pellets: Tom & Sora Creations

Tom & Sora Creations Large
  • Made specifically for pine pellets.
  • The round design is easy for cats to maneuver in.
  • Bright turquoise makes it more visible.
  • Drawer system.
  • Odor control.
  • Easy to clean.

Tom & Sora Creations Large is expressly designed to be used with wood pellets. This one has a rounded design, making it easy for pets to maneuver around. The bright turquoise color makes it more visible to your pet.

This is a heavy-duty, durable, and simple sifter design that is designed to be mess-free. It is intended for use with all-natural wood products. It can also work for rabbits and other small animals.

We love that this sifter has a drawer system. This makes cleaning up much more manageable and far less unpleasant for owners. It is easy to use for cats and helps control odor. Of course, owners need to make sure they clean out the drawer every day. It can be used with pee pads or paper.

Other Notable Mentions

Van Ness Pets Odor Control Large Enclosed

Van Ness Pets Odor Control
  • Large, enclosed design.
  • Odor door.
  • High polish finish, stain resistant.
  • Privacy and odor control.
  • Zeolite filter.
  • 2 pan sifter with cover.

Van Ness Pets Odor Control Large Enclosed Sifting Cat Pan is a basic, sturdy, no-frills design with an enclosure. This is a two-pan design, with the sifter pan set inside. This has a framed, enclosed structure, which helps prevent spray and debris from getting out. The spreading and scattering of wood specks and sawdust from wood bits are a concern, so the framed design helps prevent bigger messes.

It is made from durable, partially recycled materials. This can stand up to scratching, stomping, and heavy traffic from more than one cat. It also has a high polish finish, which is stain resistant. The enclosed design gives your pet privacy and helps keep odors under control.

We love that this covered option has an odor door and a zeolite filter. This helps keep those smells at bay. The easy-to-clean sifting design means your cat’s litter can stay fresh much longer and is easy to clean up.

Chitai Sifting Top Entry

  • For large cats, up to 25 pounds.
  • Two entrances.
  • Top entryway for agile cats.
  • Privacy and odor control.
  • Anti-litter leakage designs.
  • Wider entryway for larger kitties.

This one by Chitai is an excellent choice for heftier breeds like the Maine Coon, Ragdoll, or Bengal. It is designed with a larger space for bigger cats. Even the entryway is wider. This one can accommodate kitties up to 25 pounds.

This box has a unique design. Along with the sifting pans, it has two entrances. One on the side and another on the top. The enclosed design gives kitties privacy and allows them to exit through the roof.

We love the unique design of this sifter. Perfect for use with a variety of pellets. We also appreciate the anti-leakage design and easy cleanup. Made of safe PP, environmentally friendly materials.

Luuup Litter Box 3 Sifting Tray

Luuup Litter Box 3 Sifting Tray
  • Unique design.
  • 3 tray system.
  • Continuous sifting.
  • Antimicrobial and antistick coating.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Stacking identical trays.

Luuup 3 Sifting Tray is a three-tray system. All three trays are identical and can work individually to sift. When any two get stacked together, they form a solid base. The third tray continues to sift. This creates a perpetual loop (Luuup) of sifting.

Along with the unique continuous sifting design, this one is antimicrobial and has an anti-stick coating. It is low to the ground so that cats can enter and exit easily. Additionally, the design is spacious, so kitties have room to take care of business.

We love the unique design of this one. Some owners report it working better placed inside a fourth tray. Others mention that smaller pellet options work best. This is easy to use and clean. Owners will need to experiment to see what setup works best for them.

Benefits Of Pine Litter

It is often asked if wooden options are better than clay or other types of litter. Of course, this depends on each cat, but many owners prefer wood to any other kind. There are varieties made just for kitties, and wooden options are also available at lower costs from feed stores or retail internet sites. Along with that, there are a few more benefits to using this.

  1. Wood is often more eco-friendly than clay because it is made from lumber by-products, often scraps that go to waste.
  2. Wooden options are biodegradable, and clay is not.
  3. Wood is more absorbent and better at covering and neutralizing odors.
  4. Less dust than most other kinds.
  5. Chemical free.
  6. Less messy than clay or other kinds and less trackable.
  7. Naturally smells better than artificial fragrances.
  8. It can be cheaper than clay and needs to be changed less often.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do cats like wood pellet litter?

Yes, most cats like this. They enjoy breaking apart the pellets, similar to burying their waste in the sand or other compounds. Many cats prefer the organic smell, and who appreciates having clumps of stinky muck stuck on your paws? Of course, this depends on the specific cat., but most kitties are very happy to use wooden options.

How often do you change pine pellet cat litter?

Pellet litter needs to be changed once a week to once every three weeks. This depends on how often your kitty uses the potty and how well you clean it. Daily maintenance is best for cleanliness and your kitties’ hygiene.

Can you flush pine pellet cat litter?

No. Do not flush wood down your toilet. The same goes for sawdust. You can, however, flush the cat poop down the toilet but never flush the pellets. They can expand in the pipes and create a considerable plumbing mess.

How should you dispose of pine kitty litter?

The most eco-friendly way is to compost it, but this is not practical for everyone. You can throw it away in a bag, but do not flush it down the toilet.

Final Thoughts

Pine pellet cat litter is a choice that many purr parents make. Cats often like this option better as it does not smell artificial. Wood lasts longer, is more absorbent, and is better at covering odors. Pine pellets combined with a sifter are a fantastic way to keep the kitty restroom area clean and fresh. Hopefully, our product reviews have helped you learn more about what sifting litter box will work best for you.

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