Best Cat Litter Subscription: Kitty Poo Club vs Pretty Litter vs Skoon & More

Are you wondering about a monthly cat litter subscription? Have you heard of the disposable monthly cat litter box subscription? I review seven of the top options for kitty litter subscriptions and give you all the details.

Danielle DeGroot

Last Updated: March 28, 2024 | 13 min read

KittyPooClub cat litter subscription box with cat and scooper.

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Let’s face it, all cats poop…a lot. As a long-time cat owner, I know exactly how much time and effort it takes to keep that kitty potty clean. My two cats go through cat litter very quickly, and I often make that quick trip to the store to pick up a bag of litter. The litter run is a biweekly errand for me, and I’ve frequently wondered what other options there are. Looking into it, it turns out there are several kitty litter subscription options that will deliver fresh products right to my door.

I love my cats, but constantly cleaning up their potty box can definitely be a bummer. Biweekly trips to the store for cat litter, the stress of what to do if I cannot find their preferred kind, and fluctuating prices all contribute to frustrations around keeping the cat box clean and well stocked.

With any product or subscription service, there are differences in price, product quality, and product availability. I decided to look at some of the subscription kitty litter options available to see how they differ.

kitty poo club Box.

Best Monthly Litter Box

Kitty Poo Club

Best For Health Monitoring


Klassy Kitty box.

Best For Odor Control

Klassy Kitty

5 Things To Consider In A Monthly Cat Litter Box Subscription

When selecting a monthly kitty litter box, there are a few areas to consider. What works for one feline may not work for every kitty, so keep this in mind. Every cat has specific litter box needs based on size, health, age, and frequency of use.

1. Litter Quality & Type

The quality and type of litter is the first concern. Of course, you do not want to sacrifice quality to save a few dollars. Be sure to read the ingredients and details of the litter for every option you consider. Additionally, not every kind of litter works well for odor absorption.

2. Amount Of Litter

The second consideration is how much litter you can get delivered. While every brand has its idea of the amount that will last a month, that is more of a general guideline. Larger cats or multi-cat households may need more. Additionally, many newer litters are lighter and require less volume than traditional clay varieties.

3. Complete System With A litter Box vs Only Litter

Not every monthly kitty litter subscription comes with a cat box, disposable or otherwise. Keep this in mind as you make your selection. Are you looking for the convenience of starting over with a fresh box every month, or are you only looking for high-quality litter and convenience? If you get one with a box, is it large enough and easily accessible for your purr baby?

4. Price

Price and budget are significant factors when choosing a monthly subscription. You want to be sure you’re getting excellent value for your money and that what you receive in your monthly box meets your cat’s needs.

5. Flexibility

Subscription flexibility is another thing to consider. You may want to make changes to your monthly order, pause, or cancel. You want to pick a service that allows for change and flexibility as your cat’s needs may change.

7 Best Cat Litter Subscriptions

I look at several of the top options for cat litter subscriptions on the market, including those offering a monthly disposable box. Price, delivery schedule, product selection, product quality, product innovation, customer reviews, and brand history were all considered. I looked for natural, health-conscious, and versatile options to meet the varying needs felines can have.

Best Monthly Cat Litter Box

Kitty Poo Club Review

  • Monthly disposable box and litter
  • Five litter types
  • Multiple bundle options
  • Easy setup
  • Extra-large boxes available
  • Less mess
  • Cat box domes

Kitty Poo Club is a top contender in the monthly litter box subscription market. Their website is easy to navigate, and you can choose from three pre-made subscription bundles or build your own custom subscription. These are designed to deliver both filler and a disposable box to your door. You just use and maintain it as directed, discard the contents, and recycle the box when your next subscription arrives. Boxes are often decorated with designs that match specific seasons and change throughout the year.

Subscription plans range from the Basic Bundle, which includes the litter and disposable box, to The Perfect Bundle, which consists of a disposable box, filler, dome, and scoop. The Super Bundle contains everything the Perfect option does, as well as a litter mat. Bundles each cost between $27.99 and $28.99 monthly. The initial first-order cost varies based on your preferred bundle and litter choice. You also enjoy free shipping. Boxes and filler are meant to last a month for a single kitty. If you have multiple cats, you may need deliveries more often.

There’s a lot to like about Kitty Poo Club. One thing that stands out is the selection of both disposable boxes and fillers. You can select corn and wheat, clay, organic soy, fine-grain silica, and silica. One thing I like a lot is that they offer extra-large boxes, which I need due to my chonky cats’ larger sizes. The domes are also available in both standard and extra-large sizes. Kitty Poo Club litter boxes are also fully recyclable. Once you clean out the litter, simply fold them up and put them right into your recycling bin.

Kitty Poo Club is easy to use and keeps the mess to a minimum. They are also very affordable and offer an excellent selection. They do not try to make things fancy or pretend that it is about anything other than cleaning up after cats.

My Personal Experience With Kitty Poo Club

Inside KittyPooClub box overhead shot.
The Kitty Poo Club Perfect bundle pre and post setup.

I was sent a Kitty Poo Club box to try. I used Original Soy Litter with my two cats, Zaphod and Twilight. They are about 11 years old and normally use pine pellets. I appreciated the swift delivery and sturdy packaging Kitty Poo Club came in. It was very easy to set up in just about 10 minutes. I set the box up in place of one of my three regular boxes while still giving the cats access to their normal pine pellets and trays.

Cat sniffing KittyPooClub box.
My cat Twilight investigates her new litter box.

Both cats immediately showed interest in the Kitty Poo Club setup, though Twilight was more receptive. She used the box periodically and had no trouble switching from pine to soy. Overall, I found it to be a very efficient option. The easy setup was great, and the soy filler did fairly well with odor control and minimal tracking. I also appreciated not having to scrub out the tray. Simply replacing it with a new one saves a lot of time and trouble.

Learn more in my full review of Kitty Poo Club

Best For Health Monitoring

PrettyLitter Review

  • Health monitoring litter
  • Changes color to indicate potential health issues
  • Designed by a veterinarian
  • Silica litter
  • Lightweight
  • Traps odors
  • Scented or unscented available

Monitoring our pet’s health involves paying close attention to their bathroom habits. I have had to do this on several occasions with my cats over the years. In some cases, it has been due to kidney dysfunction, and in others, due to a tail injury. Even when we pay close attention, cats hide illnesses and medical conditions exceptionally well. PrettyLitter is a product designed specifically to help you discover what’s going on with your purr baby through their urine. It was designed by a team of veterinarians specifically for use with cats.

This silica litter, also called crystal, changes color to inform you if your purr baby has a potential health issue. When soiled, it changes color and can tell you about the risk of urinary tract infections, the presence of blood in the urine, or highly acidic urine. PrettyLitter is the best option for monitoring your cat’s health.

Additionally, PrettyLitter is designed to use less than traditional clay-clumping formulas. They estimate that six pounds should last one cat for about a month. It is 99% dust-free, household-friendly, and less messy than traditional clay. The super-absorbent silica gel traps urine inside and dries out solid waste. This helps control odor and mess while helping you monitor your cat’s health.

PrettyLitter comes in two varieties: original unscented or Lotus flower scented. Setting up the subscription is extremely easy and comes with a 30-day risk-free guarantee. Subscriptions also include free shipping in the contiguous United States. Start out by setting up a profile and selecting the number of cats you have. You can set up delivery every three or four weeks and purchase one to two bags at a time. You also have the option to purchase a three-month supply delivered every 12 weeks.

If you want the whole system, you can purchase a Prettier Litter Box, an easy-to-clean upgrade. Along with litter and boxes, you can add Pretty Please limited-ingredient feline food.

Each six-pound bag of PrettyLitter costs $24. However, the price drops to $22 per bag if you purchase multiple bags.

My Personal Experience With PrettyLitter

I have used PrettyLitter on several occasions. It is very helpful in monitoring my cat’s kidney health. I have had several cats with kidney issues, including urinary tract infections, kidney disease, struvite urinary crystals, and urinary blockage. PrettyLitter has been invaluable in helping determine what is going on with them and in the recovery process. For example, when my tomcat Zaphod was recovering from struvite crystals, we used PrettyLitter to monitor his urine for blood and alkalinity.

I find it to be easy to use, though not totally dust-free. That said, the dust is nothing like the clay litters I’ve used in the past. It is very easy to clean, and I did not notice a lot of tracking. I absolutely recommend it if you have concerns about your kitty’s urinary health.

Best Kitty Litter Subscription For Odor Control

Klassy Kitty Review

Klassy Kitty box.
  • Disposable monthly system
  • Preloaded liter cartridges
  • Bentonite clay or silica litter
  • Activated charcoal for litter control
  • Kitty Kitty cottage for privacy
  • Includes disposal bags
  • Can use with multiple cats

Klassy Kitty from Klassy Pets is another top pick for subscription litter. Klassy Kitty delivers a disposable system to your door every month. Their products are premeasured, including disposal bags and fresh filler trays. Not only is this option better for the environment, but it also saves a lot of the hassle and disgust many of us have cleaning out those classic clay boxes and breathing in those stinky fumes. Each full-size tray cartridge lasts about one to two weeks with proper maintenance.

Klassy Pet offers two types of filler: bentonite clumping clay and silica gel. If you’re looking for odor control, the bentonite clumping clay option has activated charcoal added to it, offering highly effective odor control. If your cat likes a covered potty, you may want to purchase the classy Kitty Cottage, an adorable cover that fits over the disposable trays. It provides privacy and helps prevent tracking. Monthly subscriptions come with a bonus-free Klassy Kitty Cottage when you sign up. Monthly boxes cost about $40.00.

Once you’ve set up your subscription, everything is delivered monthly to your door. All you do is easily assemble it and add the filler. After about a month, with regular daily cleaning, you simply dispose of the used tray and replace it with a new system. Depending on the package you pick, you can have either a one-month or two-month supply delivered.

Best Litter Selection

Skoon Cat Litter Review

Skoon litter
  • Odor control
  • Non-toxic and hypoallergenic
  • Biodegradable
  • Non-clumping pebbles and fine grain
  • Made from Diatomaceous Earth
  • Low dust
  • Non-tracking

Skoon’s cat litter offers 100% odor control and is highly absorbent, all-natural, and non-toxic. It is made from Diatomaceous Earth (DE). This material comes from fossilized algae called diatoms. Skoon’s filler is non-tracking, low dust, and eco-friendly. Skoon is designed to prevent you from having to scoop, sift, or scrape the box. It also works in multi-cat households. As they say, whether you have one cat or 20, they are here to help you keep your home odor-free.

When it comes to selection, Skoon has more texture options than many competitors. You can pick between original pebbles and fine grain. Fine grain is compatible with self-cleaning boxes and cats who prefer that traditional litter feel. Subscription prices will vary depending on the type of filler you choose and how many cats you have.

Skoon also offers disposable kitty boxes. These can be added to your subscription, or you can use Skoon in your regular tray. According to the company’s guidelines, a four-pound tray of Skoon should last about two to three weeks for one cat.

Best Alternative Litter Subscription

CatSpot Review

  • Coconut based litter
  • Non-toxic
  • Biodegradable and eco-friendly
  • Clumping and non clumping available
  • Natural odor control
  • Dust free litter
  • Compostable

CatSpot is another appealing option due to its natural, non-toxic components. CatSpot makes coconut litter, both clumping, and non-clumping. Coconut is extremely lightweight and soft on your kitty’s paws. CatSpot uses zero-added chemicals or fragrances in its products.

Coconut naturally absorbs ammonia and prevents odor. CatSpot is dust-free and is made, owned, and manufactured in the United States. There are a few different ways to purchase CatSpot, including a subscription. You may purchase items individually as well, though there are savings that come with subscriptions.

You may opt to purchase a CatSpot starter kit with a high-sided CatSpot litter box explicitly designed for coconut filler. Starter kits come with two bags for the price of one. All items are available for a one-time purchase, but you can save 10% by setting up a subscription. You pick how many bags you want and when you want them delivered every one to six weeks.

While CatSpot does not offer disposable monthly boxes or pre-packaged setups like some other options, I like the natural ingredients and soft feel this one has. It is also biodegradable. So once the poo has been removed, it can go into the compost pile. Don’t grow veggies with it – you don’t want the risk of feces-born bacteria.

Best Monthly Pine Cat Litter Subscription

Catalyst Cat Litter Review

  • All-natural pine litter
  • Soft-wood texture
  • Upcycled product
  • Ideal for sensitive cats and humans
  • Multi-cat formula
  • Clumping
  • Long-lasting

Catalyst is a good option if you like pine litter. One thing I really like is that they offer a multi-cat formula. They also offer a light pine scent and unscented options. Catalyst is made from upcycled pine softwood and is entirely natural. The suggested use is one bag per month. Of course, you may need more if you have a larger fur baby or more than one.

Catalyst sells a litter mat, but they do not sell disposable boxes. So, you will need to use your own with this one. The filler is both biodegradable and compostable, on the condition that all the poop is removed. You also never want to use compost or soil for growing food due to the elevated risk of toxoplasmosis.

There are a couple of options to pick from with Catalyst regarding subscriptions. You can pick ten pounds every month, 20 pounds every two months, or 40 pounds every three months. The best value is to go for 40 pounds every three months. This works out to about $12.35 a month.

Best Soy Kitty Litter Subscription

Tuft + Paw Review

Tuft + Paw Really Great Cat Litter
  • Natural tofu litter
  • Lightweight and odor-absorbing
  • Low tracking
  • Larger size pellets
  • Dust free
  • Clumping litter
  • Easy cleaning

Tuft + Paw offers a monthly litter subscription option. Their Really Great Cat Litter uses soybean products (tofu) that would otherwise be thrown away. It is very good for the environment and has no chemical additives. Tofu is lightweight, odor-absorbing, and very low-tracking. It is also larger than some other pellet options but not as large as pine.

Tuft + Paw is marketed as flushable because it dissolves in water. However, before you flush, be sure to check with your local regulations. Flushing feline feces is not recommended, as it adds a risk of toxoplasmosis to the water supply. It is prohibited in some areas and can clog up water treatment facilities.

Really Great Cat Litter is dust-free and ultra-low tracking. You can purchase a one-month supply for $29 a bag (one bag for one cat) or sign up for a larger delivery every three months. The three-month option saves a few dollars at $26 per bag. Customers really like that it is lightweight and clumps for easy cleaning. Additionally, Tuft + Paw makes very solid litter boxes, including those for large cats.

Our Personal Experience With Tuft + Paw Cat Litter

Tuft and Paw litter in a box and cat inspecting it.

I’ve found my new favorite litter. Tuft + Paw’s Really Great Cat litter is just that—it’s super duper awesome. The biggest issue I’ve had with litter previously is tracking and dust. With Tuft + Paw, there’s virtually no tracking. I haven’t noticed any dust, which is a huge win (I have asthma). The litter does a great job of reducing odor, too. Honestly, there’s genuinely nothing about its performance that I don’t like. My cats took to it immediately, and we’ve been using it ever since!

Tara Maurer, cat parent, Love Your Cat writer and nutrition expert

You can learn more in our full Tuft + Paw review based on personal experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

I know I had plenty of questions about subscription cat litter and monthly litter boxes, and I am sure there are many more. I cover a few below, but if I didn’t get to yours, drop me a line in the comments.

How much does cat litter cost per month?

Kitty litter prices range from about $10 to $50 or more monthly. I generally spend about $40 a month on pine pellets for two cats.

What is the healthiest kitty litter to use?

Non-toxic litter, without added chemicals or artificial fragrances, is best. Lower dust options are better for respiratory health. Natural components such as corn, soy, and wood are also better for the environment.

What is the cat litter you change once a month?

This all depends on the option you choose. However, Kitty Poo Club, Skoon, and Klassy Kitty offer monthly disposable boxes. The estimate is that one bag of PrettyLitter lasts one month. All cat boxes and litter types need at least twice daily maintenance to ensure they stay fresh and clean. This will also help your litter last longer.

You should plan to change out most litter types fully every three to four weeks. Some options may need to be fully swapped out every two weeks. In many cases, this is based on your kitty’s bathroom habits. If you have more than one cat, about every two weeks is often necessary. You can learn more about how often to change your litter here. And if you are wondering if cats fart, we’ve got that covered too.

Encouraging Healthy Litter Box Habits

Healthy litter box habits start when your kitten is young. We owners are largely responsible for training our kitties and maintaining the litter box area.

The potty area needs to be kept consistently clean. You may want to consider an air purifier to keep the area and your home free from airborne particles and smelling fresher. Cats are meticulous about their cleanliness and will not want to use a dirty or unkempt potty area.

Cleanliness is key, but the proper-sized cat box is a pivotal piece of the puzzle. The box must have enough room for them to move about and comfortably do business. The placement of the box is also a critical factor. It must feel safe and inviting for your kitty to want to use it.

If you have more than one kitty, you need more than one potty. Each purr baby needs one box, and you should also have an extra. A good rule of thumb is to have one more potty setup than you do cats. Our guides about travel and stainless-steel litter boxes can give you more details to help with your decision. You may also want to consider low or non-tracking litter to help lessen the mess outside the box.

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Stainless steel litter box on the floor.

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