Best Travel Litter Box For Cats

Finding a good travel litter box is a must for cat owners who travel with their fur babies. We review what to look for and some of our top picks of the best travel litter boxes for cats.

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Last Updated: April 25, 2024 | 9 min read

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Have you ever traveled with your cat? It can be an enjoyable experience but comes with some unique challenges, particularly in the litter box area. Getting a cat to go potty on the go can be a challenge and, in some cases, become a complete catastrophe. Unlike dogs, cats rarely want to go potty on demand on a leash. They want time to get comfortable, space, and a place to bury their waste when they need to go.

Enter the portable cat potty, a wonderful invention that helps cats care for their litter business when not at home. Finding the best travel litter box for cats depends on your kitty’s specific needs and your travel situation.

They come in a few different styles, including biodegradable and disposable. These products can be true lifesavers when owners and cats are on the move. From taking a trip to moving across the country, planning ahead for your cat’s potty needs is necessary.

Not all travel litter boxes are the same, so consider your cat’s needs beforehand. Is this going in a travel crate, the car, or in a hotel room? Will your kitty use the potty for a short stay or a more extended period of time? Let’s take a look at features to consider and our picks for some of the best travel litter boxes for cats.

At A Glance: Best Travel Litter Box For Cats

Petsfit Upgrade Travel Portable Cat Litter Box

Top Pick

Petsfit Upgrade

PetSafe Disposable Cat Litter Box

With Lid


Kitty's Wonderbox litter box


Kitty’s Wonderbox

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5 Things To Look For In A Travel Litter Box

There are a few things you should consider when selecting a travel litter pan for your cat.

  1. Design – Are you looking for a flat, open-air design, or does your cat prefer a covered box?
  2. Materials – Traditional cat boxes are often made from plastic, as are some portable ones. Disposable boxes are often made from cardboard, and some resemble an open cardboard box. Not every kitty likes cardboard or cloth-based boxes, so this is something to consider when making your pick.
  3. Mode of travel and lodging – How you’re traveling will also determine what type of pan will work best for your kitty. For example, if you’re traveling in the car, a stationary option that you can keep filled with litter or even let your cat use in the car is a top choice. A disposable cardboard kitty pan may be a good fit for hotel rooms or an Airbnb for a few days.
  4. Length of use – Length of use is a consideration. Be sure the portable potty you pick is durable enough to last the length of your trip.
  5. Size – Be sure to pick a box that’s the right size for your kitty to use comfortably. You don’t want them to develop an aversion to the litter pan and avoid using it, start spraying, or otherwise interfere with normal bathroom habits.

Best Travel Litter Box For Cats

Below, we review some of the best travel litter boxes for cats. We cover different designs, so you can find one that works perfectly for your pet and specific trip plans.

Petsfit Upgrade Travel Portable Cat Litter Box Review

Petsfit Upgrade Travel Portable Cat Litter Box
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Easy to grip handle
  • Flat box with cover
  • Contains the mess and odor
  • Best for small and medium-sized cats
  • Leakproof design, with a  double waterproof bottom

Petsfit makes one of the best litter boxes for traveling with cats. The Petsfit box is leakproof and lightweight. The pan is also foldable and takes up little room for easy storage. There are several features we like about this one. For starters, it’s leakproof, and the inner fabric is waterproof. This version comes with a flat potty pan and top cover.

The top cover has a convenient and easy-to-use handle. Your cat can have a covered potty for privacy, and you can contain the mess within, or if preferred, they can use the open-air flat pan style. This option from Petsfit is perfect for short-term and long-term excursions. We especially like this for the car, as it contains the mess and has a spot to store the scooper. If using this for a longer-term situation, such as an extended trip or move, you can add a disposable inner liner to make this an even more effective option.

We love that this design is so versatile and has a double waterproof lining on the bottom. It’s easy to take apart, wash, and pack up flat, taking up little room when empty. This works best with small and medium-sized felines.

Best Travel Cat Litter Box With Lid

Even if your cat usually uses an open-air bathroom, a portable kitty pan with a lid is a smart choice for when you’re on an adventure. The lid contains the potty mess and odor.

PetSafe Disposable Cat Litter Box Review

PetSafe Disposable Cat Litter Box
  • Covered design for privacy
  • Cardboard based box
  • Folds down for easy portability
  • Comes with a bag of PetSafe Crystal Litter
  • Top odor control
  • Elevated entrance to reduce tracking

PetSafe makes a cardboard-based collapsible travel kitty box designed for odor control. The design with an enclosure includes a full bag of PetSafe crystal litter, which offers up to five times better odor control over traditional clay. It’s also less messy than conventional clay options. One of the features we like about this one is that owners can set the litter up, allow their cat to use it, clean it up, and then fold it down without removing the litter.

This PetSafe disposable litter box has a wax coating inside to help prevent leaking and comes with eight disposable scoops for easy and convenient cleaning. Simply scoop the poop, and then toss everything. The covered potty gives cats privacy and has an elevated entrance to reduce tracking. This option is perfect for hotel rooms and small spaces.

We love that this litter box is easy to assemble and clean. We also appreciate that it comes with odor-reducing crystals. However, substituting your own might be better for kitties who are picky about their litter or not used to the crystal kind. Switching litters on the go can sometimes stress your cat out even more.

Best Disposable Travel Litter Box

A disposable kitty potty can be a perfect fit for both long and short trips. These are great for short-term stays because they are highly effective yet inexpensive enough that owners can fill one up for the night and toss it away in the morning without feeling too wasteful. For longer stretches, disposable boxes can last up to several weeks and offer very easy cleanup.

Kitty's Wonderbox Review

Kitty's Wonderbox litter box
  • 100% biodegradable
  • No harsh chemicals
  • Made from recycled paper
  • Durable and tearproof
  • Lasts up to 4 weeks
  • Can use with any type of litter

Kitty’s Wonderbox is a top pick for a disposable kitty potty. It can be used alone or as a liner. It’s made from recycled paper and is durable, leakproof, and tearproof. The eco-friendly option is designed to last up to four weeks and works with any kind of litter.

The Wonderbox has top odor control without any harsh chemicals or disinfectants. It’s 100% biodegradable, so owners can feel better about using it for a short time and throwing it away. Just like any other kitty potty, this one needs daily cleaning.

We love the eco-friendly materials and natural odor control of the Wonderbox. It’s an excellent pick for a few days at a motel or a few weeks in a new home.

Best Portable Litter Box With Tray

Having a tray to help keep your portable kitty potty clean is a wonderful way to contain the mess and keep that kitty stink from ruining your trip.

Kitty Sift Disposable Cat Litter Box Review

Kitty Sift disposable litter box
  • Made from 100 recycled, plastic-free cardboard
  • Durable and water resistant
  • Disposable and compostable
  • Lasts between 2 and 5 weeks
  • Optional litter sifting kit for easy cleanup
  • Works best with clumping litter

The disposable kitty toilet by Kitty Soft is sustainable and made from 100% post-consumer use, plastic-free, recycled cardboard material. The material is durable and water-resistant. It’s also designed to reduce buildup in the pan and helps neutralize the ammonia smell from urine. The potty pan is disposable and compostable, depending on the requirements in your area. Owners can pick between just the basic pan and adding the sifting kit. It also works as a liner for standard kitty boxes.

The Kitty Sift Disposable box can last between two and five weeks. Of course, it needs regular cleaning, and longevity depends on your cat’s potty habits. It may not last as long if you have multiple kitties using the same pan. Kitty Sift works best with clumping litter. The Kitty Sift is very economical and comes with six in a pack. It’s a perfect pick for travel, as well as a temporary box while you get settled in a new house.

We love that this is disposable and sustainable, leaving little waste behind. It lasts for a reasonable amount of time and is very economical. For us, the better option is to go with the sifter set, as it makes cleaning the pan much easier.

Best Collapsible Travel Litter Box

A collapsible bathroom box is a compromise between a disposable option and the traditional kitty pan. These are a good option if your kitty gets anxious or refuses to go in a cardboard pan.

BNOSDM Collapsible Litter Box Review

BNOSDM Collapsible Litter Box
  • Collapsible for easy use and storage
  • Easy for cats to get into and out of
  • Sturdier for longer-term use
  • Good for small cats and kittens
  • Pedal helps prevent tracking
  • Flexible use

The BNOSDM collapsible kitty tray is designed for traveling and folds up to save space when not in use. It’s a shallow box with an open design. It’s very easy to get in and out of, making it perfect for kittens and senior cats. The collapsable design allows for more flexibility, making entering and exiting easier for felines who may have a physical ailment, are in pain, or are experiencing digestive distress.

The box is a good-sized pan, with a pedal at the entrance and exit to help keep the mess in the pan. This style gives kitties that traditional litter-pan feel in an easy-to-use portable option. It is best for indoor use and smaller kitties between about one and 10 lbs. There is a larger size available, as well as three color choices.

We love the foldable design and versatility that this portable kitty pan offers. Though it does require more cleaning and washing out than disposable options, many cats are uncomfortable using cardboard boxes and may prefer the sturdier design of this one. Additionally, the sturdier material makes this an excellent option for longer-term use.

Other Top Picks For Portable Cat Litter Boxes

Below are a few more top picks for litter boxes for traveling with cats. Just remember that what is right for your cat depends on your mode of transportation, your pet’s comfort level, and how long you will be traveling.

Iris USA Canvas Travel Liter Box Review

Iris USA Canvas Travel Liter Box
  • Lightweight, round design
  • Canvas material
  • PVC-coated interior
  • Good for non-clay litters
  • Easy to use
  • Zippered to keep contained

This simple design of the travel potty by Iris USA is lightweight and easy to use. We like this one as it’s not made from plastic or cardboard. The Iris option is made of durable canvas. It features a zipper and circular design and is perfect for smaller felines. The interior of the kitty pan has a PVC coating to help prevent leaks.

The zipper top allows for easy storage when the pan is not in use. The canvas option works great with corn- and pine-based litters but may not be a top pick for clay-based options. Clay-based litter can become clumpy, hard, and stick to things, and it may be a big mess to use on the go.

We love the simple, circular design of this one and that it’s easy to use and store. This is the perfect pick for one cat on a short trip or as a backup for kittens.

HiCaptain Large Travel Litter Box Review

HiCaptain Large Travel Litter Box
  • Good for car travel
  • Larger size for multiple cats
  • Folds up small for easy storage
  • Waterproof interior liner
  • Multiple sizes
  • Firm siding to help cats feel secure

HiCaptain is a top pick for large or multiple cats when traveling. It features a zippered lid, which keeps the odor, stains, and mess in the box. It’s an excellent pick for car travel. The Hi Captain option has firm paneling on the side, which makes kitties feel secure. When not in use, it can be folded down small to fit in a suitcase.

HiCaptain’s product has a waterproof liner, though use with a bag liner is recommended. You can use it inside, outside, and on the move. It’s perfect for the back of the car, inside the RV, or even in a tent.

We love that this is so easy to use and that it comes in a larger size. As an owner of larger cats, I can say this is a big draw. There is nothing worse than trying to get a larger-bodied kitty to pee in a tray that is just too small.

Don’t Forget Liners

While portable potty boxes are often leakproof or water-resistant, using a liner is the only way to ensure no leakage. Along with that, liners make cleanup when traveling a lot more practical. Just line the box, let your kitty go, grab the liner, and toss the whole mess out.

PETOCAT Litter Box Liners Review

PETOCAT litter box liners
  • Drawstring liner
  • Waterproof
  • Eco-friendly
  • Perfume-free
  • Can hold up to 20 pounds
  • Fits most litter boxes

PETOCAT liners are a top pick. They are easy to use and have a drawstring, which can make all the difference when containing a stinky mess. The PETOCAT liners are eco-friendly, heavy-duty, and waterproof. They are also scratch and tear-resistant, making them perfect for travel.

We love that these liners are perfume-free and very durable. They can hold up to 20 pounds and fit most litter boxes.

5 Tips For Traveling With Your Cat

Traveling with a cat is no small undertaking. However, it doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Preparing yourself and your pet with the right tools is a huge help.

  1. A cat carrier is a must if you are taking your fur baby with you anywhere. From a quick trip to the vet to a weeks-long road trip, a sturdy, breathable cat carrier keeps your pet safe. A carrier with more than one opening is helpful—either a top and front opening or a front and back. Be sure the carrier is cozy and roomy enough that your pet can turn around. A soft blanket on the bottom is a good idea.
  2. Many cats prefer to have a blanket or cover on their carrier or crate when moving, as it calms them down and reduces the stress of the unknown.
  3. Before using a portable potty during travel, allow your kitty to have a chance to try it out. Giving them the chance to use it a few times will reduce the uncertainty when in a new place.
  4. Try to stick with the same litter your cat is familiar with. Familiarity will reduce a cat’s stress and uncertainty with using the bathroom when traveling.
  5. Familiar bedding, food, treats, and toys are also helpful in keeping kitties comfortable away from home.

Keep in mind that traveling is a very stressful situation for your kitty. They may feel anxious, scared, or simply out of sorts. In some cases, cats may be more clingy or standoffish than normal. Try to provide them with some consistency by using the same food and bathroom supplies they are used to.

Worried About Traveling With An Anxious Cat?

It’s normal for cats to be anxious or scared when traveling. They have no understanding of why their surroundings and circumstances have changed. If you know your cat has trouble traveling, you can discuss a sedative with your veterinarian first. Pheromones, as well as CBD treats or oil, may also be helpful to make traveling a more enjoyable experience for your pet.

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