275 Persian Cat Names

You've just brought a new kitten or cat into your home, but you still need to decide on their name. Persian cats are favored for their loving and docile personalities. Plus, their furry coats make them the perfect cuddle companions. Finding the best name for your new feline might be a challenge, but we're here to help with this list of 275 Persian cat name ideas.

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What do you think of when you imagine a Persian cat? Some would describe this high-maintenance feline as regal, elegant, and utterly charming. Others might picture a sassy, semi-diabolical fluff ball à la Mr. Bigglesworth pre cryogenic capsule. Regardless, we can all agree that Persian cats are standout felines that deserve a name to match.

Picking a name that captures the essence of your new furry friend can be difficult. Do you want the name to represent their innate queen-liness? Would you instead choose a name that reflects their Persian ancestry? Or what about a silly or cute name that’s the purrr-fect fit for your cat’s personality?

Not to worry—we’ve compiled a list of fantastic Persian cat names. Enjoy this list of 275 names, from elegant and iconic to funny, food-inspired, and Farsi.

40 Elegant Persian Cat Names

Did you bring a beautiful Persian kitty into your home and want a fancy name to match? Here are 40 name ideas for female and male Persian cats to match their elegant appearance.

20 Elegant Names For Female Persian Cats

Persian cat sitting on cat tower
  1. Aphrodite – Greek goddess of love, fertility, and beauty.
  2. Artemis – Greek goddess of hunting, the wilderness, and wild animals.
  3. Celeste – Latin origin, meaning “heavenly.”
  4. Chanel – French luxury fashion house founded by Coco Chanel.
  5. Cleo – Derived from the Greek kleos, meaning “glory, fame.” Often seen as a diminutive of Cleopatra, the name of the famously beautiful and politically shrewd Egyptian pharaoh.
  6. Duchess – Treat your cat like royalty by giving her the title of a woman with high social rank.
  7. Estée – A diminutive of Esther, a name of Persian origin meaning “star” and “secret, hidden.”
  8. Freya – Scandinavian name of Norse origin meaning “noble lady.”
  9. Frida – Frida Kahlo was a famous Mexican painter and is considered a feminist icon today.
  10. Genevieve – A French name of Germanic origin, meaning “tribe woman” or “family woman.”
  11. Hera – Greek goddess of marriage and women, as well as the queen of the Olympian gods.
  12. Iris – Greek goddess of the rainbow and divine messenger.
  13. Jewel – English origin, meaning “precious stone.”
  14. Lady – A lady is refined, polite, and of a superior social position—just like your kitty.
  15. Miu Miu – An Italian high fashion brand for women. It also sounds like one of the noises a chatty cat makes.
  16. Odette – French origin, meaning “wealthy.”
  17. Posh – Used to describe something or someone elegant and refined.
  18. Selene – Greek origin, meaning “the moon.”
  19. Vesper – Latin origin, meaning “evening star.”
  20. Woolf – As in Virginia Woolf, one of the most renowned female authors of all time.

20 Elegant Names For Male Persian Cats

  1. Alistair – Scottish origin, meaning “defender of the people.”
  2. Archibald, Archie – German origin, meaning “bold, brave.”
  3. Arthur – Celtic origin, meaning ” bear.”
  4. Atlas – Greek origin, meaning “to carry.”
  5. Beau – French origin, meaning “beautiful.”
  6. Bugatti – A French luxury sportscar brand.
  7. Dimitri – Greek and Russian origin, meaning “earth-lover” or “follower of Demeter,” the Greek Goddess of harvest.
  8. Edmund – English origin, meaning “wealthy protector.”
  9. Francois – French origin, meaning “Frenchman” or “free man.”
  10. Givenchy – A French luxury fashion house.
  11. Hermès – A French luxury fashion brand.
  12. Hugo – Latinized form of the name Hugh, meaning “mind” or “spirit.”
  13. Luis – Spanish origin, meaning “famous warrior.”
  14. Matisse –A famous visual artist primarily known for his paintings and sculptures.
  15. Mozart – A famous composer of the Classical period.
  16. Otto – German origin, meaning “wealth.”
  17. Percy – French origin, which means “one who pierces the valley.”
  18. Sebastian – Greek origin, meaning “revered” or “venerable.”
  19. Sir – What better way to give your cat the respect he deserves than by naming him this formal address?
  20. Valentino – An Italian luxury fashion house.

20 Names Inspired By Persian Cat Features

The Persian breed is well-known for a few defining physical features: their short, sturdy bodies, flowing coats, round heads, and flat muzzles. Here’s a list of names that reflect these characteristics. Is your cat’s face as flat as a frying pan? Try “Skillet” for your Persian’s name. Or do you want a name that reflects how luxurious your kitty feels? Choose “Suri”—the name of a super-soft alpaca breed.

AnvilPom Pom
Flat StanleySquash

40 Color-Inspired Names For Persian Cats

white Persian cat sitting on a black background backdrop

According to the Cat Fanciers’ Association, there are seven color divisions of Persian cats, with many coat varieties within each division. If you’re obsessed with your feline’s fur, consider one of these color-inspired names.

Akio (Japanese origin, meaning “bright, clear”)Momo (meaning “peach” in Japanese)
MidnightYuki (snow princess)

20 Funny Names For Sassy Persian Cats

Sometimes, the sassiest cats come in the smallest, fluffiest packages. If your kitty is a little more sassy than sweet, consider one of these silly cat names. For example, “Féline Dion” would make an excellent name for a kitty with a diva personality.

Is your cat a fire-breathing she-monster? (Figuratively speaking, of course.) Try the name “Chimera.” For kitties that can’t resist using their claws, try the name “Freddy Krueger,” “Freddy” for short. According to the “A Nightmare On Elm Street” director Wes Craven, Krueger’s infamous gloves were partially inspired by the claws of Craven’s cat.

ChimeraMonster Paws
ClawdiaNemean (lion)
Féline DionSourpuss
Freddy KruegerTaz (tazmanian devil)

40 Real Persian Names For Persian Cats

A Persian Cat being brushed outside in grass

If you want a genuine Persian name for your Persian cat, you’re in for a treat. Countless Persian names will make your cat sound super unique. Check out the meaning of each to find the perfect fit.

20 Persian Names For Female Persian Cats

  1. Azar – gender-neutral name meaning “fire”
  2. Bahar – “spring”
  3. Banu – “grand lady,” “princess,” or “queen”
  4. Cyra – “sun” or “throne”
  5. Daria – female form of Darius, meaning “sea”
  6. Esther – “star”
  7. Fereshteh – “angel”
  8. Golnar – “pomegranate flower”
  9. Jasmine – “gift from God”
  10. Laleh – “tulip”
  11. Lena – “torch,” bright,” or “ray of light”
  12. Mandana – “everlasting”
  13. Mahnaz – “moon” or “delight, comfort”
  14. Minoo – “heaven, paradise”
  15. Nasrin – “wild rose”
  16. Roxana – “bright” or “dawn”
  17. Soraya – referring to the Pleiades star cluster, and means “princess,” “rich,” “jewel,” and “brilliant gem”
  18. Vida – “visible”
  19. Yasmin – “jasmine flower”
  20. Ziba – “beautiful”

20 Persian Names For Male Persian Cats

  1. Amir – “prince”
  2. Arman – “wish” or “hope”
  3. Asha – gender-neutral name meaning “protector of fire”
  4. Bijan – “hero”
  5. Balthasar – “war adviser”
  6. Cas – “keeper of treasure”
  7. Cyrus – “sun”
  8. Dana – “wise”
  9. Gasper – “king of the treasure”
  10. Hafez – “protector”
  11. Jadu – “magical”
  12. Jalil – “revered”
  13. Kaysar – “king, ruler”
  14. Kayhan – “universe”
  15. Mizra – “nobleman”
  16. Mendel – “wisdom” or “learning”
  17. Parsa – “devout, pious”
  18. Roshan – “light” or “splendid”
  19. Shayan – “worthy”
  20. Shirin – gender-neutral name meaning “sweet”

15 Cat Names From Persian Mythology

Persian cats in ancient city

While certain mythologies, like Greek and Norse, are more famous, ancient Persian culture is also rich with fables and myths. Here are some great names found in Persian mythology.

  1. Airyaman – God of friendship and healing.
  2. Anahita – Goddess of water and fertility.
  3. Asman – God of the sky.
  4. Bahram – God of war and victory.
  5. Cista – Goddess of health and well-being.
  6. Haoma – God of harvest, health, and strength.
  7. Huma – A mythical bird, similar to the phoenix, believed to bring good luck.
  8. Mao – Persian moon god.
  9. Mithras – God of war, sun, and law and order.
  10. Peri – A fairy-like creature famous for its beauty. Parisa means “like a fairy” in Persian.
  11. Rudabeh – A Rapunzal-like female character found in the epic Shahnameh.
  12. Rustam – A legendary hero in Persian mythology.
  13. Vata – God of the wind.
  14. Yazata – A concept signifying “divinity.”
  15. Yima – The first man and son of the sun.

40 Cute Names For Persian Cats

Persian cat with funny haircut walking

Sometimes, you simply want a cute name to match your adorable kitten. Here are 20 ideas for female and male Persians.

20 Cute Names For Female Persian Cats


20 Cute Names For Male Persian Cats


40 Food Names For Persian Cats

Persian cats sitting with cupcakes

If you’re anything like me, food and felines are high on your interests list. Why not combine the two by giving your feline a food-inspired name? Is your Persian a sweety? Consider a desert-inspired name like “Cannoli” or “Strudel.” You could also give your cat a Persian food name, like “Kebab” or “Pilaf.”

Cool WhipPierogi
DolmaPot Roast
KebabTator Tot

20 Iconic Entertainer Names For Persian Cats

Does your cat have a larger-than-life personality? Name them after one of these iconic celebrities.

AdeleLady Gaga
Barbra StreisandLucille Ball
Charlie ChaplinMadona
CherMariah Carey
David BowieMarilyn Monroe
Diana RossPrince
Elizabeth TaylorRuPaul
Elton JohnSasha Fierce/Beyoncé
ElvisTina Turner
Freddie MercuryWhitney Houston

5 Naming Tips

Still not sure where to start when it comes to naming your cat? Follow these tips when deciding on a name for your furry friend:

  1. Choose a name with one or two syllables. According to a study at Sophia University in Tokyo, Japan, cats recognize their names as distinct from other words. However, various studies indicate that a cat’s intelligence is similar to that of a 2-year-old human. Considering this, names with fewer syllables will likely be easier for your cat to understand. If you choose a longer name—say “Lucille Ball”—pick a shorter nickname (Lucy) to use daily with your furry friend.
  2.  Use long vowels. Research shows that cats can differentiate between vowels. Long vowel sounds are more manageable for cats to comprehend. You can recognize long vowels because the vowel’s sound matches its spoken name. Examples include Daisy, Felix, Kylo, and Milo.
  3.  Pick a name that ends in a vowel. Because our tone may change when using a word that ends in a vowel, these names may be easier for our cat to understand. Cats typically respond well to names ending in an “ee” sound, like Charlie, Luigi, and Sunny.
  4.  Avoid calling your cat a name that sounds like a command. For example, “Bo” sounds similar to “no,” which may confuse your furry friend.
  5.  Choose a name that’s unlike any other family members or pets. Similar-sounding names may confuse your pet.

Final Thoughts

Looking for more Persian cat names? View our lists of 250+ mischievous cat names, 325+ food cat names, and—for the millennials—200+ Harry Potter cat names.

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