Savannah Maine Coon Mix: Habits, Temperament, & More

Savannah Maine Coon mix cats are a rare crossbreed of two highly sought after felines. This mixed kitty is a loving, fluffy, and soft companion, but there is much more to know about caring for them. Learn about these popular mixed breed cats in our comprehensive guide.

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Savannah Maine Coon Mix

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If you want an exotic-looking cat breed with a great personality, the Savannah Maine Coon mix cat could be the right cat for you! These cats have beautiful spotted coats and long fur, which makes them adored by many.

Selective cat breeding has resulted in a lot of diverse and adorable cat breeds, and the Savannah cat is a result of a serval being bred with a domestic cat. Therefore, they have lots of spots like wild cats. The Maine Coon, however, is one of the most common cat breeds and is not a product of specific breeding.

A union between these two cats is pretty rare, so the cost of Savannah Maine Coon mixes can go through the roof. Let’s get to know this elusive yet enchanting feline mix.

Savannah Maine Coon Mix Breed Overview
    • weight iconWeight16-18 Pounds
    • height iconHeight10-17 Inches
    • lifespan iconLifespan14-16 Years
    • color iconColorsBrown Tabby, Brown Spotted
  • Child Friendliness
  • Canine/Feline Friendliness
  • Training Difficulty
  • Exercise
  • Grooming Upkeep
  • Breed Health
  • Kitten Costs

Savannah Cats

The Savannah cat is a rare crossbreed, or hybrid, between a domestic cat and the wild serval. This breed originated in 1986, with the first kitten being born to this pair called “Savannah,” thus naming the breed. Savannah cats have beautiful spots all over their coats, just like servals, making them look exotic.

These cats are smaller than the serval, however, weighing anywhere from 12 to 25 lbs. In addition, the height of Savannah cats is only 14 to 17 inches, compared to the whopping 17 to 24-inch height of the serval.

The personality of these cats is similar to those of a wild cat, with many wild instincts still embedded in their lineage. Because of this kitty’s wild genes, there are restrictions and even bans on owning certain generations of them in some areas. F1, or first generations Savannahs, are illegal to own in over ten states here in the U.S. Fourth-generation kittens are legal in most places, though some states (Georgia, Hawaii, Nebraska, and Rhode Island) ban ownership of all Savannah cats regardless of generation.

Maine Coon Cats

Being an extremely popular type of cat, it’s no surprise that Maine Coons often are crossbred with many exotic or rare breeds. However, their long, silky fur and loving temperament are widely sought after by many breeders. Maine Coons come in a variety of colors, including tabbies, colorpoint, tortoiseshell, calico, and many others.

These ginormous cats can weigh up to around 18 pounds, which is quite a lot more than the average domestic shorthair. Some have even reached 20 or more pounds. There is a widespread myth that these kitties are a hybrid between a wild raccoon and a domestic cat. Some variations say bobcat instead of raccoon. The truth is these species are far too different ever to mate or produce offspring. The Savannah, on the other hand, is a true hybrid cross between a domestic and wild animal.

Savannah Maine Coon Mix

The Savannah Maine Coon mix is a pretty rare mix, considering how hard it is to get Savannah cats. These fluffy felines typically have the long fur and tall stature of the Maine Coon, while their markings normally resemble those of the Savannah cat. However, it can be the other way around, with the cats having tabby stripes and short fur.

Mixed breeds will inherit characteristics from both parents. There is no way to tell which genes or traits will be dominant. It is important to remember this when adopting any crossbred animal. There is a lot of unpredictability in appearance and temperament. Whatever mixed-breed cats end up looking like, these felines can be as large as the Maine Coon or larger when fully grown.


The Savannah Cat was first bred in 1986, which makes any crossbreed involving the Savannah a relatively new one. Maine Coons, however, were discovered in the 1800s, making them an older cat breed. Maine Coons are the official State cat of Maine and are native to New England. They developed naturally, meaning there was no human direction in the creation of this breed. The cat we know today as the Maine Coon came about as different breeds of cats mated and developed to survive harsh weather conditions. There are many tall tales that surround its origin, even one that suggests a connection to Marie Antoinette. Today the Maine Coon, also known as the gentle giant, is an extremely popular and sought-after pet.


Savannah Maine Coons have a very interesting personality. They’re sociable and playful, although they might not be very friendly towards strangers. However, these cats tend to be devoted to their owners. They are also very smart and can be trained to understand different commands, do tricks, and walk on a leash. Expect a highly loyal, at times even clingy, cat. These kitties are likely to be aloof with strangers and attached to their owners, especially those they imprint with. While they are not likely to be lap cats, attention is welcomed on their terms.

In addition, Savannah Maine Coons may end up acting a little bit feral at certain times as a result of their wild ancestry. They will most likely need careful training to refrain from scratching furniture to sharpen their claws, like cats in the wild do. Of course, this depends on which generation of mixed kittens you get. The earlier generations of Savannahs that are true hybrids are not recommended as pets, as they often are wilder and not suited to living as domestic animals. It is unlikely you would encounter one of these from a breeder.

Size & Appearance

A big question potential owners have is how big will a Maine Coon Savannah cat get? They can be medium to large-sized. As the Maine Coon can reach 18 or more pounds, and the Savannah reaches 25 pounds, any offspring has the potential to be a hefty size. These mixed felines are also quite tall. Their height can range from 10 to 17 inches. The crossbreed’s eye colors can range from a pale greenish-hazel to dark copper.

Savannah cats are more athletic, while Maine Coons tend to be a little rounder in the body. Both breeds have large ears, while the Savannah has a long graceful neck. A mixed kitty will be large in body, have prominent ears, and have a striking appearance.

Coat & Colors

As for coat appearance, these cats range from pale brown with dark spots to black tabbies, depending on the color of the Maine Coon parent. However, the Savannah Maine Coons will almost always be some shade of brown. They may or may not inherit the easily recognizable ringed tail of the Maine Coon. Gentle giants have tufted ears and paws, as well as a ruff of fur around the neck. This makes them appear to have a mane like a lion. A mixed kitty can inherit any of these traits.

Savannahs have soft, short fur, while gentle giants have long, thick coats. A mixed breed can have a short to long coat and may look more like one parent or like a mix of both. This can even change in the same litter. One thing that is certain, these kitties have a ton of hair. Owners can expect to spend a lot of time grooming and cleaning. It is wise to invest in quality grooming tools like brushes and a powerful vacuum. Do not forget about nail clippers and dental care.

Living Requirements

A Savannah Maine Coon cat may be the right cat for you, but before adopting, you must have all the right things to make sure your furry friend has a happy and fulfilling life. Because of the wild heritage of Savannah cats, they will need a scratching pad or post to sharpen their claws on. If they don’t use this, training might be necessary.

In addition, food and water dishes are needed for any animal. The water dish should be kept full and in a place where the cat can easily reach it. One more necessary item is a litter box, which may also require some training to use. These kitties need a large litter box, and it is wise to have more than one. You may also want to invest in an air purifier which can help keep the litter box area and your home cleaner.


Because Savannah cats are part serval, it makes sense that they would need lots of exercise to stay healthy. Toys that hang on a string are good, as well as things to chase after and pounce on. Dangling a toy from a pole is one of the best ways to give your Savannah Maine Coon mix plenty of physical activity since these cats can jump very high and need to exercise their back legs.

These cats need ample room to roam, as well as mental stimulation. Maine Coons love to climb, and Savannahs are agile and full of energy. Owners must commit to daily play sessions, more than just making toys available. Maine Coons also love water, so a mixed breed may as well. They will splash in it, and some will even like to swim.

Mixed breeds like this love being outside. It is not safe to let them out unsupervised or free-roaming, but they can be leash trained. They are a threat to natural wildlife, as well as other pets that are outside. Because they retain such a strong prey drive, it is never wise to let them outside off the leash. An enclosed patio, or catio, where they can get fresh air but are secure, is the only way they can do this.


These mixed kitties are likely to be highly intelligent and learn new things quickly. They will need training on proper behavior, but can also learn fun stuff like tricks and games.

Training a cat can always be difficult, especially because they don’t follow orders and respond to commands as easily as dogs. In reality, the only way to train a cat is to reward them with treats after they do something right. For example, many cats will need to be litter box trained if they haven’t learned yet.

In addition, training your cat to scratch a scratching pad or post is important if you don’t want all your furniture to have claw marks. The worst way to train a cat is to punish them if they do something wrong. Never punish a cat! They won’t understand what they did wrong and will likely become anxious and stressed.


This mixed breed has a life expectancy of 10-13 years. Sadly, Maine Coons are known to have many genetically passed down health problems, which can leave them in a lot of pain.

Some common health problems are:

If you take your cat to the vet often and feed them a balanced diet, you may minimize the chances of these health problems appearing and hampering your cat’s ability to live a good life. Mixed breeds are often healthier than their purebred parents and less likely to inherit some genetic diseases, so that is good news.

Nutrition is a huge part of keeping felines healthy. They are obligate carnivores and need a diet full of high-quality animal protein. Try to stick to cat food that uses real, named animal meats, and stay away from fillers like wheat gluten and corn. Savannah cats are prone to taurine deficiency. Taurine is an amino acid found in meats. Cats cannot synthesize this on their own. They must get it from their diets. Because Savannahs need a little more taurine than most cats, stick to a high-protein diet. They should eat a mix of dry kibble, canned or fresh food to stay healthy and add variety.

Breeders & Kitten Costs

Savannah Maine Coon mixes can cost up to a thousand dollars. This makes them one of the more expensive cat breeds. This makes sense because of how rare and difficult to get purebred Savannahs are. In addition, if you’re seeking out breeders instead of adopting, make sure you choose good and reputable breeders who take good care of their cats, as opposed to a kitten mill. Ask questions and ask to see see the health screenings of the parents and kittens.

Rescues & Shelters

As mentioned in many previous paragraphs, Savannah Maine Coon mixes are pretty rare, so your chances of finding one in a shelter are low but not impossible. However, there is no way to know for certain what breed a shelter cat is, and you would stand a better chance with a breeder.

As Family Pets

Maine Coon Savannah cats are normally friendly towards small children, although they may become a bit intolerant if provoked for a long time.

These felines also get along with dogs well if they’re introduced calmly. However, keeping small animals such as birds may pose a problem with your cat, as they can jump higher than the average cat due to their extremely strong hind legs and could reach a small prey animal on a shelf. 

Final Thoughts

The Maine Coon Savannah mix can be an expensive breed to obtain, but the money will be worth it when you have a big, friendly cat in your home. Their beautiful spotted coats are admired by many, and their sweet personality will definitely tug at your heartstrings. Maine Coon Savannahs make relatively good pets and can be an unforgettable addition to your family.

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