Abyssinian Cat Colors: 7 Standard & Rare Varieties

Abyssinian cat colors include ruddy brown, cinnamon, blue, and fawn, but other rare color possibilities exist. We cover all seven Abyssinian cat colors.

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Abyssinian cats in various colors on a white background.

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The beautiful Abyssinian feline looks like it just walked out of ancient Egypt. These are lithe, medium- to large-sized kitties known for their outgoing, social temperaments.

We also love Abys for their gorgeous coat, which has a ticked pattern, meaning each hair has alternating bands of light and dark color. Sharing a similar coat pattern to wild cats, like the mountain lion, it’s no wonder the Abysinnian’s striking coat turns heads.

Currently, four colors are recognized in the Abyssinian cat breed, and three other colors may also be seen in the breed.

4 Most Common Colors

1. Ruddy

Ruddy Abyssinian cat sitting on a sofa.

People often describe the Ruddy Abyssinian coat as “ruddy brown,” “tawny,” or “burnt sienna.” These felines have the most commonly found coloring in the breed. Like all Abys, the Ruddy Aby has ticked fur. In the case of the Ruddy Abyssinian, the coat shows black ticking, where the extreme outer tip of each hair is darkest, and the undercoat is orange-brown.

The Ruddy Aby’s tail is tipped with black, and their underside color sticks closely to the fur’s primary color. It should be unmarked and consist of orangy coloring only. These felines have tile red nose leather and black or brown paw pads, with black coloring between the toes and expanding beyond the pads.

Abyssinians with this coat often have golden eyes, with hazel and green being other standard colors.

2. Cinnamon

Cinnamon Abyssinian cat on a white background.

The Cinnamon Aby, also called red or sorrel, appears warm red with chocolate-brown ticking. People describe the coat color as a diluted variation or watered-down version of the ruddy coat. The feline’s underside and inside of the legs are typically a tint that harmonizes with the feline’s primary color, typically a coppery-red shading, with no pattern or stripes.

The tail of the Cinnamon Aby is tipped with the same chocolate-brown color of the ticked pattern. Cinnamon Abyssinians have rose-pink nose leather and pink paw pads with chocolate-brown coloring between the toes.

Their eyes may be amber, green, or yellow.

3. Blue

Blue Abyssinian kitten laying under a sofa.

When you think of the Blue Aby, picture a warm beige fur ticked with slate blue (gray). The outer tip of the hair is darkest, while the undercoat is a lighter blush beige.

These kitties have an underside and legs that correspond with the overall coat. They are typically pale cream in color. Their tails appear tipped with slate blue-gray. The Blue Abysinnian has rose nose leather and mauve paw pads, with slate blue between each toe and extending beyond the paws.

Blue Abyssinians have amber, green, or yellow eyes.

4. Fawn

Fawn Abyssinian cat on a green background.

Fawns are warm rose-beige, ticked with a light cocoa brown. The extreme outside tip of the hair will be the darkest, while the undercoat will be blush beige. The feline’s underside and inside of their legs will harmonize with the main fur color.

Fawn Abys have salmon-colored nose leather and pink paw pads with light cocoa brown between the toes. They have amber, green, or yellow eyes.

3 Rare Colorations

While the four colors above are the most commonly found Abyssinian cat colors—and the only colors accepted by the Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) —a few other rare colors can also be mentioned.

5. Silver

There are four main variations of the Silver Aby:

  • Usual Silver: a silver/white coat with black ticking, paw pads, and nose.
  •  Blue Silver: a silver/white coat with blue ticking for an overall blue appearance. Paw pads are blue, and the nose is dark pink.
  •  Fawn Silver: a silver/white coat ticked coat with fawn. Paw pads and nose are chocolate.
  •  Sorrel Silver: a silver/white coat ticked with chocolate. The paw pads and nose are pink.

6. Chocolate

Described as a transitional color between ruddy and sorrel, the Chocolate Abys has a rich copper-brown coat that extends along the belly and inside the legs. These kitties have dark chocolate ticking and may also have brown bands. Chocolate Abyssinians also have dark chocolate noses and paw pads.

7. Lilac

The Lilac Aby appears pink/cream with light gray ticking. The feline’s underside will be a solid tint similar to their body. These kitties have mauve/pink noses and paw pads. They are the rarest of all Abyssinian cat colors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about Abyssinian cats. Don’t see yours? Ask us in the comments.

What Are The Unique Markings Of The Abyssinian Cat?

What you see on the Abyssinian is technically a tabby pattern caused by a genetic mutation that masks the regular tabby gene. Experts use the term “agouti” to describe this coloration, in which each individual hair is striped with alternating light and dark colors. Ticked coats won’t display stripes, swirls, or other typical tabby markings. Instead, the breed has its trademark agouti effect, with alternating bands of color growing darker towards the tip.

Are Abyssinian Cats Expensive?

Abyssinians cost anywhere from $1,200 to $2,800 for a kitten from a reputable breeder.

How Can You Tell If Your Cat Is An Abyssinian Mix?

Do you think your pet may be an Abyssinian mix? One of the best ways to find out is through a cat DNA test, which can check for breed identification. View our picks for the best cat DNA tests.

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