PullNScoop Cat Litter Box Review: Does It Work?

Are you tired of scooping your cat's poop? Have you considered the PullNScoop scoop-free litter box for your cat? I took a closer look to see if this flashy product works.

Danielle DeGroot

Last Updated: May 23, 2024 | 8 min read

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Have you seen ads and suggestions for PullNScoop online and on social media? I’ve seen these ads quite a few times recently and decided to take a closer look to find out if it’s worth the hype. PullNScoop has created a non-scoop, non-electric litter box system. This idea got my attention because I like the idea of a litter box that I don’t have to clean out as much by hand, but I am also reluctant to invest in a pricier robotic system my cats might not like. PullNScoop presents a happy compromise, but is this product too good to be true? Find out in this PullNScoop cat litter box review.

Do you like scooping out your cat’s potty box at least twice a day, every single day of your life? Me either. But as a cat owner for over three decades, I know all too well that there is no escaping the chore of cleaning up my fur babies’ poop and pee. There is nothing glamorous about cleaning cat poop, and in some ways, it feels like a sandbox gone wrong. I know I’m not the only cat parent who wishes for a better way.

As part of my constant effort to provide my cats with the absolute best quality of care, finding a happy medium that gives them a comfortable toilet situation and doesn’t require me to scoop the poop all day is something I’ve long been in search of. I reviewed PullNScoop’s system, customer feedback, and company history to see if this non-scoop, non-electric litter box is the solution I’ve been looking for.

5 Key Features

  1. Non-electric
  2. Can accommodate large cats
  3. Works for up to 3 cats
  4. It can be an open-air or covered system
  5. Zero-contact method

Company History

PullNScoop shares on its website that it was started by Rich, a cat owner and industrial engineer who was tired of scooping cat poop. The brand’s history is vague. However, it is based in China. PullNScoop has been in business selling pet products since at least 2022. Very little information is publicly available regarding who owns the brand, and all products are made in China. The website also offers a few other products for pet grooming, toys, and a pet stroller.

PullNScoop Review

PullNScoop Cat Litter Box Review

PullnScoop litter box.
  • Scoop-free
  • Non-electric
  • Fits multiple cats
  • For cats weighing up to 20 pounds
  • Covered litter box
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Free shipping

Of course, there are motorized and self-cleaning options like PetSnowy, Litter Robot, Neakasa, and CatGenie, but those often run in the higher price range, and not all cats are comfortable using potty boxes that move, make noise, or have extra parts. I love the concept of PullNScoop, but does it really work? I took a closer look to find out.

The PullNScoop consists of a covered kitty tray with a waste receptacle and a built-in litter rake. The idea is simple: your cat poops or pees, the filler clumps, and then you pull the rake across. Clumps are scooped into the waste receptacle, and you toss it out when the container is full. One quick note, don’t flush that cat poop. It carries a risk of toxoplasmosis, a harmful bacteria that can make you sick.

The kitty potty is a covered model with a closing door. It measures 17.7 inches tall, 18.1 inches wide, and 25.2 inches deep. According to the company, the box can accommodate up to three cats. This system uses a carbon filter to help with odor and a disposable waste receptacle.

The product details say this system fits cats weighing up to 20 pounds. It does not have electrical cords, so it can be set up anywhere convenient for you without needing to be near an outlet. Additionally, it uses no batteries and has no moving parts or noises that might scare your cat.

The potty box can be used with disposable liners as well as a litter trap mat. The brand also offers an extra-large stainless steel traditional cat box in an open style.

Does It Work?

See how it works in action in this video:

Conceptually, this is an outstanding idea. However, the finished product may not perform as well as desired. The box contains kitty potty odor reasonably well, is large enough for cats to move around comfortably, and the top serves as an additional perching spot. The potty box is also convertible and can be used as your traditional open-air style if your cat prefers.

However, the box does not work with all kinds of litter. It is recommended for use with small particle clumping litter or microcrystal. It does not work with tofu, pine, wheat, corn, or recycled paper pellets.

The effectiveness of the rake depends on the filler type and consistency of the waste. If it is too small or buried too deep, the rake may miss it. Additionally, waste that is not firm and doesn’t clump as well may not get picked up by the rake.

The original package comes with four disposable and biodegradable waste receptacles, enough for four weeks of use. You must purchase additional waste receptacles in addition to monthly litter costs. The website offers a six-month pack for about $45.

What Do Customers Say About PullNScoop?

PullNScoop has a lot of people who like the idea but very few satisfied customers. While their website reveals over 1,290 five-star reviews, there are several complaints elsewhere.


Some satisfied customers felt that the rake worked effectively and were happy with the odor control. Positive reviews also appreciated the privacy the box allows their cat, the innovative design, and the flexibility to be placed just about anywhere.

One thing to point out is that the majority of the positive reviews were posted directly on the company’s website. There were very few others posted on third-party sites.


The box includes a “less mess” pedal at the exit, but it does not work well. Several customers report a significant amount of tracking and filler sticking under the pan. Learn more about the best non-tracking cat litter here if that is a problem you are working to solve. One major complaint is that the rake does not effectively capture all the mess but does waste a significant amount of filler as it carries over into the waste bin.

Unfortunately, many customers found themselves having to continue scooping this after raking with a traditional scoop because the rake did not work as well as expected.

There are quite a few complaints about customer service, along with the usability issues. Consumers report the company being hard to reach and having their customer service located in another country, making communication difficult for U.S. customers, with many having little to no luck reaching them. Many also had difficulty with the return policy and encountered significant additional shipping costs. If the unit is not returned in the same condition it was received with all of the original packaging and parts, customers may face deductions from their refund.


The PullNScoop is priced at $199 for a new set-up or $109.99 for a reconditioned model. You must purchase additional waste receptacles for each, and the refurbished ones come with a 3-month warranty only. There are no returns accepted on the refurbished PullNScoop boxes, only in limited cases of quality issues. The company offers free shipping on purchases of $50 or more, a 12-month warranty, and a 30-day return policy.

How Can I Return My PullNScoop Litter Box?

In order to get a return, you must first request a shipping label from the company and then clean and repackage the unit to the best of your ability. Include all accessories and original packaging if possible. You’ll then need to ship the product to the company and wait for your refund, which can take between five and seven days from their receipt of your returned unit. Many customers report it is taking a significant amount of time to receive their refunds.

Return shipping costs are generally not covered by the company.

Customers must send returns to a processing center in Florida. Shipping costs are deducted from the final refund. If the unit is missing parts or accessories, these costs are deducted from the final refund, as well as 15% of the original purchase price if the unit isn’t thoroughly cleaned. Additionally, the company will not accept any return shipments that do not have a return label, which must be requested from them via e-mail support.

Pros & Cons

Scoop-free systemSeveral customer complaints
Non-motorized, no batteries or cordsIneffective rake
Quiet operationWaste left in the box
Can place it anywhereSignificant litter tracking
Serves cats up to 20 poundsCustomer service complaints
Works for up to three catsHard to return
An easy-too-see window shows when the waste bin needs to be changedYou must replace the waste receptacle every five to seven days
Odor control with carbon filter

Frequently Asked Questions

Tofu and corn cat litter.

I know I had plenty of questions about the PullNScoop and whether it is worth my investment. Below, I answer a few I see frequently, but if I missed yours, let me know in the comments.

Can I reuse the PullNScoop waste receptacle?

Yes, according to the company, it can be reused but should be thoroughly sanitized every time to avoid bacteria and odor buildup.

Do I need special cat litter for the PullNScoop?

You do not need special cat litter. However, the system only works with types other than bentonite clay and silica crystals. Even with these fillers, customers report a significant amount of tracking. Our guide explains the different types of kitty litter available and their best uses.

Is PullNScoop a U.S.-based company?

No, the company is based in China but has an address in Florida for shipping purposes.

Can I buy PullNScoop from third-party sellers like Amazon?

Currently, the only place I found to purchase PullNScoop was directly from their website. This product used to be available on Amazon but is no longer available there.

My Final Verdict

I really wanted to like the PullNScoop scoop and power-free self-cleaning litter box. The intent for the product, design, and purpose are all great. However, this one needs more work and refinement before it is a true competitor to the other self-cleaning kitty litter box options. While the cleaning rake can work well for some smaller cats in single-cat homes, it is not an effective pick for bigger cats or multi-cat homes.

Based on the overwhelming number of negative customer reviews, especially around returns and refunds, it is hard to recommend this product. If you decide to try it, carefully read the return policy on the website or from the third-party seller before purchasing. I appreciate the option to buy a refurbished product at a much lower price, which also reduces waste, but just to be on the safe side, I suggest sterilizing it yourself first before using it with your cats. There is also no refund option for the refurbished one, which is not a great sign.

Encouraging Healthy Litter Box Habits

Regardless of the potty style and filler type you select, it’s important to monitor your cats’ toilet habits carefully. Cleanliness is critical, and cats are very picky creatures, so a dirty kitty pan can be a big problem. In general, you can expect to scoop a traditional cat pan at least twice a day, and we cover this in more detail in our litter box cleaning guide.

Along with cleanliness, a well-balanced, high-quality diet is key to your cat’s digestive health. Be sure to feed them food made from high-quality ingredients formulated for their appropriate life stage. Even if you cannot make it your cat’s main diet, consider adding meat-based fresh foods like those offered by Smalls or freeze-dried meats to your pet’s diet. These add a boost of flavor, nutrition, and high-quality animal protein that supports their overall health and immune system.

Other Cat Litter Box Options To Consider

If you’re considering a self-cleaning kitty potty option, learn more about Neakasa from our first-hand review. We also review the best monthly cat litter subscriptions. If you like the idea of disposable potty boxes, you can learn more about my cat’s experience with Kitty Poo Club, a very affordable, newer option.

Why Trust Love Your Cat

Danielle has cleaned far too many cat boxes to count and has many more to clean in the future. She has tested and reviewed over 50 kinds of litter and counting. She has also tried almost every type of litter there is and reluctantly considers herself a cat litter expert. Danielle has been caring for cats most of her life and understands what extraordinary creatures they are. She currently shares her home with a bonded pair of senior sibling cats, Zaphod and Twilight. Danielle spends countless hours researching the latest science-backed developments in feline care and vetting, testing, and reviewing cat-related products. Her goal is to provide cat owners with valuable information to better their lives and the lives of their pets.

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