Neakasa Litter Box Reviews:  My Cat’s Self-Cleaning Experience

It's an electric litter box that's thought of everything. We review the Neakasa M1 open-top, self-cleaning litter box.

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Last Updated: May 8, 2024 | 8 min read

Cat sitting in front of Neakasa cat litter box.

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You love cats, but you also don’t want everyone to be able to deduce that as soon as they set foot in your home. Fortunately, the development of automatic litter boxes has made unruly, offending stenches a thing of the past. A truly effective self-cleaning litter pan is the easiest way to maintain a clean, healthy space for yourself and your pet, but with so many on the market, how do you know which is right for your pet?

A perfect electric litter box must be spacious enough to fit any cat. It must feature smart detection to recognize your cat’s presence, weight, and duration of use. It should be completely hands-off, so you don’t risk your hand grazing a clump of kitty poo. Finally, it must have a secure, odor-tight waste drawer to prevent extra messes.

Neakasa’s new M1 Wi-Fi-enabled litter box has all this plus an attractive design, making it a truly exceptional litter box.

Neakasa Brand History

Neakasa, formerly Neobot, was founded in 2017 with the mission of simplifying people’s lives through smart cleaning solutions for people and pets. The brand has offices in Los Angeles and Shenzhen and a global presence in over 60 countries and regions.

I first became familiar with Neakasa from its viral all-in-one pet grooming vacuum, which currently has almost 11,000 five-star ratings on Amazon. The brand’s solution-driven designs have led to a passionate customer following, which is likely why it successfully backed its latest release: an open-top, self-cleaning cat litter pan.

In January 2022, Neakasa began market evaluation and research for its auto-litter pan. A prototype was created by April 2023, and in October 2023, an Indiegogo campaign was launched. By December 2023, Neakasa had raised over $1.1 million to fund the mass production of its design. The result? The Neakasa M1 litter box accommodates small and large cats and ensures a hands-off experience for up to two weeks.

Neakasa cat litter box open on hardwood living room.
Neakasa M1 stands out from competitors thanks to its open-top design.

How Does The Neakasa Cat Litter Box Work?

The Neakasa M1 has four modes for hands-free pan scooping. In Smart Mode, you can set the auto-box to clean a certain amount of time after your cat exits the toilet. Cycle Mode schedules cleanings based on an input time. Manual Mode requires users to press the button in the app or on the machine to initiate cleaning, and Emptying mode clears the entire pan of all litter by emptying it into the waste bin (good for a complete toilet cleaning).

You can use the machine’s buttons or the companion app to select the cleaning method. You can also monitor your pet’s litter box habits and schedule reminders through the Neakasa app, available for Android and iOS.

Neakasa cat litter box buttons up close.
Manually clean, level, or empty the toilet with the press of a button.

10 Key Features

  1. Open-top design suitable for cats of all sizes
  2. Includes litter mat to limit litter tracking
  3. Waste container holds around 14 days of waste
  4. Real-time activity monitoring of litter pan use
  5. Multi-cat recognition identifies each cat by weight
  6. Litter level monitoring with refill notifications
  7. Customizable cleaning settings
  8. Kitten Mode turns off auto-clean to ensure kitty isn’t inside the machine during cleaning
  9. Optional litter pan and waste bin cleaning reminders
  10. Control the litter box remotely via the companion app

Setting Up The Neakasa M1 Litter Box

Setting up the M1 is super easy and intuitive. When you unpack the box, you’ll see a cat litter mat, Neakasa M1, support legs, power adapter, two waste bag rolls, and the user manual. The physical setup is easy enough. Snap the legs into place, expand the waste bin, add a waste bag, plug in the power cord, and you’re ready to go.

At this point, I recommend downloading the Neakasa app, which walks you through connecting to your home’s Wi-Fi, adding litter, and calibrating your machine.

After downloading the app, you’re asked to select your device. Select “Add Robot” and scroll down to “Automatic Litter Box,” where you’ll find the M1. You’re then instructed to hold down the Wi-Fi button on the M1 for three seconds until you hear a beep and the W-Fi indicator light flashes. From there, the app prompts you to select your network and connect your device.

Next, it’s time to add your pet to the app. The M1 recognizes cats based on weight, so you’ll be asked to input their name, weight, and other personal information. You can also add a photo of your pet.

After that, you’re promoted to create a name for your litter box (I chose KittyCommode) and choose the cleaning mode. Smart Mode cleans after every use, and you can select a cleaning time (1 minute, 5 minutes, etc.). If you select Cycle Mode, the pan cleans only once in a while. You can also select the day and time that the box scoops itself.

Then, it’s time to put in the litter and calibrate the machine. Neakasa recommends bentonite clay litter for best performance. Once you pour in the litter, you’re asked to select the percentage of litter in the pan. This will help the app monitor litter levels in the future, so you’re notified when it needs to be refilled. Select “Start Calibration,” and that’s it; the M1 is ready to use.

Neakasa app screeenshots showing cats using litter box, tips on how to fill, and auto clean settings with text below each iphone.
Neakasa app screenshots show cats using the litter box, tips on how to fill it, and auto-clean settings with text below each screen.

Neakasa M1: Open-Top Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box Review

Neakasa M1

Neakasa cat litter box with app.
  • Dimensions: 23.23″ x 20.87″ x 16.54″
  • Weight: 22.81 lbs
  • Entry height: 13.86″
  • Suitable for cats weighing 2.2 – 33 lbs
  • Waste bin capacity: 2.97 gal
  • Compatible with Andriod & iOS

Neakasa sent me its self-cleaning litter box to try with my cats, Luna and Lucy. Any change to litter or the litter pan can be stressful for cats, so Neakasa recommends gradually transitioning to the automatic box over a few days.

While I was super excited for the cats to test out Neakasa’s latest product, I had a few concerns before setting up this box:

  1. I feared my girls would be scaredy cats and refuse to use the box.
  2. My cat, Luna, has a problem peeing outside the toilet. I usually have them use a DIY high-sided litter pan made from a 10-gallon container to contain the mess. Since Luna tends to pee standing up, I was concerned she would pee right over the edge of the M1.
  3. Tracking is a huge issue in my house, so I was eager to see how the M1 performed against overzealous potty users.

With these factors in mind, I was ready to try the M1.

First Impressions

Luna and Lucy had never used an automatic potty before, but they were very curious when I was setting it up. I decided to be overly cautious and take the transition very slowly. I didn’t want my cats to get scared of the box because it would take much more work to make them feel safe around it. So, I started by keeping the box turned off.

I put in some of the tofu litter they had been using in their previous toilet (Neakasa does not recommend using tofu litter, but they do recommend using old litter at first to get your cat familiar with the new toilet) and allowed them to choose between their current box and the M1. I barely got the litter in before each jumped in and used it. Still, I kept the box turned off and scooped it for a few days before turning it on. If you already use a clay-based litter, you can instead have the litter box on and use Manual cleaning mode for the first few days.

Cat using Neakasa cat litter box.
Transitioning to the Neakasa M1 was surprisingly easy.

After a few days, Luna and Lucy were comfortable enough to use the machine when it was turned on. Neakasa recommends a fast-clumping granular litter like bentonite or mineral sand, so I removed the tofu litter and selected a bentonite clay option (e.g., Dr. Elsey’s Ultra litter). I filled the pan, calibrated the litter, and set the toilet to clean five minutes after a cat uses it.

I was worried my kitties would be skittish, but they were happy to use the box. They even patiently waited and went one after another instead of using their previous pan. Success!

Neakasa app screenshoits showing device status and usage history.
Goodbye, old toilet! Everyone was waiting for their turn in the Neakasa M1.

Testing The Neakasa M1 Litter Box

We’ve used the M1 for just under two weeks, and so far, it’s been a huge hit. Despite the open design (and Luna’s lack of spatial awareness), we haven’t had a single accident outside the box. Both cats fit comfortably and can do their business in peace.

Cat getting out of Neakasa cat litter box.
According to Neakasa, the M1 fits cats up to 33 pounds.

I have the M1 set to clean five minutes after the cats leave it. The cleaning cycle lasts three minutes, and then the toilet is available for use again. The auto-clean feature works extremely well, but there was one time when it didn’t completely clean out the box. I selected an additional manual clean, and it cleared it up.

Neakasa app screeenshots showing usage history, litter and waste levels and device status with text below each iphone.
Neakasa app screenshots showing usage history, litter and waste levels, and device status with text below each screen.

The girls have yet to fill the waste pan, so I haven’t had to empty it. In this time, we’ve had absolutely zero problems with odor. I’ve also noticed that our air purifier has been consistently running at low power. This correlation makes me wonder if our air quality has improved from using the M1.

Neakasa cat litter box bin up close.
The waste bin holds 1.9 gallons and typically needs cleaning every 14 days for one cat.

I will mention that the toilet is quite high off the ground. My cats were initially hesitant to jump into the box, and I could see entering the M1 being difficult for small or disabled felines. You may need to purchase small steps to help your kitty enter the box.

Cat jumping out of Neakasa cat litter box.
In addition to potential difficulties getting into the box, your cat may flick litter when jumping out. You can see this happen to Lucy in this photo.

To reduce tracking, Neakasa ships its product with a litter mat. We usually use a mat like this, so the girls were comfortable with this feature. Despite the mat, there was a significant amount of tracking. You can likely reduce litter scatter by purchasing kitty steps for entry.

Grooves up close of Neakasa cat litter mat.
The litter mat has deep grooves to collect litter, but it was no match for Luna and Lucy.

Pros & Cons

Simple to set upVery tall and doesn’t come with steps
Attractive designCats may scatter litter when exiting the box
Dramatically reduced litter box odorOnly works with certain types of litter
Large waste bin
Easy to clean
Safe for cats of all sizes
30 day free return and money-back guarantee
1-year warranty

The Verdict

If you’re looking for a simple yet effective automatic litter box, I’d recommend the Neakasa M1. This open-top litter box provides ample room for large cats, and the four weight sensors ensure that the machine will recognize even very lightweight cats.

Despite the litter box’s open design, the air smells delightfully clean. Truly, this device has made my day-to-day life exponentially better—I still get all of the cuddles of my kitty companions without scooping stinky messes daily. The machine is surprisingly quiet; I can’t hear it outside of the room it’s in. And, when it’s time to empty the waste bin, the “pull and wrap” waste management system ensures mess-free, contactless waste disposal.

Meakasa cat litter box tray with bag.
The M1 ships with waste bags, but you can use any bag that fits in the waste drawer.

See The Neakasa M1 In Action

I recorded the process of setting up the M1 via the companion app. You can also watch the machine perform a cleaning cycle here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding the Neakasa M1 cat litter box. Don’t see yours? Ask us in the comments.

Does The Neakasa M1 Have A Weight Limit?

The machine’s sensors will recognize cats 2.2 pounds and above. But even if your cat is under this weight, you can use the box in Kitten Mode to prevent automatic cleaning and ensure your kitty’s safety.

What’s The Difference Between Litter Robot And Neakasa?

The most significant difference between the Litter Robot and Neakasa is their shape. Litter Robot’s design features a globe-shaped litter pan vs. Neakasa’s open-top design that may better accommodate larger cats. Both are multi-cat friendly; Litter Robot supports four cats vs. Neakasa’s three.

Why Trust Love Your Cat?

Tara’s goal at Love Your Cat is to provide our readers with the information they need to raise well-adjusted, happy cats. Tara has 20+ years of experience with felines and spends countless hours researching to provide in-depth detail on every topic. She currently lives with two nine-year-old domestic cats, Luna and Lucy. Tara typically cleans their litter box twice daily, so, unfortunately, she has a wealth of experience with cat litter and litter pan cleaning.

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  1. Are there any plans to have the box scan for microchip numbers to identify cats? My cats can have very close weights, and change throughout the year?

    1. I don’t have video of cleaning the litter box, but it takes 25-30 minutes for a good deep clean. It’s super easy to disassemble, but getting the stuck-on litter off the filter takes some time. (I blame this on the litter rather than the product itself.)

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