Maine Coon Price: How Much Do Maine Coons Cost?

The mighty Maine Coon is a very popular kitty. Potential owners are often curious about the Maine Coon price. Learn more about how much this beautiful breed costs to adopt and care for in our quick breakdown.

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Maine Coon cats are among the most popular breeds, not just here in the United States. These kitties are famous for their hefty size. They reach between 9 and 25 pounds. Their size and gentle demeanor have earned the big felines the nickname of gentle giants. They are extremely sought after as pets, leading many people to ask about the Maine Coon price. The first part of pet ownership is understanding how much a new pet will cost, and it is good to know the financial commitment beforehand.

This breed is native to the United States. They originate from New England and are the official state cat of Maine. These hefty kitties have a characteristic look distinguished by their long fur and tufted ears. They are also known for their sweet personalities, intelligence, and loyalty. Although recognized for their beauty, they are also relatively low-maintenance felines, making them an excellent choice for people who do not want a lot of costly upkeep.

Along with the initial price of a kitten, these kitties need regular care, food, and supplies. Owners need to understand the costs that come along with adopting a cat. All cats will have high costs, whether older or young cats. Let’s get into the details about the price of a Maine Coon and what different elements factor in. We also discuss some expected costs associated with adopting and raising one of these elegant, gentle giants.

How Much Are Maine Coon Kittens?

The price of a gentle giant can vary greatly depending on the breeder, the cat’s age, and pedigree. Generally, the average price of a purebred Maine Coon kitten is between $500 and $2,000 or more. They can also cost significantly less, depending on where kittens come from. Breeders may charge more for their kittens depending on the pedigree and bloodline. It is valuable to shop around and compare prices.

Adopting a shelter or rescue kitty will often cost much less than adopting from a breeder, though there is often no way to tell a kitty’s bloodline. Plenty of kitties are likely mixed with gentle giant genetics and may be available to adopt from several different places. A purebred kitten always costs more than a shelter kitty or older cat.

Factors Affecting Price

Several factors impact and determine how much a purebred Maine Coon kitten costs. Much of this is due to breeder quality and bloodline. Different things like coat color can also impact price, as some shades are very rare. Please keep in mind that when it comes to kitten prices, a lower price may mean a less healthy kitten. Always take time to do diligent research into breeders and shelter groups before adopting a kitty of any age.


The pedigree of a kitten can have a significant impact on the price. Those with a good pedigree are often more expensive due to their superior bloodlines, better health, and fewer genetic problems. Purebred felines cost more unless it is a specialized mix of gentle giants and a rare breed like the Savannah, Bengal, or Cheetoh.

Breeder Quality

Breeder quality is a large part of a kitty’s price tag. Well-known breeders with stellar reputations have more experience and will put out more expenses to ensure their kittens and mama kitties are well cared for and healthy. Inferior and less reputable breeders may try to save money by skipping some steps and providing less quality care. This can result in a less healthy kitten. Always try to verify breeder information, ask questions, and look for reviews from previous adopters. Avoid pet store kittens unless breeder information is easily verifiable.

Age & Sex

A cat’s age is another big part of how much they cost. Kittens tend to be more expensive than adults because they are in higher demand and need a bigger investment to breed. Care for kittens may run a little more, and kitten chow is pricier than adult food. With this breed, males and females are about the same price. Intact kittens and adults cost more on average.


Some colors of this breed are harder to find than others. Solid red Maine Coons are quite elusive and have a very high price tag. Other colors like silver, gold and solid black also tend to cost more. Some of these colors are very challenging to find, making them more expensive. You may find yourself limited to a few specific breeders.

Location & Time Of Year

The location of both a breeder and the customer often impacts the expense. Travel costs may be associated with adopting a kitty, especially if you have a specific breeder in mind. Time of year is also a factor, more kittens are born in the spring, and availability may be low at other times of the year. This may influence the price tag.

What To Look For When Buying A Maine Coon

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When buying a gentle giant, it is essential to look for certain qualities.

First, ensure that the kitty has a healthy coat, is free from any signs of parasites, and has clear eyes and ears. It is also critical to check for any symptoms of illness, such as sneezing or coughing. Next, ensure your kitten is friendly, outgoing, and not aggressive or timid. Finally, ask to see health records to ensure it has been tested for genetic issues, vaccinated, and spayed or neutered. You can also request to look at previous litters and parents. If adopting from a rescue or shelter, get as much information as possible, especially regarding the kitten’s health and any treatments that have been given.

Costs For Maine Coons

There are many more costs associated with caring for a kitty like the gentle giant than the adoption fee. Expenditures will include initial adoption expenses, medical care, and ongoing supplies and upkeep. We must point out that these are estimates, not exact amounts. Costs will vary depending on your veterinarian and your pet’s specific needs. Purr parents should expect to spend $50 to $150 monthly on supplies and care.

Initial Supplies

Initial costs will include the kitten’s adoption fee, which will be much higher if you choose a kitten from a breeder. Next, owners must have necessities like food, water dishes, beds, litter, litter boxes, toys, collars, and crates. The cost of these things will fluctuate, but owners should expect to spend about $200 to get their kittens set up initially, after adoption costs. For Maine Coons, a realistic estimate is about $500 to $2000, depending on the fee for your kitten.


Feeding a feline will be one of the most significant expenditures throughout their life. Thankfully the gentle giant does not have any special dietary needs. Feline diet and nutrition are the foundation of lifelong health, so this is not an area to cut costs. Always buy the best food you can afford. Maine Coons are obligate carnivores, like all other felines, and require meat-based diets to be healthy. High-quality foods list animal proteins as the first ingredients. Avoid unnamed meat meals and foods high in plant protein, fillers, and carbohydrates.

These kitties need a mixed diet of dry kibble and wet or fresh foods. Avoid human foods unless they are specifically prepared for your kitty. Always discuss any specific nutrition or dietary concerns you have with your veterinarian. Food can range between $30 and $100 a month.


Litter and litter boxes are a large part of feline care costs. This need may increase as they get older and have different dietary needs. Litter is a significant expense that many people do not think of right away when considering adopting any kitty. You may need more litter, several litter boxers, and pee pads to get through litter training when they are kittens.

Once your kitty is litterbox trained, expect to do daily maintenance and a complete litter change about once a week. If you have more than one purr baby, you can expect to change the litter more often. Felines are scrupulous about litter hygiene. Investing in a high-quality litter, a sifting box, and keeping the space fresh and neat is imperative. You may also consider an air purifier in the litter box area. The expense of the litter varies greatly depending on the kind used. Owners should expect to spend at least $25 to $50 monthly on kitty litter.

Medical Care & Insurance

All cats need regular medical care and maintenance during their lives. During the first year, kittens need more medical care. They visit the vet every month or two, need vaccinations, and also will need a spay or neuter surgery. This surgery will cost between $100 and $300. In some cases, this will be included in the adoption fee, especially if you adopt from a rescue or shelter.

After the first year, cats will visit the vet on average about twice a year. Veterinary treatment can range from $25 to $200 or more for a visit. The exact cost will depend on your kitty’s individual needs. Microchipping may be required in some localities.

Another cost to consider is pet insurance. This is an optional cost though something many owners consider. In emergencies, these plans can be beneficial and shoulder some of the financial responsibility. Pet insurance plans differ in coverage and fees. On average, expect to pay about $30 monthly for kitty coverage. In some cases, plans cover only emergency care, and some also cover illness, which can increase the cost.

Additional Costs To Consider

All cats need the basics, like food, litter, and medical care. There are some additional costs to consider. While these are not something every purr parent will want to invest in, things like training, boarding, and grooming should be considered in some cases.


Cats do not always need professional training, though some do. The costs of professional training depend significantly on the specific animal and trainer. An individual session often costs about $50 an hour and can reach much more. Training may be necessary for both kittens and adults. Most owners only choose professional training if there is a medical or behavioral problem or if they want to train their pet for competition.


There are inevitably times when owners need to leave pets alone. Though cats can be left alone occasionally overnight, any longer is not good for them. Owners must arrange for a kitty sitter or boarding services if they leave for more than one overnight. Maine Coons are sturdy cats but can develop separation anxiety and stress if they feel alone or abandoned. Boarding runs about $12 to $24 a day. Of course, this differs by location, services needed, and availability.


Gentle giants require regular brushing and grooming to keep their thick coats in top shape. It is not nearly as common to pursue professional grooming for cats as it is for dogs, but it is available. Prices will depend on the specific salon you choose and the services needed for your pet. Nail trimming is something some owners choose to pay the vet or the groomer for. This can cost about $10 a session. Grooming starts around $50 but can be much more expensive. Owners will also need to invest in grooming tools which will save money but require an initial investment of $25 to $50.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are male Maine Coons more expensive?

Most often, males and females are the same price. This may raise the expense if you want a specific kitty for breeding or competition. However, as a general rule, there is no notable difference in price between males and females.

Is a Maine Coon worth the price?

Yes, gentle giants are worth the price, but it is good to be cautious when purchasing from a breeder. Do your research, ask questions, ask about health screenings, and ensure you work with a reliable breeder. Do not purchase if the price seems too high or too low. There are plenty of reputable breeders, and these cats also turn up in shelters and rescues reasonably often.

Are Maine Coon mixes less expensive?

Sometimes mixed cats can be less expensive. Kitties from shelters, rescues and private sales are far less costly than those from breeders. Some mixes that involve rare breeds can cost more.

Final Thoughts

When purchasing a Maine Coon the most critical consideration is to ensure you are getting a healthy, well-cared-for kitten. These kittens range from $500 to over $2,000. Purebred kittens purchased from reputable breeders will cost more. You can likely find this breed or a mix in a shelter or rescue. Because these kitties are relatively common, they are easier to find, which means there is an extensive range of prices. Shelter and rescue cats cost far less than those purchased from a breeder.

Remember that all cats, regardless of age, will need regular veterinary care, and supplies like toys and beds must be replaced. Maine Coons are a lovely breed. They have gorgeous appearances and wonderful personalities. No matter the expense, these kitties are a priceless addition to any family.

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