Best Toys For Maine Coon Cats

Maine Coon cats are highly intelligent creatures with a lot of energy. These big kitties need a variety of toys to keep them physically active and mentally stimulated. Check out our list of top Maine Coon cat toys to learn more.

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Last Updated: December 12, 2023 | 13 min read

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Maine Coon cats are a gorgeous breed that loves to play. These hefty kitties are popular all over the world. They have big muscular bodies and even bigger personalities, making these big beauties a perfect feline companion.

Nicknamed the gentle giant for their loving personality, these kitties are highly intelligent and have a knack for playing games. They are always looking for something fun to do and need a lot of ways to engage and interact. Every kitty is different. Some may need to play more than others, but all cats love to play. One of the most enjoyable things about being a purr parent is picking out toys and watching your pet go wild with fun.

Like humans, every Maine Coon is a unique animal and will have their own preferences for toys. Some like to play chase, some like to pounce, and others want to solve problems and puzzles. We reviewed some of the best toys for Maine Coons and are sharing them with you. Regardless of what kind of play a Maine Coon likes, we have a toy that will provide hours of fun. Let’s jump right and learn about some of these fantastic toys.

At A Glance: Our Favorite Toys For Maine Coons

Potaroma Edible Catnip Balls

Best Big Cat Toys

Catit Senses Activity Center

Best Exercise Toys

BALEMAUE Cat Treadmill

PetSafe Bolt Laser

Best Interactive

PetSafe Bolt Laser

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Buyer’s Guide

Picking a new toy is fun, but owners need to consider a few things before buying. Purr parents should always keep safety as a top priority when purchasing a toy. Not all toys are made the same or of the same quality. Toys do not all have the same purpose, so owners must look for suitable toys to fit their specific cat’s needs. For the generously sized Maine Coon, that means something different than a smaller, less active breed. Owners should always take the time to get to know their pet’s play needs and learn about the different products available. The selection changes all the time, so owners will want to research this more than once.

Things To Consider

Type Of Play

Felines participate in different kinds of play. Most of their play is a form of mock aggression where they imitate actions like stalking, biting, hunting, pouncing, and sneaking around. This might seem like actual rough play or even real aggression to the human observer. However, this is a normal play activity for felines. When they are at play, their ears tend to point forward more, and their claws will be out, but their bodies will be relaxed, and they will not use claws or teeth aggressively. Play-fighting felines will lean forward, whereas cats engaged in real aggression will lean back with their ears flattened.


Durability should always be a top priority when purchasing a kitty toy. Cheaper products tend to be made from poor-quality and less durable materials, which often break faster. Toys should not be destroyed the same day a cat gets them. That is a sign of a poor-quality toy. Quality and durability should be an important consideration, toys that do not last long defeat the whole purpose of entertainment. Because Maine Coons are large and have a lot of energy, making sure they’re playing with toys that will stand up to them and last a while is important.


The materials used to construct a toy play a significant role in how durable and safe a toy is. A common assumption is that any product or toy marketed or labeled safe for pets like felines should be safe. Unfortunately, that is not always the case, and there are still companies out there that manufacture pet products with materials that can pose a risk to felines. As a general rule, owners should avoid purchasing any plush toy filled with nut shells, polystyrene beads, foam balls, beans, or other such materials.

Look for toys made from other materials like fur, cotton, felt, fabric, wool, and natural hemp. These are all materials that are generally safe for felons. Owners must be aware and remember that no toy is 100% safe. Because of this, it is essential to supervise your pets when they are playing with toys, new and old. Particular attention should be paid to new toys to ensure the cats do not figure out how to hurt themselves or that the toys are not breaking down.

Always inspect feline products for choking hazards, detachable parts, and other safety issues. Often products will have elements added to them for aesthetic purposes, like bells, feathers, eyes, glitter, or another form of decoration. These can easily be removed if they pose a safety risk to pets, which is something owners must watch for.

Safety Hazards

  1. Squeakers, though fun and sometimes annoying to pet parents, or not a good idea. While many toys come with these, they are often very small and can be a choking hazard. This can lead to a possible obstruction or internal blockage, which is very serious.
  2. Pay close attention to the added decorations like long strings, feathers, ribbons, eyes, bells, and balls. These additions are fun to look at and can be entertaining for a while, but they are often something that pets try to eat purposefully or may ingest accidentally. Swallowing these can cause a range of severe digestive issues. If possible, it is best to avoid toys with small added elements like this.
  3. Yarn, ribbon, string, and thread are very dangerous to felines. Even though we have all seen the classic picture of a cat chasing a ball of yarn, these are quite harmful in reality. Should cats ingest them, they can cause internal blockages or twist in their organs and cause very serious medical concerns.
  4. Stay away from wooden toys if possible. Wood can cause splinters and other injuries. Some thicker, more rigid plastics can also pose this same injury concern. These can also get stuck between a cat’s teeth, throat, and mouth, causing injury or internal blockages. Sisal or other cat-safe materials should be okay. Still, owners should inspect these for potential hazards before allowing their cats to play with them.
  5. Rawhide is something that feline owners should always stay away from. Even though this is a typical treat for canines to chew on, rawhide is different for cats. Rawhide is not something they can digest, and it can cause them great distress and discomfort.
  6. Make sure to read the labels to see what has been used in the construction of pet products. This includes products that use dye or other chemicals to add color. These are not always safe for felines, which is why it is imperative always to read the labels of any kind of product you bring home to your pet.
  7. Cats are remarkable for their ability to fit into small spaces, so it makes sense that they would like toys like cat tunnels, trees, and towers. Before purchasing, make sure that all openings will be big enough for your kitty to fit through. This is especially important for a large breed like the Maine Coon.
  8. Always contact your veterinarian for assistance if you think your cat is choking, swallowed, or has been hurt by a toy.


Pet safety should always be the number one consideration when purchasing a feline toy. Because of this, it is advisable to stick to higher-quality options proven to be safe. Instead of taking the risk of a potentially serious health crisis, owners can avoid this by investing in safe, high-quality products. Reading user reviews, looking for recalls, and sticking to higher-rated brands are effective ways to avoid these cheaper products that are not safe.

If purchasing toys for your Maine Coon online, make sure to read the seller’s ratings and reviews. This can be very telling. If other customers have not been happy or had an issue, this can be a sign that it may not be a good investment.

Always avoid any products that have sharp corners and edges. These pose a risk of injury to your cat. If sharp enough, they can puncture the skin and cause other injuries.

One of the most important things pet owners need to understand about toys is that they must be used under supervision. Always read product labels and instructions for appropriate directions on how to play. Rotating a selection of new things in and out at different times will help keep kitties interested and help the toys last longer.


Always avoid smaller toys that have tiny parts. These are potential safety hazards because they can cause choking, get stuck in a kitty’s mouth or teeth, and cause intestinal blockages. Any toys that cats use should be large enough to fit in their mouth without being swallowed.


There are plenty of play options for cats that require batteries. These products can provide hours of entertainment but do also pose a safety risk. Make sure to inspect all pet playthings that require batteries. High-quality products generally have batteries secured with screws or some other type of fastener. Tiny batteries are choking hazards and can be fatal if swallowed. Never allow a feline to play with an electronic toy without appropriate supervision.

Avoid Household Items

Household items can be a lot of fun to play with, but that does not mean they are safe. Many everyday items that are present in most households, like rubber bands, buttons, batteries, wires, pipe cleaners, paper clips, hair ties, zip ties, small plastic parts, beads, Nerf darts, and more, can pose serious hazards. Even some plants can be harmful, so owners need to be aware of what they are exposing their cats to.


Owners should always buy the best quality cat toys they can find without breaking the bank. No one needs to go bankrupt over pet supplies, but the cheapest option may not be the safest. So, owners should always buy the best quality they can afford.

Best Toys For Maine Coon Cats

Maine Coons are highly intelligent, generously sized, and very active. They are also loyal, affectionate, and love being with people. These big kitties are powerful hunters and require an outlet for that energy. This is where high-quality, interactive playthings come into play.

Best Big Cat Toys

Catit Senses Activity Center

Catit Senses Activity Center
  • Customizable to each cat’s needs.
  • Puzzle maze feeder.
  • Speed circuit with an illuminated ball.
  • Massage center.
  • Incorporates all feline senses.
  • Can add elements to make it even more interactive.

Catit Senses Build A Senses Activity Center is something felines can play with for a very long time without boring. Owners can build a circuit and rearrange it, adding new elements. The great thing about this is that there are so many different elements. Owners can purchase each as a standalone option or set them up in a circuit for continuous use.

Catit Senses circuit elements engage cats on many different levels. These toys incorporate sight, touch, and sound with an interactive design. Once engaged, they keep the cat’s attention. There are multiple levels of difficulty in keeping kitties challenged. One of the elements is a maze feeder, which will hold a kitty’s interest and keep them from gobbling down all their food at once. The speed circuit is super fun as kitties chase an illuminated ball around the track. The massage center provides them with a place to calm down and explore different textures and massaging surfaces.

We love that this circuit toy is customizable. Additional options include the grass planter, interactive digger, extended speed circuit, and scratch pads. This one is a top choice because it has so many elements, works to stimulate cats in a variety of ways, and promotes exercise.

Snuggly Cat Ripple Rug

  • Bed and interactive play space.
  • Customizable, can be different every time.
  • Soft and cozy.
  • Sturdy and holds up to large breeds.
  • Non-slip rubber bottom.
  • Can be set up anywhere.

The Snuggly Cat Ripple Rug play mat is a multifunctional bed and play mat that gives kitties plenty of ways to play. The play mat has multiple tunnels, holes, and ripples. It is customizable, so kitties never get bored. It can be a new tunnel every single time. This product is made in the USA and is the original ripple rug product.

It has a non-slip rubber bottom that keeps things in place while cats explore, stalk, and pounce. This serves as a bed and a play space. It is designed to promote positive interaction and is a safe outlet for that mock aggression. Cats will have to figure out the route every time. Openings can be easily enlarged if needed.

We love that this product is both a bed and a play space. It is designed to hold up to the significant energy and size of the Maine Coon and is easy to clean. The top carpet releases under extreme stress, so cats never get stuck. This is a unique and delightful toy. It also serves as a bed and gives cats a soft place to crash and relax.

Best Toys For Exercise

BALEMAUE Cat Treadmill

Balemaue Cat Wheel
  • Holds up to 200 pounds.
  • Quiet operation.
  • Sturdy, made of wood.
  • Carpeted running surface.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Promotes exercise.

A cat wheel is an excellent choice of interactive structure for the Maine Coon. It serves as entertainment and as a way of exercise. This cat wheel is super sturdy and can hold up to 200 pounds, so it can support even the biggest of gentle giants. A great feature for owners is that the treadmill is built to be quiet. It uses silent wheels on the bottom shaft to ensure quiet operation, even when cats run at high speeds.

The base is wide, and all connections are stainless steel. The inside running surface is lined with a soft carpet that is removable for cleaning, and it has easy-to-use Velcro on the bottom.

We love that the cat wheel gives kitties a safe play to run inside. This can be a big issue, especially with larger breeds. This is a safe and fun way to get that energy out. This one does not have a lot of bells and whistles, which is what makes it good. Kitties will focus on running and get that much-needed physical activity.

Frisco Heavy Duty Cat Tree

Frisco Heavy Duty Cat Tree
  • Cat condo and climbing tree.
  • Extra spacious for large cats.
  • Multiple platforms.
  • Soft carpeting and sisal scratching surfaces.
  • Extra sturdy support for big kitties.
  • Promotes physical activity.

This 65-inch heavy-duty cat tree by Frisco is perfect for the Maine Coon. It supports kitties up to 33 pounds. This is extra roomy and fully supportive for bigger-bodied kitties. This one has multiple platforms, a cozy cat condo, and lots of sisal scratching surfaces. It gives kitties a place to climb, hide, scratch, and perch. Perfect for the gentle giant.

Designed to be sturdy and comfortable, this is both entertainment and a peaceful place to lounge. It promotes interaction and physical activity. It includes a rope toy and hanging balls for cats to interact with, adding that extra bit of fun.

We love that this is designed for large kitties. It can hold up to the hefty size of a Maine Coon and has extra spacious walkways and platforms to make a big cat comfortable. Frisco also makes a floor-to-ceiling heavy-duty cat tower for owners who have room or want that.

Best Interactive Toys

Pet Safe Bolt Laser

PetSafe Bolt Laser
  • Automatic laser pointer.
  • Shuts off after 15 minutes.
  • Automatic and manual mode.
  • Hours of fun.
  • A bright laser that cats will chase for hours.
  • Very stimulating.

Cats love lasers, and this one is a great choice. Cats will chase a laser pointer for hours, so why not get one designed just for that purpose? This one is battery-operated, so owners must ensure that it is only used under their supervision. It can be used in manual or hands-free mode. It will turn off automatically after 15 minutes.

Kitties just love chasing the laser beams around. This one allows cats to hunt and chase active prey, the laser. This is great for exercise as well as keeping cats mentally stimulated.

We love that this has an automatic mode. This allows cats to interact and chase the lasers without owners having to point the laser. This is a fun activity for kitties, and there is no end to the fun. We appreciate the battery-saving mode and know that this can be very helpful. Cats can enjoy time with this throughout the day and even in the dark for extra fun.

Cat Dancer Rainbow Cat Charmer

Cat Dancer Rainbow Cat Charmer
  • Classic, effective toy.
  • Durable and non-toxic.
  • Colorful, long rainbow charmer.
  • Great for interactive play.
  • Unbreakable.

The rainbow cat charmer is a simple yet highly popular toy for cats of all breeds. Maine Coons love tricks and will really enjoy chasing this wand as owners wiggle it about. It uses very durable materials the company claims are unbreakable.

This one is colorful and highly entertaining. Cats will love chasing it, as it will entice their hunting instinct. They can pounce and jump after it. This is also non-toxic and safe for humans and cats to use.

We love that this toy is such a classic concept yet is still a top toy for gentle giants. They love the interaction and one on one time with their owners. You can use more than one and play with more than one cat at a time.

Potaroma Floppy Interactive Fish

Potaroma Floppy Interactive Fish
  • Realistic interactive fish.
  • The motion sensor activates when the cat touches it.
  • Promotes interaction.
  • Allows cats to express hunting instincts.
  • Multiple fish options.

This floppy fish toy from Potaroma is hilarious to look at and a ton of fun for cats. It is interactive because it looks and moves like a real fish. Cats get to feel like they just caught a real, live fish. Every time the kitty touches the fish, it triggers the sensor, which starts the fish wiggling.

This comes in carp, clownfish, rainbow trout, and red carp. The fish is made from soft materials and comes with a pouch of catnip. It is best to watch kitties when they use this, as it has batteries and is plush. This is best to play with when pet parents are home to supervise.

We love the creativity of this one and how realistic it is. It allows kitties to feel like they are in their natural element, and for the mighty hunter like a Maine Coon, this is a truly great feeling. It keeps kitties entertained, and they will always want to play with it more.

Other Toys

Potaroma Edible Catnip Balls

Potaroma Edible Catnip Balls
  • Promotes dental health,
  • Supports digestion.
  • Three flavors,
  • Attach to any flat surface.
  • Cats can use it as they please.

One last toy we want to mention is these catnip wall treats by Potaroma. They are natural and non-toxic and promote dental cleaning, reducing plaque and tartar, and freshening breath. Suitable for adults and kittens. These are for all feline breeds and sizes.

These catnip balls can attach to the wall at varying heights. This allows cats to chew on them as they please. They adhere to any smooth surface. Three flavors are available: catnip, silvervine, and the fruit of silvervine. Stays attached and do not come off when kitties lick or chew on them.

We love that these can go anywhere, making them a very versatile treat. This doubles as a dental cleaner and promotes healthy digestion. So, this is both a toy and a helpful tool for a feline’s dental health.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Maine Coons play with stuffed animals?

Maine Coon cats can play with stuffed animals, but owners should always read the materials label first. Stay away from any kind of stuffing that is a choking hazard, and always supervise. Never let a kitty play with a stuffed animal alone or leave them out if you will not be home. These are fun toys but can be harmful, so make sure there are no buttons, eyes, zippers, strings, or other hazards.

Are Maine Coons able to play fetch?

Yes, Maine Coons can play fetch. They are often compared to dogs because they love to learn new games and tricks and walk on leashes.

Can my Maine Coon play in the water?

Yes, Maine Coons love splashing about in the water. This breed will happily splash in their water bowl or a kiddie pool. They may even enjoy running through the sprinklers on a hot day.

Should I get my Maine Coon bigger toys?

Maine Coons should play with toys that do not pose a safety risk. This means they should not be small enough to swallow. All products made for pet climbing should be strong enough to support their weight, at least 25 pounds.

Final Thoughts

Maine Coons are a lovable handful. They love people and are always looking for a fun game to play. Keeping these big kitties entertained is no small task. Owners need to keep several options of high-quality toys on hand. These kitties can get destructive if they feel lonely or bored, so owners should rotate new toys to keep a variety. Never put all a Maine Coon’s toys out at once. Rotate them. Even big things like climbing towers can become boring after a while, so it is okay to change them up or move them to different places in the home.

Safety should always be the number one priority. Owners should always choose quality over quantity and inspect products before pets use them to ensure they do not have any dangerous elements. Hopefully, our list of the best toys for Maine Coon cats will help you find the perfect plaything for your gentle giant.

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