Cat Breeds With Big Eyes: Meet 21 Wide-Eyed Beauties

Cat breeds with big eyes take the cuteness factor up a level. If you love wide-eyed kitties, you are in the right place. We introduce you to 21 cat breeds with the biggest eyes.

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Last Updated: December 28, 2023 | 10 min read

A cat with big eyes looking at camera.

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Resisting a pair of cute, big cat eyes is an almost inhuman feat. The cuteness factor goes up even more when that kitty happens to be a breed with naturally bigger eyes. I, for one, love wide-eyed cat breeds.

There’s just something about those big, inquisitive kitty eyes that makes it impossible to look away. Even people who don’t like cats cannot deny the pure adorableness of a large-eyed fluffball.

Some cat breeds with big eyes, like the pretty Persian and sophisticated Sphynx, are well-known, while others, like the Singapura, are more mysterious. Get to know these 21 cute cats with big eyes.

1. Abyssinian

Abyssinian Tabby Mix with golden eyes lying on his side looking into the camera.

With large, triangular-shaped peepers, big ears, and a ticked coat, Abyssinian kitties stand out for their extremely unique appearance. Their eye color is generally bright, somewhere between green and gold. Sometimes, the Abys, as they are also called, will have dark markings on their brows, giving them even more striking features.

Abys cats are very affectionate and highly intelligent, making them lively companions. They get along well with other pets and children. Abyssinians are very playful kitties who make lovely family pets.

2. Bombay

A black Bombay cat with bright yellow eyes looking excited.

Bombay cats are quite striking in appearance. These kitties have jet-black fur and bright yellow eyes. The Bombay’s eye shape is round and full. Bombay cats have eye colors that range from copper to golden. Along with large, piercing eyes, the Bombay kitty has a rounded head, ears, and a stocky build. They look like tiny panthers scampering across your living room.

Bombay cats were developed right here in the U.S. They are a hybrid bred from the Burmese and the American Shorthair. Bombays are quite playful, love attention, and can be clingy. They love to be your shadow and seek interaction with people all day long.

3. Burmese

A Burmese cat lying down looking at camera on side.

The beautiful Burmese has a round head and large, vivid golden eyes. Burmese kitties are popular for their very affectionate temperament and people-oriented focus. These wide-eyed beauties simply adore being around people and are often called “Velcro” cats. With a sweet voice and bossy temperament, this kitty will soon rule the house.

There are two varieties of Burmese, American and European (British). The American version is slightly larger. Both have large, expressive eyes. Burmese kitties make lovely pets as they love being picked up, petted, and made the center of attention. Sometimes, the Burmese are called shoulder cats due to their habit of jumping and perching on shoulders or bent arms.

4. California Spangled Cat

The California Spangled Cat or Spangle is not a breed many cat lovers have heard of. The Spangle is considered rare and was purposely bred to have a leopard-like appearance with almond-shaped eyes of blue or green. This big-eyed kitty was created by mixing multiple breeds, including the American Shorthair, Abyssinian, Angora, Siamese, and British Shorthair, among others. Spangles have a distinctly spotted look, similar to that of an ocelot, leopard, or other speckled wild cat species.

Spangle kitties make lovely pets with outgoing and fun personalities to accompany their wild looks. The California Spangled Cat is hard to find and quite expensive, with an expected price tag between $800 and $3,000 due to scarcity.

5. Chartreux

The Chartreux cat has a distinctive look and might be most well-known for their alluring and prominent, orange-colored eyes. Along with being large and brightly colored, the eyes of a Chartreux are slightly turned up at the outer corners. With round, chubby cheeks, the Chartreux also has a blue-gray coat, giving them a very particular look.

Chartreux cats are an old French breed that has lived among people for centuries. They make excellent pets with a playful yet calm demeanor and high intelligence. These kitties are often described as potato-shaped due to their plump, curved body shape.

6. Cornish Rex

A Cornish Rex kitten sitting in the arms of a man.

The large, curious peepers on the Cornish Rex and prominent pointed ears give this kitty one of the most interesting and distinctive physical appearances we’ve seen. The Cornish Rex’s eyes are brightly colored in amber, blue gold, copper, orange, yellow, and mismatched hues. Their heads are oblong, almost egg-shaped, and their ears have been described as bat-like. Cornish Rex cats have a slender, muscular build and are sometimes called the “Greyhound of the cat world.”

The Cornish Rex hails from Cornwall, England, born of natural breeding, and has a unique curly coat. These kitties are very inquisitive, highly active, and love people. The Cornish Rex is famous for their climbing skills, and it’s not unusual to find them perched atop the refrigerator, bookshelves, or hiding at the top of your closet.

7. Cymric

This often-unheard-of Canadian kitty breed has an amicable, sweet personality that matches their larger-than-average round eyes. The unmistakably large peepers of thy Cymric kitty come in copper, green, blue, and hazel shades. The breed has petite pointed ears that make the eye’s appearance even more prominent. Along with those gorgeous lookers, the Cymric stands out due to the lack of a tail.

The Cymric kitty is often described as a longer-haired Manx with a stumpy tail. They share many features with the Manx, including a long-lasting, kitten-like personality. This playful temperament makes the Cymric a lovely pet for families with children.

8. Devon Rex

Portrait of a beautiful Devon Rex cat looking at the camera.

The Devon Rex is an incredibly tiny kitty with noticeably large eyes. These kitties are fragile and only reach about 8 pounds when fully grown. Their large, round peepers can come in shades of amber, blue, copper, green, hazel, gold, orange, and yellow. The Devon Rex has an imp-like look and a quirky temperament to go with it.

Although they have curly coats similar to the Cornish Rex and hail from the same area, these two breeds are not the same. The Devon Rex has a thin, fuzzy coat that can come in a wide range of colors. They’re quite friendly and like attention, using those big kitty peepers to plead and usually win their case.

9. Egyptian Mau

Egyptian Mau cats are quite elegant in appearance, with remarkably intense eyes. Their eyes are large and an almond shape, slanting slightly upward at the outer corners. A purebred, show-quality Egyptian Mau will have a “gooseberry green” eye color. The Mau is also known as one of very few breeds of domestic feline that is naturally spotted. Their distinctive coats and alert countenance give them a regal, in-charge demeanor.

Egyptian Maus have a clear M shape on their foreheads, often referred to as “the mark of the scarab.” Their bodies are muscular, with hind legs longer than their forelegs, adding to their regal and exotic look. Maus are highly intelligent, and though they’re aloof around strangers, they become affectionate and interactive with their close family members.

10. Elf Cat

The Elf Cat is a rare, exotic hybrid of a Sphynx and an American Curl. This pairing creates a kitty with huge eyes, curled ears, and a hairless body that resembles a house elf. The large eyes are mesmerizing and stand out on their tiny faces. Their eye color can range between blue and gold.

Along with commanding attention with their large peepers, Elf Cats also have demanding personalities. They thrive on attention and like to be the center of everyone’s focus. Elf Cats are highly intelligent and make lovely pets in the right family. If you ever have the pleasure of meeting one, this unusual-looking feline is one you’ll not soon forget.

11. Japanese Bobtail

The Japanese Bobtail has oval-shaped, prominently sized eyes. They are spaced out at the corners of the head, creating a wide-open, alert gaze. The eye colors can come in just about any shade, as well as mismatched. Along with their adorably wide peepers, the Japanese Bobtail is famous for its short, bobbed tail. Their tail has been described as more like a rabbit’s than a cat’s.

The large eyes of the Japanese Bobtail give them an alluring, demure appearance. Their personality goes along with that. This kitty is very sociable and playful yet not overly energetic or attention-seeking. The Japanese Bobtail is considered an ancient breed and has been traced back to sometime in the 1600s in Japan.

12. LaPerm

LaPerms have wide, almond-shaped eyes that can come in a range of shades, including amber, brown, blue, copper, green, and mismatched. They have highly engaged expressions and huge ears. The combination gives them a constantly curious and almost mischievous facial appearance. LaPerms also have curly coats and long plumed tails.

The LaPerm breed is relatively new, originating from a litter of barn kittens. Their curly coats result from a mutated gene and can be almost any color. LaPerms love attention and are happy to live the lap cat lifestyle.

13. Persian

A white Persian cat sitting on a black background.

The gorgeous Persian cat is beloved for its flowing coat and gentle personality. Persians also have beautiful, big eyes. They can reel just about anyone in. Persian cats have rounded heads, flat faces, big cheeks, and rounded ears. The bigger eyes are one of this kitty’s most noticeable features. Persian kitty eye colors can come in shades of vibrant blues, copper, and green hues.

Persian kitties are lovely pets and very docile in nature. They love to lie about and relax and are more than happy to spend a day on the couch with you. Persian kitties are high maintenance because their coats need constant attention.

14. RagaMuffin

RagaMuffin cat sitting on white background.

RagaMuffins are extremely cute cats with large, walnut-shaped eyes that can come in shades of blue, green, and gold. They are wide set on their faces, creating an engaged expression. RagaMuffins are large-bodied cats known for being incredibly loving. They are a variation of the original Ragdoll breed crossed with other longhairs such as the Angora, Persian, and Himalayan.

RagaMuffins are highly affectionate cats who sometimes inherit the floppy behavior exhibited by the Ragdoll. They love to be around people, have no trouble adapting to other pets, and are very tolerant of children. Ragamuffins can be playful but have moderate energy, making them wonderful pets and family companions.

15. Russian Blue

Russian cat outdoors in autumn nature.

Russian Blue cats stand out in a crowd for their exquisite-looking eyes. Theirs are a remarkable shade of green, accompanied by a silvery blue coat. Purebred Russian Blues will only have emerald-colored eyes, though they are born with blue ones that start to change into green around four months.

Russian Blues also have a slightly upturned, rounded mouth, giving them a subtle yet constant smile. Their triangular-shaped faces make the eyes stand out even more. This breed has a reserved personality and an elegant reputation. They are pretty shy and do not like strangers but are gentle and affectionate with those they are close to.

16. Scottish Fold

Scottish Fold cat sitting on ground next to sofa.

Scottish Folds are an adorable feline breed with tiny, folded ears and noticeably large, expressive eyes. They can come in various colors: blue, copper, gold, and green. Odd-colored eyeballs and heterochromia often occur in this breed. Scottish Folds are incredibly unique due to the folded cartilage of their ears, rounded faces, and wide peepers.

They are often compared to teddy bears or owls for their unique physical characteristics. Not all Scottish Folds have folded ears, which is caused by a genetic mutation, though all have large, curious eyes. These incredibly loyal kitties love attention and hanging out with their owners. They are very curious and love to explore, often getting into cabinets, closets, and other areas they should not.

17. Siamese

Siamese cat lying down on carpet looking up at camera.

The famous Siamese cat may be most well known for their incredibly elegant demeanor and captivating almond-shaped blue eyes. Siamese kitties have the unique distinction of being the only breed that always has blue eye color. There are variations within the breed, and shades can include bluish-gray.

Siamese kitties are one of the most popular breeds in the world, and for a good reason: they have lovely personalities to go along with those gorgeous looks. This breed is highly intelligent and can be trained to do tricks and even walk on a leash. Siamese kitties can be very affectionate when they want to be, often using those big blue orbs to urge their owners for more cuddles and treats.

18. Siberian Forest Cat

The triple-coated Siberian Forest Cat is built for rugged conditions. These kitties have a lot of hair and widely set large eyes. They are roundish to almond-shaped and can be in many colors, including green, blue, gold, and copper.

Siberian kitties are very playful with a good amount of energy. They get along well with other pets, including dogs, and love children. Despite the hefty amount of hair, Siberians don’t shed heavily and can make affectionate and loyal companions.

19. Singapura

The Singapura cat has enormous, round eyes. Compared to their tiny bodies (4-8 pounds), the eyes appear huge and are one of the Singapura’s most recognizable features. They cover almost half the space of those kitties’ faces, giving them a surreal, practically toy-like look.

Singapuras have fine, silky coats that stick close to their bodies. They are small in body but not in spirit and love to be involved in your day-to-day activities. The Singapura is relatively rare and not seen too often in the United States.

20. Sphynx

A cute tricolor Sphynx kitten with big ears sits on the owner's lap.

The elegant, hairless Sphynx is another kitty with prominent peepers. Sphynx eyes are large, oval, or lemon-shaped, with a clear point on each side. They can be in many colors, including yellow, blue, copper, orange, red, and green. They can also display heterochromia. The Sphynx’s eyes tilt upwards on the outside, toward the bottom corner of the outer ear.

Because they have no hair, the eye often stands out even more obviously on the sophisticated Sphynx. The characteristic eye shape and placement on their faces give these kitties an intense gaze when they look at you head-on. Sphynx cats are curious, intelligent, playful, and make unforgettable pets.

21. Tonkinese

Tonkinese Cat sitting on a chair under the table.

Tonkinese kitties have prominent, bright eyes that command attention. A mix between the Siamese and the Burmese, Tonks are famous for their aqua blue, yes, though not every member of the breed inherits them. Some will have brilliant green or golden hues rather than blue. All Tonks have almond-shaped, wide-open eyes, a standout feature on their faces. Colorpoint Tonkinese kitties usually have bright blue peepers.

These kitties are lovely companions and do not require much grooming. They have a playful personality and a loving nature. Tonkinese kitties love to be around people and especially enjoy cuddles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below, I cover some of the top questions owners ask about cats with big eyes. If I missed yours, let us know in the comments.

Which cat breed has the biggest eyes?

That distinction often goes to the Singapura breed. This breed is the International Cat Association’s smallest recognized breed and has an eye shape that is relatively large in proportion to their heads.

What does it mean if my cat’s eyes are wide open?

A wide-eyed cat with dilated pupils is likely excited or has some stored-up energy about something. Wide open eyes and a tense body mean your fur baby is afraid of something or senses something that makes them feel the need to be alert.

What causes bulging eyes in cats?

A bulging eye is different from having a more prominent eye structure. A kitty with a bulging eye may suffer from inflammation, infection, abscess, a foreign body, or other medical conditions causing the eye to bulge outward. Eye bulging is not normal and is something you should connect with your veterinarian about.

Other Adorable Feline Breeds

Cats are beloved for their adorable looks, whether they have big Puss-n-Boots peepers or not. As a lifelong feline fan, I know there are plenty of other adorable breeds to consider. We have you covered if you want to get to know more delightful breeds. Learn more in our guides on the calmest cat breeds, flat-faced breeds, and those to avoid if you have allergies.

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