Best Toys For Bengal Cats

The mighty Bengal cat is a breed that is highly energetic and needs high quality toys. We review some of the best options of cat toys for this breed and talk about what to look for.

Danielle DeGroot

Last Updated: June 19, 2023 | 15 min read

Bengal Cat playing with toy

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Bengal cats are an intriguing breed known for their high intelligence, great energy, and playful attitude. They are curious, clever, and always looking for something to do. These big kitties need many toys to interact with that keep them interested. They need to be stimulated, so toys need to keep them entertained. This is not a breed that will last long with a catnip-filled mouse or simple scratching post. They need more. Toys are not just for fun. They fill a much bigger need. Toys help keep kitties entertained, interested, and mentally stimulated.

A bored Bengal has a lot of potential to get destructive and start acting out. Thankfully toys for the “pet leopard” come in many varieties. Bengal cats are not all one and the same. They will have unique interests and needs, just like humans. Playtime may not look the same for every Bengal, but some toys will delight every kind of kitty taste. We reviewed some of the top toys on the market that work well for Bengals.

Whether you are a new owner looking for ideas to keep your pet leopard entertained or are an experienced owner looking for the top toys around, we have it all covered. We also discuss what to look for when buying a cat toy and recommend several options to help make the process easy for owners and bring hours of fun to kitties. Let’s dive right in!

At a Glance: Best Toys For Bengals

Best Puzzle

Cat Amazing Puzzle Feeder


Best Kitten

Upsky Cat Roller

SnugglyCat The Ripple Rug

Best Adult

SnuglyCat Ripple Rug


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Buyer’s Guide

There are a few things purr parents need to consider when picking a toy for their kitty. Of course, safety is always crucial. Not every toy will be made the same or have the same purpose, so owners should take time to learn about different kinds of feline play and the available products available.

Things to Consider

Type of Play

There are different kinds of play felines engage in. Feline play usually exhibits what is described as mock aggression, where they imitate hunting, pouncing, stalking, biting, sneaking about, and more. While this may seem like real aggression or a bit rough to us humans, this is a natural, fun play for felines. When felines are at play, their ears tend to point forward, and claws may be out but will not be used aggressively. Cats who are fighting in jest lean forward, not backward.

Some feline play will be indoors. Some will be both indoor and outdoor. Toys can be used for individual or interactive play with other pets and owners. Understanding the toy’s purpose and the type of play the cat will engage in is the first step to picking the right toy.


Durability should be a priority. Cheaper, poor-quality products tend not to last as long and break down quicker. Quality should be a significant consideration, as cat toys that break down immediately defeat the purpose of keeping a Bengal entertained. Because these felines are known to be high energy, making sure the items they play with will last a while and are made well not to pose a safety hazard is a top priority.


The materials a toy is constructed of play a big part in the durability and safety of that toy. While it is common to assume that any products marketed for animals would be safe for their use, there are, unfortunately, some companies that still include materials that can pose a risk. An owner must make sure they are picking high-quality, safe playthings made from appropriate materials. Avoid any plush toy filled with beans, nutshells, polystyrene beads, or foam balls.

Cat toys made from natural hemp, fur, cotton, felt, fabric, and wool are usually safe. However, owners need to be aware that there is no toy that is 100% safe. For this reason, it is always important to supervise your kitty when playing with toys, especially new ones. Always inspect products for detachable parts, choking hazards, and other possible safety issues. Sometimes products have things added to them for aesthetic purposes like eyes, bells, and feathers. These can be removed if needed to make the toy more appropriate and safer for your pet.

Look out for safety hazards like:

  1. Squeakers can be a choking hazard or sometimes be small enough for a cat to swallow.
  2. Wooden toys can cause splinters and other injuries to felines. Some more rigid plastics can also splinter and break. These items can get stuck in a cat’s teeth and throat and potentially cause internal injury or blockage. Cat towers and other products made with wooden bases should be safely covered with carpeting or other cat-safe materials to prevent the possibility of injury.
  3. Though many kitty toys are charming to look at, pay close attention to those added decorations like eyes, ribbons, long strings, feathers, and bells. While these can be very entertaining for a short time, pets may try to eat them and, in some cases, can swallow these items causing a range of digestive issues.
  4. Stay away from balls of yarn, string, ribbon, and threads. Though felines love chasing and playing with these items, they are very dangerous. They can cause intestinal blockages or get twisted in a feline’s internal organs if swallowed.
  5. Though it is common to give dogs rawhide treats, kitties are a different story. Even though Bengals have as much energy as pups, they should never be given anything that contains rawhide.
  6. Cats are very good at fitting in small spaces, and some products can have openings that can potentially be hazardous. Make sure all openings in cat tunnels, towers, etc., are large enough for kitties to fit through easily.
  7. While they can be fun, cat toys that use a lot of dyes and other chemicals are not always the safest for pets. This is why it is essential to always read the labels and make sure that you are buying from a reputable brand.


Safety should always be the number one priority for cat toys. For this reason, it is best to stick to higher-quality options that are safe. Unfortunately, some cheaper options are made from low-quality materials and can be very dangerous for pets. There is nothing worse than buying your kitty a new ball only to find out that they were able to eat half of it within the first couple of hours. Rather than face a potential health crisis, invest in safe, high-quality toys. Sticking to higher-rated brands, looking at all the pictures, and reading user reviews.

Additionally, with many things being purchased online from different sellers, check out the seller’s reviews and ratings. If other customers have not been happy or had an issue with the quality of toys, that can be a bad sign.

Avoid products that have sharp edges and corners, as these can cause injury.

It is also part of an owner’s responsibility to ensure that any playthings they give their pets are used under the proper supervision. There are toy options out there that can be used independently. However, some should only be used during specific play times.


Stay away from smaller items that have tiny parts. These can be a choking hazard, get stuck in your kitty’s teeth or mouth, and potentially cause intestinal blockages. Make sure that any toy you give your kitty is big enough to fit in their mouth without being swallowed. Larger items are safer, as they prevent the risk of being swallowed or choking.


Some pet toys will require batteries. It is crucial to make sure the batteries are secure. High-quality playthings will usually have batteries that are secured in with screws. Tiny batteries should be avoided as these are choking hazards and can be fatal if swallowed. Owners should never allow a kitty to play with an electronic toy without supervision.

Avoid Household Items

Household items may seem like fun playthings for kitties, but many present serious safety hazards. Never allow your kitty to play with rubber bands, batteries, buttons, pipe cleaners, wires, paper clips, hair ties, or small plastic parts. It is also essential to ensure any plants they are around are safe and not toxic. Some items like cardboard boxes, ping pong balls, and empty cardboard tubes can be safe and fun, as long as cats are not chewing up the cardboard.


Buy the best quality pet toys you can afford. Quality is more important than quantity. Owners should not go broke on cat products but should remember that the least expensive option is not always the best choice. Neither is the most costly. Budget is always a concern, so doing thorough research before buying is helpful. Always look for warranty and return policies in case toys break or cats do not like them.

Best Toys For Bengal Cats

We reviewed some of our favorites and some of the top-rated toys available. We will tell you our favorites and why we love every choice on the list. These playthings go beyond the basic catnip-filled mouse, which is, of course, always a hit. We will discuss why we like these options and what features make them stand out. Here are choices for the best Bengal toys in no particular order.

Puzzle Toys For Bengal Cats

Bengal cats are incredibly intelligent and do very well with puzzle toys. These can keep them entertained for hours and are great for cats that must be left home alone during the day. Owners can purchase a couple of different puzzle options and switch them out, so Bengals do not get bored.

CAT AMAZING Interactive Treat Maze & Puzzle Feeder

CAT AMAZING Interactive Treat Maze & Puzzle Feeder
  • Puzzle and feeder.
  • Three levels of difficulty.
  • Multiple ways to play.
  • Solo or multiple cats.
  • Award-winning.
  • Aids in digestion slower eating, and weight loss.

This puzzle box has three different levels of difficulty to keep cats going. As they get better, the puzzle gets trickier, perfect for the highly intelligent Bengal. This one allows kitties to explore as they scratch and sniff their way to find hidden treats.

This is an excellent choice for kitties that need to slow down when eating and is very effective for cats that need to lose weight, as well as meal management. It is versatile and can be used with all sorts of treats, play items, and as a dry food dispenser. It will keep kitties entertained for hours.

We love that this can be used for cats of all ages and is both a toy and a puzzle feeder. It can be used for one cat or multiple and promotes mental stimulation and physical activity. Cats take about 5 to 15 minutes to figure this out, but because it can be reset over and over, it is great for hours of fun. Additionally, it is affordable and can be set up anywhere. It also comes in a slider puzzle box, suitable for kittens and adults.

All for Paws Interactive Puzzle Feeder

All for Paws Interactive Puzzle Feeder
  • Three levels of difficulty.
  • Customizable for endless puzzle possibilities.
  • See-through to keep cats intrigued.
  • All ages.
  • Works with treats and dry food.

This puzzle feeder has three different levels of difficulty. Owners can also custom-create a level based on their cat. This one is versatile and fun. It keeps cats going for a long time seeking out those tasty rewards. Non-slip rubber feet keep things secure while cats are playing/eating.

Owners report it takes some time for cats to figure it out, but that is the whole point! After they understand how it works, the different difficulty levels keep the challenge going. It can be used with different kinds of treats, which adds variety. Best for indoor use, easy to clean, and comes with a one-year warranty.

We love that this one is customizable and can be repeatedly changed to a different maze. It keeps cats entertained for hours because they can see and smell the treat and know what they are trying to get. Despite seeming like it is easy, this one is truly a challenge. The clear top keeps cats interested, even those that get discouraged from other puzzle boxes.

Nina Ottosson by Petstages Buggin' Out Puzzle & Play

  • No removable parts, durable.
  • Several varieties of toys.
  • Treat dispensers and food bowls.
  • Nonslip base.
  • Sixteen treat compartments.
  • Affordable, easy to clean.

Petstages, interactive puzzles, and feeders are made to appeal to the natural foraging instinct felines have. They must hunt through this toy, batting obstacles out of the way to find their prey, in this case, treats or food. It can be adjusted for greater difficulty as cats adapt and learn.

No removable parts, and very durable. The non-slip base makes it perfect to use just about anywhere in the house. Sixteen hidden treat compartments keep cats busy and trigger their instincts to forage. Easy to clean, no worry about missing parts or little removable choking hazards.

We love that Petstages offers several varieties of puzzle toys at increasing difficulty levels. They are affordable, so owners can purchase multiple, keeping kitties interested for a very long time. Kittens to senior cats will find something they love to play with. There are at least eleven different varieties and treat dispensers and feeders. Owners can mix and match to find the perfect selection of playthings to keep that curious Bengal interested.

Best Toys For Bengal Kittens

These toys work great for high-energy, very smart, growing kittens. They help keep that endless energy at bay and give kittens a safe place to let loose.

UPSKY Roller 3-Level Turntable Balls

  • Three levels of turntables.
  • Made from tear-resistant plastic.
  • Stimulates hunting instincts.
  • Solo play.
  • Easy to disable and clean.



This one looks like fun and cats love it. Three levels of colorful spinning balls for kitties to chase after. It keeps them busy and gets energy out. Stimulates hunting instincts and gives them something to hunt, other than your feet and furniture. The base and tracks are made from tear-resistant PP.

This one is great for solo play and will keep a kitty entertained when they are home alone for the day. They can easily amuse themselves with the leveled turntables. It comes with extra balls that are another fun way to play. It may be used solar or played with more than one kitty at a time.

What we love about this one is that it is so durable and easy to clean. A simple design that offers hours of fun. Perfect for kittens, but adult kitties will also want in on the fun. Anti-slip mats keep it in place while the kitty chases the colorful balls. A low center of gravity keeps it steady. Very affordable, so owners can set them up in multiple locations, giving kitties various ways to play. It also comes in several fun colors.

Tempcore 3 Way Collapsible Tunnel

Tempcore 3 Way Collapsible Tunnel
  • 3-way tunnel with ten in height.
  • Tear-resistant polyester.
  • Sprung steel frame.
  • Additional feathered toy.
  • Balls at every exit.
  • Collapsable and easy to move.

Tempore’s 3-way tunnel is perfect for kittens to get some exercise and mental stimulation. It has peepholes for kitties to pop up through, as well as a feathered toy for additional interaction.

Tunnels are made from tear-resistant polyester with a sprung steel frame. These are sturdy and hold up to the immense energy of a Bengal kitten. Each tunnel has a ball at the exit, adding another fun layer. Tunnels stand about 10 inches tall, so kitties have plenty of room to move around.

We love that this tunnel is versatile and easily collapsible for convenient storage. It can go anywhere with you, so this is great to set up in different places in the house and for traveling. The company offers a 100% money-back guarantee. Great for kittens and adults less than 12 pounds.

Ethical Products Cat Springs

  • Sturdy, not easy to break.
  • A great alternative to catnip.
  • Highly interactive play.
  • Simple, yet hours of fun.
  • Perfect for solo play.

These cat springs are a huge hit. They are a simple, classic, yet highly entertaining toy. Kittens go crazy for these, and owners love them. These are highly stimulating and perfect for solo play. Multiple kitties can play with springs simultaneously, but each should have its own.

These are an excellent alternative to catnip and come with thin and wide springs for variety. They are colorful and sturdy. The springs roll and stretch for lots of interactive play. They do not break easily and are designed for maximum bounce.

What we love about these is that they are simple yet offer hours of zany fun. They bounce unpredictably everywhere, and cats love to chase them, bat them about, and hide them. Kittens love to chase things, and springs are a safe, fun option.

Best Toys For Adult Bengals

These options are perfect for entertaining adult Bengals. Playing with these offers a variety of ways for cats to burn off energy and get mental stimulation. We love these choices for the adult pet leopard.

SnuglyCat Ripple Rug

  • Unique tunnel and play mat.
  • Sturdy, while soft and cozy.
  • Customizable, a new structure every time.
  • Nonslip natural rubber bottom.
  • Promotes healthy human and feline interaction.

The Ripple Rug play mat is a multifunctional play area and bed that gives cats multiple options for interaction. This mat has tunnels, holes, and ripples and is customizable. Owners can create a new shape every time. Made in the USA, this is the original Ripple Rug.

The non-slip rubber bottom keeps smart in place while cats pounce and explore. It is good to be used solo or with multiple pets. Kitties can scratch, play, or sleep. It allows them a safe space to exert that play aggression and instinct to pounce. Promotes positive feline and human interaction.

What we love about this one is that it is meant to be both soft and sturdy and hold up to some rough play. Easy to care for and clean. Designed for the top carpet to release if needed under extreme stress. Designed by cat owners, this one truly is a unique yet super fun treat for a Bengal. Openings are able to be enlarged if need be.

SmartyKat Hot Pursuit Electronic Concealed Motion Toy

SmartyKat Hot Pursuit Electronic Concealed Motion Cat Toy
  • Highly interactive.
  • Designed for immersive play.
  • Cats can chase, pounce and bat.
  • Electronic toy.
  • Movin flights and feather wand.
  • Sustainable product.



This highly interactive toy is terrific for a high-energy Bengal. It promotes felines playing through physical exercise. They were designed for cats to chase, bat, and pounce on hidden prey. This is a perfect toy for breeds like the Bengals, who are skilled hunters. It features moving lights and a feather wand that slips into the fabric. It is unpredictable and keeps kitties interested for a long time.

No long cords or choking hazards, designed for intense, immersive play. Products are focused on sustainability and made from principally recycled, reclaimed, renewable materials and organic resources. The wand is easily replaceable.

We love that this mat gives cats a safe place to get out some of that innate hunting behavior, especially important for the Bengal. The combination of interaction and stimulation is a perfect mix.

Valonii Rechargeable Motion Activated Laser

  • Motion-activated lasers.
  • Rechargeable large-capacity battery.
  • Interactive play.
  • Two speeds.
  • Auto on and off.
  • High level of interaction with cats.

There is no question that felines of all breeds love laser pointers. They are amazing playthings for the Bengal, keeping them entranced. This motion-activated rechargeable one by Valonii is an excellent choice. It allows owners to get work done while their purr babies get all the fun of a laser pointer play session. It has both a fast and slow mode and adjustable circling ranges.

The product comes with a 12-month warranty and is made to be durable. It features a silent motor for quiet play. It has an auto on/off power setting and is designed to be energy-saving. Large capacity battery included.

We love that this offers high levels of interaction and works with a cat’s unpredictable behavior. The motion activation keeps the fun going for hours. Cats can get out that energy and have a ton of fun in the process. His one is best for indoor play.

Best Bengal Cat Accessories

Along with toys, grooming tools, food, and other care items, there are a few other accessories Bengal owners should look at for cats of all ages. These promote exercise and give cats a great way to burn off energy. This is very important for the high-energy Bengal.

WUQIAO Cat Exercise Treadmill Ferris Wheel

WUQIAO Cat Exercise Wheel Cat Treadmill Ferris Wheel Pet Furniture Cat Climbing House
  • Eco-friendly materials.
  • Easy to use.
  • Multiple surfaces to play, climb, and scratch.
  • Treadmill-like design for cats to run and play.
  • Suitable for all ages.

This sturdy cat wheel and the climbing combo are everything the Bengal needs to get active. This may be used for adults and kittens alike. Places to climb and scratch and a big wheel to run in. Made from corrugated cardboard, it is eco-friendly and lightweight. We love that it is so versatile and is able to be moved easily. Come in a small and large sizes.

TINTON LIFE Wall-mounted Cat Hammock with 2 Steps

TINTON LIFE Wall-mounted Cat Hammock with 2 Steps
  • 2 cat condos.
  • 4 shelves/perches.
  • 2 fabric ladders.
  • Good for multiple cats.
  • Made from solid pine wood, Sisal, and fabric.
  • Deluxe option.

Cat steps like this give kitties like Bengal an excellent way to explore safely inside. They come basic or fancy, and cats love them all. This 9-piece set has everything a Bengal wants when it comes to a play structure. A cozy condo, ladders, multiple steps, and a sisal scratching post. It holds up to 50 pounds, so it can stand up to the enormous energy and highly active Bengal. We love that it is so sturdy and has so many options for the high-energy pet leopard.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of toys are best for my Bengal cat?

All cats are different, so their needs for playthings will vary. However, owners should remember that the Bengal is a very high-energy cat. This means that they need entertainment that caters to highly active cats. While they may enjoy playing with a basic ball or scratching post, the Bengal does need more. Look for highly interactive products that provide more than one option for play. This breed does very well with options like puzzles and interactive options they can chase and move about with.

Is one toy enough for my Bengal?

One toy is not going to be enough for the Bengal cat. These kitties are highly intelligent and always full of energy. They need a lot of different options for play. The benefit of this is that owners can mix and match. Bengals will play with everything from a simple catnip-filled mouse to more complicated things like steps built on the wall, interactive cat towers, and cat wheels. Owners should always make sure to buy top-quality toys. While they need more than one toy, Bengals should not be given unsafe or poor-quality products. There is a happy medium where owners can find both expensive and inexpensive playthings of good quality to offer their Bengals a wide variety of playthings. Additionally, owners should switch out products regularly to help them stand up longer and keep a variety in what a cat gets to play with.

How often should I replace cat toys?

Cat toys should be replaced as soon as they start to show excessive wear and tear. Investing in high-quality, sturdy play options is an excellent way to make them last longer. However, some kitties play rougher than others and may destroy or break down a toy quicker. An owner should inspect toys regularly for signs of breakage and potential hazards to your cat.

Final Thoughts

While we haven’t covered every toy appropriate for a Bengal cat on the market, we have discussed some of the top sellers and our favorites. We hope you have learned a lot about the kinds of toys this healthy, energetic breed will need to have. Keep in mind that they have high energy and a lot of attitudes, so owners need to be ready to offer a variety of play options. Toys that promote physical activity, exercise, and mental stimulation work best for this breed. Hopefully, our buying guide has prepared you with enough information to pick the very best toy for your sweet Bengal cat. Pick a few that you know your cat will like and watch as hours of fun unfold.

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