Savannah Cat Price: How Much Do Savannah Cats Cost?

All pedigree cats come with a higher price than a domestic feline, but purchasing a Savannah will be well above standard cat prices. How much are Savannah cats? We cover everything from breeder and veterinary costs to expenses for food, litter, toys, and other supplies.

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Savannah cats are known for their large size, exotic appearance, and friendly personality. They are also one of the most expensive cat breeds in the world due to their rarity and the fact that these cats are a hybrid created by breeding a domestic cat with the wild African serval.

If your heart is set on owning a Savannah, preparing yourself for the upfront costs and additional monthly costs is essential. These cats are expensive to buy and have higher monthly expenditures due to their unique diet and lifestyle needs.

Let’s jump in and discuss the cost of the Savannah cat, factors that impact price, and other expenses associated with owning this unique breed.

How Much Is A Savannah Kitten?

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Thinking about getting a Savannah cat as a pet? There are a number of costs to consider first.

Savannah kitten prices vary dramatically based on multiple factors. In particular, breeding generation and sex play a massive role in kitten costs. Below is an idea of what each generation will cost.

GenerationServal PercentageMale PriceFemale Price
F611% or less$1,500-$4,000$1,500-$3,000
F711% or less$1,500-$2,500$1,500-$2,500

You’re unlikely to find a Savannah cat unless you are working with a breeder; however, expect to pay around $150 to $500 for one of these cats via a shelter or rescue facility. 

Factors That Affect The Price Of The Savannah Cat

Savannah Cat sitting.
There are several things that can impact the cost of getting a Savannah cat.


An F1 Savannah is 50% wild African serval. The “F” stands for the cat’s filial rating, or how many generations a particular kitten is removed from the African serval. In the case of an F1 Savannah, these cats are the first generation of domestic Savannah. F1 cats are the most expensive Savannahs, reaching $20,000 or more.

Age & Sex

Younger Savannahs typically cost more than adults since owners get to experience all stages of a kitten’s life. In addition, female Savannah cats are priced higher than males. Males often have infertility in the early generations of the hybrid breeding process, so females retain a higher since they can be used for mating purposes. Male fertility is expected during the F5 to F7 generations, where kitten costs typically level out between the sexes.

Breeder Quality

Savannah cat prices will vary based on the breeder due to the breeders’ investment in producing healthy, well-adjusted kittens. Breeders that pay for more resources to ensure their kitten quality will have higher-priced kittens, but a healthy feline will save you money in the long term by avoiding expensive vet bills.


The most common coat color for Savannah cats is brown, tan, or gold with black spots. For more rare colors, expect to pay a higher cost.

Location & Time Of Year

When purchasing a Savannah kitten, expect costs to vary based on the breeder’s location. Price quotes may differ based on business costs, the state’s economic condition, and shipping fees.

Initial Price Of Supplies And Setup For Savannah Cat

Besides the cost of your cat or kitten, there are many other initial costs to plan for when bringing a new cat into your home. According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), a reasonable estimate for initial costs is around $455.

Vet Exam and Shots$175
Litter Box$20
Scratching Post$15
Grooming Tools$20

Consider this a good base number, but you’ll likely spend more. The costs of veterinary care will depend on your location. These fees, plus other supplies like food and water bowls, litter, a cat bed, and a pet license (required in certain cities/states), put a reasonable estimate at anywhere from $550 to $1,250.

How Much Do Savannah Cats Cost Per Month?

Savannah cat on rope laying outside in green grass.
Training a Savannah cat is an additional cost to think about.


Most owners feed their Savannah cats a high-quality raw diet; however, for later generations, any cat food with a high animal protein content is good. Always check the ingredient list on the back of the packaging. You want to see animal protein from various sources listed within the first five ingredients. Wet food is the best option as it has a high moisture content and is lower in carbohydrates than kibble. Expect to pay between $30 and $185 monthly for later generations and up to $300 monthly for earlier-generation Savannahs.


After food, litter and litter box care will be your Savannah’s most significant monthly cost. The type of litter you get will affect your total cost. Expect to pay around $25 to $50 monthly for kitty litter.

Medical Care & Insurance

All cats require regular medical care throughout their lives. Your monthly expenses in this category will vary, especially as your Savannah ages and requires extra vet visits and medications. Felines typically see the vet twice yearly, with routine visits costing as little as $50 and as high as $250 or more. According to the APPA National Pet Owners Survey, feline owners spend $178 annually in routine vet visits and $201 annually in surgical vet visits; however, accidents and injuries can skyrocket your vet bills. Budgeting for emergency medical costs is tricky, so feline owners should consider purchasing cat insurance.

According to the North American Pet Health Insurance Association (NAPHIA), the average annual premium for cat accident and illness pet insurance was $387.01. While it may seem like an unnecessary cost, cat insurance could save you thousands of dollars if your cat gets sick or injured.

Additional Costs To Consider


Grooming is an optional cost for Savannahs. While this breed shouldn’t require much grooming, you may wish to have your Savannah professionally groomed. According to the World Animal Foundation (WAF), a trip to the groomer will cost $30 to $100 per session.

Toys, Treats, And More

Spoiling your cat with toys and treats is one of the best parts of owning a cat. As any pet parent knows, it’s easy to go overboard when shopping for your furry friend. One of the best ways to keep a consistent budget is by subscribing to a monthly cat gift service. Cat subscription boxes to consider include:

  • Meowbox: This $25.95 monthly subscription service delivers fun toys and delicious treats to your door every month (or bi-monthly). Boxes have adorable themes like Land Meow Under, an Austrailian-themed box featuring catnip toys shaped like a koala, snake, and sun hat.
  • KitNipBox: Monthly boxes range from $19.99 to $29.99 and include five to seven products, including treats and catnip toys.
  • BoxCatPay $28 monthly for handmade treats and small toys or $45 monthly for treats, toys, and luxury items (blankets, cat houses, and scratching posts).

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about Savannahs and the Savannah cat price. Don’t see yours? Ask us in the comments.

Why Are Savannah Cats So Expensive?

The Savannah is a unique hybrid cat that can be difficult and costly to breed, which is why they are so expensive.

What Is The Lifespan Of A Savannah Cat?

Savannahs are generally healthy and have an estimated lifespan of 12 to 20 years.

Savannah Cat Generations Explained

Are you ready to learn more about the Savannah cat? We cover everything you need to know about Savannah cat generations, from F1 through F45. You can also learn about popular Savannah mixes, including the Savannah Maine Coon and Savannah Bengal.

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