Best Halloween Costumes For Cats

Halloween is almost here and that means it is time to pick costumes. Looking for the best idea for your cat's costume this year? We have some costume suggestions that will make this holiday one for the record books. Check out our list of best Halloween costumes for cats.

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Last Updated: October 5, 2023 | 13 min read

A kitten in pirate costume sitting in girls lap.

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It’s that time again. The leaves are changing colors, the temperature is dropping, nights last a little longer, and Halloween is just around the corner. Time to start thinking about what your sweet cat will dress up like this year. Who says Halloween is just for kids? We love hearing about creative ideas for Halloween costumes for cats.

Cats are central to Halloween. After all, what would a witch do without her trusty black cat sidekick? Plenty of people will don cat ears and tails this year for a bit of spooky fun. Why shouldn’t cats themselves get in on the revelry?

Along with finding the spookiest or cutest idea to dress up their purr babies, feline owners have to consider safety and comfort. Felines are not known for liking to wear clothes and accessories, though there are some exceptions. We look at some of the best Halloween costumes for cats and talk about some safety tips owners should consider.

At A Glance: Best Halloween Costumes For Cats

Most Popular


Lion's Mane

Best Animal

Lion’s Mane

Pumpkin Cat

Best Classic

Pumpkin Sweater

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Pet Halloween Costume Trends

While it is more common to dress up dogs for Halloween, plenty of feline owners want to get in on the celebration. Trends will come and go, and of course, there are always classic costume choices. Trends tend to revolve around what is going on in the pop culture at the time. This includes famous musicians, actors, movies, comic books, or things happening in the world.

According to the National Retail Federation (NRF), Halloween spending this year is expected to be even greater than in 2022 and 2021. According to their data, one of five pet parents plans to dress up their fur baby this year. Pet spending is expected to be over $700 million, which was the record high sales for 2022. PetSmart released survey data that shows more than 3 in 4 pet owners plan to dress their pets up this year. City dwellers are more likely to dress up to match their pets.

According to the world’s largest costume manufacturer, Rubies, which has been in the business since 1951, trending pet costumes this year include D.C League of Super-Pets, Top Gun: Maverick, Elvis, and Sonic The Hedgehog. Favorites include the 1920s, Fairytale, Horror, and more classics like pirates, ninjas, and animals. Consumers look to trends in pop culture, as well as inspiration on social media, to find ideas for that purr-fect costume for their fur babies.

Best Cat Halloween Costumes

We look at the information and trends out there to come up with a list of the best Halloween costumes for cats. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do. Check out our top 12 cat costume ideas!

Top Picks


  • Hat and costume included.
  • Hand washable.
  • Makes the cat look like a 2-legged cowboy.
  • Multiple sizes are available.
  • Designed for cats.


Cowboys and cowgirls always make a mark on Halloween, and we think felines should be able to get in on the action. A cute little kitty cowpoke is just what we want to see this year. This is an excellent idea for matching with their owners because cow folk is a pretty easy costume to pull together. Or, for a laugh, owners can dress up like the cow.

What we love about this costume is that it really looks like the feline is ready to get out and herd some cattle. This one is very well made and comes in several sizes. It can be washed by hand. This one goes on the front chest and legs and comes with a less-than 10-gallon hat. The costume is hilarious and so cute. This one is sure to be a big hit. Make sure to measure the cat’s chest circumference and neck length to pick appropriate sizes.

Lion's Mane

  • Lion’s mane and ear set.
  • Full mane, easy to put on.
  • Designed to be breathable.
  • It fits well but is not restrictive.

Inside every housecat beats the heart and hunter instinct of a lion. Halloween is a perfect time to let that big ferocious cat out, and there are plenty of options for lion costumes. Every cat, regardless of breed or color, can be a big fierce feline, even just for one night, and this lion’s mane costume makes for some amazing pictures.

This fuzzy, wild mane, and plush ear costume comes in small and large sizes. Designed to fit adult cats and small dogs (yes, dogs can be big cats too!) This is a full mane, designed to easily pull over the kitty’s head, so it is reasonably easy to get on. Keep in mind cast can be moody and may need a practice round or two of this before the big night. We love that this costume is designed to be breathable and gentle on kitty bodies while still fitting well. It is made from a blend of polyester and cotton. There are a few options here, and our runner-up is this one by Rosy Life. We also love this one that comes in black.

Pumpkin Sweater

  • Comfortable knit sweater.
  • Soft acrylic.
  • Sizes X-Small through XX-Large.
  • Easy to get on.
  • Keeps cats warm.

Next to black cats, the biggest thing we all associate with Halloween is pumpkins, and kitties make adorable pumpkins. This classic costume pick is never out of style. There are a lot of options to choose from. Some have hats, headbands, capes, and headpieces that strap onto a cat’s head. Knowing that felines are unlikely to wear something uncomfortable or bulky for too long, we picked this cat pumpkin sweater as our top choice.

We love that this is a sweater and is not a bulky or restrictive costume. Cats are likely to wear it for longer than a cumbersome cape or headpiece. We also love that it comes in six sizes, X-Small through XX-Large, so kitties of all sizes can get in on the dress-up fun. XXL is made for animals about 17 pounds, while XS can fit pets under 2 pounds. Made from soft acrylic and is functional as a sweater to keep kitties warm. This one can be more than just one-time wear.

Other Notable Costumes

Harry Potter

  • One-piece costume.
  • Three color schemes.
  • Soft satin-like polyester material.
  • Breathable fabric.

One can never go wrong with a Harry Potter costume, feline or human. This classic novel and movie franchise is popular with young and old fans. If there is anything cuter than a cat in a wizard’s cape, we haven’t seen it yet. We can just imagine all the spells and spookiness these crafty kitties are up to.

We love that this one is just one piece. Even though it covers a cat’s head and body, it is easy to get on. It comes in red/black, green/black, and yellow/black & blue options. Quick note the tie and shirt are sold separately. The cape is made from soft and breathable satin material. This is breathable and suited for all-day wear. Just put this magical cape on your cat and wait to hear those famous words, “Expecto Patronum.”


  • Easy to put on.
  • One-piece costume.
  • Adorable apron.
  • PETBUCKS logo.
  • Wear resistant cotton fabric.

It is no secret that cat people like coffee, so why not dress your kitty up as a cute barista? We admit we might tip a little more if a sweet cat served us that sugary, sweet, delicious caffeine concoction. Cats make lovely baristas, even if it is just for Halloween pictures.

We love that this costume is so simple, just an apron, but it, like a nice cup of hot steaming coffee, is a big hit. Owners can accessorize as they see fit. It fits pets 11 to 22 pounds. This is a great stand-alone costume or a perfect start to something more. Plus, it is very affordable, so owners can get a few options and try them out. After all, no one knows how well a cat will tolerate an apron until they try to put one on! We also love the cute PETBUCKS logo. Wear-resistant, durable cotton.


Witch Cat Costume
  • 2 full costumes.
  • Can mix and match.
  • Easy to put on.
  • No small parts or hazards.

Cats, magic, and witches go together like magic and spells, so we cannot make the best costume list without mentioning a witch or wizard. There are so many options that it is hard to choose the best one. Owners always want to stick to costumes that do not have choking or safety hazards. For that reason, we literally stay away from all the bells and whistles.

We love this set because it comes with options, as it is two complete costume sets. Capes and hats come in orange pumpkin and purple star options. Owners can mix and match or dress two pets up simultaneously. Cloaks and hats are easy to put on and are adjustable. It also has very few choking hazards or small parts. Hats have a small bell on the tip. We also like this option for a red vampire kitty cape, and we just love the oversized collar.


  • Bandanna and headpiece.
  • Wool and lace.
  • Delicate and pretty.
  • Easy to put on.

Cats are princesses too, and they deserve to shine. Halloween is a perfect time to let your cat’s inner diva out. We understand that getting a cat into a dress is no small feat, so we made sure to pick products that are easy to use.

This costume is an easy-to-use pink and white lace bandanna and a headpiece instead of a full dress. The costume is pink, frilly, and elegant, just like a feline princess. We love that this is easy to put on, adorable, yet allows cats to move about freely. The costume is made from wool and lace, with delicate lace flowers. This can be used for Halloween or just a regular day. Either way, this is super cute, sturdy, and fun. For owners looking for a more realistic look, this King/Queen style kitty cloak is just purr-fect.


Sailor Cat Costume
  • Ear slots and Velcro on the hat.
  • Velcro fastener on necktie.
  • Soft and breathable.
  • Easy to put on.

Cats make adorable sailors, and several breeds love water, contrary to popular belief. As many breeds were known to be ship companions, this idea is a fun one. While there are options that include full shirts etc., we again know that keeping it simple works better for felines.

We love this costume because it is cute and straightforward. Design is easy for kitties to wear and avoids having their legs put into a shirt or pair of pants. The hat has slots for the ears and a Velcro buckle. This costume was made with small pets in mind. The costume needs to be hand washed only and is made from soft polycotton. Necktie also has Velcro and is soft and breathable. We also love this sailor dress for cats for those owners that want something a little more feminine for their seafaring feline.


  • Officially Licensed by Paramount.
  • Made by Rubies
  • Five sizes to choose from.
  • Made for small animals.
  • Very popular.

After over three decades of waiting, “Top Gun: Maverick” hit the silver screen with a significant impact this year. The movie was impressive, pulled on our heartstrings, and inspired millions of people worldwide to dress themselves up like Maverick, Rooster, Phoenix, and even Goose. There will be plenty of high-flying pilots ready to take on the world this Halloween, and we are here for it.

This pet jacket is simply perfect for creating that famous Maverick persona and will also keep your kitty nice and warm. It comes in five sizes, X-Small through X-Large. This one works great for cats because it is made for small breeds. It is licensed by Paramount and made by Rubies.

We love that this one looks so authentic and is made to fit a small animal’s body. While it may not be something a cat will want to wear all night, it will make for some fantastic photo opportunities and will be one of the Halloween costumes owners will never forget. It is very affordable and won’t break the bank. Plus, it is durable and can be used again for other pets or next year. Kitties can be just about any character from the movies their owners want with this one. Just add a few accessories.


  • Hoodie design.
  • Soft, stretchy fabric.
  • Easy to get on and off.
  • Doubles as a nice warm sweater.
  • Perfect for cats due to their small size.

Say hello to Kitty-Saurus Rex! If you have ever wanted a pet dinosaur, and really who hasn’t, then this costume will be a huge hit. Put this on your sweet fur baby, and presto…they turn into an adorable dinosaur. This is an adorable and not-so-common cat dress-up idea. Perfect for small and medium breeds.

We love that this outfit is so cozy and made from stretchy fabric, so it has a lot of room and flexibility. It doubles as a nice warm sweater for kitties. This is made in a comfy hoodie design and is easy to get on and off. Shorter sleeves are comfortable, and this one is so cute we might want to have our purr baby wear it all the time.


  • Cat-sized pirate costume.
  • Comes with a hat and flag.
  • Non-woven, breathable fabric.
  • Soft, easy to put on.

Cats make fabulous pirates. They are intelligent, sneaky, and super-fast. Plus, they are adorable and make people let their guard down with just a few snuggles. Kitties also look the part perfectly in this fun cat pirate costume. There are a few options for this, from full-body costumes to just a hat and scarf.

We love that this costume has multiple sizes and is so colorful. It comes with a pirate costume, hat, and pirate flag. This is made of breathable polyester. Fabric is non-woven, so it does not get too hot and is soft. Add a parrot and pipe, and this is the perfect photo shoot. Your kitty will be the scariest and cutest purr-rate that ever sailed the seven seas.


Cat in a ninja costume
  • Breathable and lightweight.
  • Chest Velcro.
  • Soft materials.
  • Cloak and play sword.
  • Materials approved by health professionals.

Last but certainly not least, we have the cat ninja. We agree kitties make the perfect ninjas. They are lithe, quick, and have nine lives. Obviously, they make amazing ninjas in real life, and this idea also makes a fun and cute dress-up idea.

We love this costume because it makes felines look like real-life ninjas. The Samurai Pet Armor is soft and breathable, and lightweight. Great for dogs and cats. All materials are approved by health professionals to make sure they are safe. It comes in three sizes, and the chest has Velcro for easy on and off.

Our Personal Experience Dressing Cats Up For Halloween

Cats wearing skeleton outfits

“My girls are quick to remove any kitty clothing, so when it came time for Halloween I knew I had to find an escape-proof costume. I choose a sweater for a couple reasons. First, this costume didn’t restrict movement. They were still able to walk, jump, and play like normal. Second, it didn’t include a hat or other small pieces they were likely to remove. For cats unaccustomed to dressing up, a sweater is the way to go!”

Tara Maurer , cat mom

Cat Halloween Tips

Dressing a feline up for Halloween is lots of fun but remember to keep things safe and not overwhelm your pet. Felines are very private creatures and may not like all the attention. Make sure to pay attention to their cues, and never force a kitty to wear or do something they do not want to do. Try things on a few times before the big, so the big night is not their first time wearing them. Be aware that this may be a tricky night for kitties. They may get anxious when left alone or spooked when around a lot of strangers. Their comfort and safety should be the top priority.

Make Halloween Enjoyable For You And Your Cat

Halloween should be fun for everyone. Felines should never be made to feel scared or overwhelmed. Make sure they have plenty of water and a nice, quiet hiding place if needed. Also, make sure to offer lots of treats and cuddles. Kitties being comfortable and not feeling scared is the number one priority.

Safety Comes First

Halloween is all about fun, but safety needs to come first. Cats do not normally go trick or treating. If you decide to take your purr baby out, make sure they are on a leash and nice and warm. Never let them out at night without a leash. If you keep your cat home to answer the door, ensure they do not get aggravated and scratch or bite. Let people know the cat is there, so they are not startled, and anyone with allergies can keep a distance.

Make sure costumes are safe and not too tight or loose. Be careful to ensure your pet can still see and walk safely. Avoid outfits that itch or have many small parts that can be safety hazards or cause injury. Be very careful kitties do not swallow wrappers or any packaging from candy.

No Candy For Cats

Cats should never eat candy, sweets, or other human foods that get put out around Halloween. Treats that are safe for kitties are good but stay away from anything not intended for them. Do not let anyone else feed your cat either. Also, be very careful cats do not swallow wrappers or any packaging from candy. Avoid chocolate, caffeine, and artificial sweeteners. Even candies like peanut butter cups, which contain some ingredients felines like, should be avoided, as chocolate is very bad for felines.

Try these treats instead:

  1. Orijen Freeze-Dried grain-free treats. Six fish formula. Freeze-dried raw ingredients, including meat, organs, cartilage, and bone. Safe for felines and has a delicious fishy flavor.
  2. Sheba Meaty Tender Sticks, tuna flavor. Real meat, no artificial flavors or additives. Individually packaged, they stay fresh and tasty.
  3. Vital Essentials Freeze-Dried cat treats. Eight flavors are available. Single-ingredient snacks that cats love.

It is important for owners to learn what to do in an emergency, and if their pet ingests something they should not like candy or even weed. It may also be a good idea to look at pet insurance, as it can help out with covering emergency care. Owners should always be ready to deal with the worst-case scenario and do their best to avoid it. Costumes and Halloween should be fun, not dangerous or frightening.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe for cats to dress up for Halloween?

Yes, cats can safely dress up for Halloween as long as owners are always supervising them and inspect costumes for hazards before putting them on. Be mindful of things that tie around a cat’s body or neck. Full clothing should not be too tight, and cats should not be in any danger while wearing the outfit.

Can I safely make a costume for my cat?

Yes, you can safely make a costume for your cat. Ensure the materials are safe and there are no sharp edges or pins, and watch out for choking hazards. Less is more. In this case, be careful not to overdo it, especially if using human clothing or accessories. Always supervise your cat, ensure clothes are not too tight and do not prevent kitties from moving freely.

Do cats like to dress up?

Cats can be tricky creatures when it comes to wearing clothes and dressing up. It all depends on the individual cat, the outfit, and sometimes the day. If you want to dress your cat up a lot, it is best to start small and let them practice wearing clothes and costumes before the big day.

Final Thoughts

Halloween is one of the best holidays around. This one is all about fun and, of course, dressing up. This is a perfect opportunity to have a little fun and dress your kitty up. There are so many costumes to choose from it is hard to name them all. Always ensure cats are safe and do not feel threatened or restricted when wearing costumes. We hope you enjoyed our list of best Halloween costumes for cats. Hopefully, you will find the best fit for your baby. From us to you, Happy Halloween.

Black cat in halloween hat lying on the floor

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