Best Anti-Scratch Cat Tape For Furniture, Training & More

Do you have cats that are obsessed with scratching your expensive furniture? An anti-scratch cat tape could be the solution you need to keep the peace at home.

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Last Updated: February 29, 2024 | 8 min read

A cat scratching side of a leather sofa arm.

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Scratching is an innate behavior that serves many functions in a feline’s life. It helps maintain healthy nails, serves as a visual and olfactory marker, enables stretching, and can serve as an emotional outlet. But what if your pet is scratching surfaces they shouldn’t? Many people turn to anti-scratch cat tape to deter destructive scratching.

There are many double-sided transparent tapes for cats on the market. You can apply this water-soluble, residue-free tape to upholstery and other surfaces until your kitty no longer attempts to scratch them. You can remove the sheet or double-sided tape when you feel your cat’s retrained, and it won’t damage the surface.

Does this solution sound like a perfect fit for your situation? We review the top cat tape for furniture and other surfaces and alternative solutions like sprays and scratching posts.

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Best Overall

Pioneer Pet Sticky Paws

KatSupreme Cat Scratch Deterrent sheets.
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Best Sheets

KatSupreme Cat Scratch Deterrent

XFasten Anti-Scratch Cat Training tape.
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Best Leather-Safe

XFasten Anti-Scratch Tape

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Best Overall Anti-Scratch Cat Tape

Pioneer Pet Sticky Paws

  • Transparent, medical grade tape
  • 32-feet on easy-dispense roll
  • Roll with serrated edge for easy trimming
  • Odor-free
  • Use on furniture, carpet, rugs, drapes, countertops, and more

Sticky Paws by Pioneer Pet is one of the original cat training tapes on the market. This double-sided, transparent tape uses medical-grade adhesive that can be applied to most surfaces to prevent scratching. Use this product on carpets, furniture, window screens, and other areas prone to unwanted pawing and clawing.

Sticky Paws tape comes on a roll dispenser with a built-in serrated edge cutter. To use this product, rip off the amount of tape needed, apply the sticky side of the patented two-sided tape to the area prone to inappropriate scratching, and carefully peel back the protective paper to reveal the second sticky side. The non-toxic tape feels unpleasant on cats’ paws, thus deterring your kitty from using those surfaces.

While testing a small area is always best, you may safely use Sticky Paws on fabrics, carpets, and countertops. It is not recommended for leather, microfiber, painted surfaces, vinyl, wallpaper, or wood finishes.

My Personal Experience With Pioneer Pet Sticky Paws

Pioneer Pet Sticky Paws in action.
The serrated edge on the Sticky Paws roll dispenser makes it easy to trim to the size you need. Apply the tape sticky side down. The peel tabs allow you to secure it without touching the adhesive. When you’re ready, peel off the protective paper to reveal the tape underneath.

I used Sticky Paws double-sided deterrent tape on the end of a couch where my cat, Luna, liked to scratch. The tape affixed easily to the fabric and, though not wholly unnoticeable, it was transparent enough to blend in with the surface.

Unfortunately, I discovered that Luna loves sticky surfaces. While she wasn’t scratching the couch anymore, she took to biting it instead. If you have a cat like mine, keep reading to view products I found successful alternatives to sticky tape.

Best Anti-Scratch Cat Tape Sheets

KatSupreme Cat Scratch Deterrent

KatSupreme Cat Scratch Deterrent sheets.
  • XL sheet for more coverage
  • Easy to trim and customize
  • Transparent and residue-free
  • Works on polyester, cotton, velvet, wood, acrylic, acetate, and more
  • Behaviorist tested and approved

A husband and wife team founded KatSupreme in 2021 to create a simple, cat-friendly solution to scratching. They created this residue-free cat training tape with the guidance of certified cat behaviorists, so you can feel confident using this feline-friendly product around your furry friend.

Those covering large areas prone to scratching will appreciate these extra-large sheets by KatSupreme. Each sheet is a 17″ x 12″ rectangle to cover 11.3 square feet, saving you time when taping large surfaces. These sheets are economically priced and are sold in sets of eight, 10, or 12.

To use KatSupreme cat anti-scrape tape sheets, first measure the area where you’ll be applying the sheet and trim the sheet to size as needed. Then, using the easy-peel tabs, you’ll remove the blue backing sheet to reveal the sticky surface underneath. Apply the sticky side to the area you are trying to protect, and smooth the sheet to prevent wrinkles. Finally, peel away the white backing sheet to reveal the sticky outer surface.

Use KatSupreme tape on fabric, wood, acrylic, and acetate. You should not use KatSupreme tape on real or faux leather.

Our Personal Experience With Anti-Scratch Cat Tape Sheets

Anti-Scratch Cat Tape Sheets in action.
The larger Sticky Paws sheets cover a larger area and are not easy for cats to remove.

I have used cat scratch tape and patches many times. These are usually either very effective or hardly effective at all. I like leather furniture, and I love cats. My cats love scratching the leather. To deter this, I use double-sided sticky cat tape along the areas they like to scratch, usually the arms, armrests, and backs of furniture. I also use the large, double-sided sticky sheets to deter them from scratching and pulling apart the carpet in my house. I use the Pioneer Pet Sticky Paws sheets, which are fairly effective.

One of my cats learned how to take the tape off, so I started using the larger patches. They cover a larger area than where the cats scratch, and are much harder for them to peel off. I have noticed that after the first few days, they seem to lose interest in removing the tape. Through the use of the tape, patches, and offering them an alternative scratching post, I have been able to prevent a lot of damage to my home. It is not 100% effective but is a great improvement to scratched-up furniture and carpeting.

Danielle DeGroot, Cat Owner & Care Expert

Best Anti-Scratch Cat Tape For Leather

XFasten Anti-Scratch Tape

XFasten Anti-Scratch Cat Training tape.
  • Non-toxic and hypoallergenic
  • Residue-free
  • Various widths available
  • Compatible with fabric, carpet, leather, suede, wood, and tile
  • Multi-purpose adhesive for various DIY projects

XFasten began in 2015 as an adhesive solutions manufacturer for homeowners. This family-owned business sells various tape products for home, office, crafts, and pets, including anti-scratch cat training tape. Like all double-sided tape for cats, the idea is that the sticky feeling of adhesive tape repels cats, and using this product will help develop the habit of not scratching furniture and surfaces.

XFasten pet tape is non-toxic, pet-safe, and hypoallergenic. It adheres to most surfaces, including leather, suede, stained wood, tile, fabric, metal, ceramic, plastic, and concrete. XFasten does note that adhesives react differently to various surfaces, so you should always test out a short strip to see how the surface will react.

XFasten applies similarly to our best overall pick; however, this tape has no built-in tape dispenser. First, clean the surface of dust and lint. Peel the tape from the roll—do not cut yet—while ensuring not to touch the adhesive side. Apply the tape to the surface that needs protection and cut the tape from the roll while applying tension. Finally, peel off the adhesive liner to reveal the second side of the transparent adhesive tape.

I like that this heavy-duty tape applies to most surfaces. Plus, it’s a multi-purpose product you can use to mount objects.

Anti-Scratch Cat Tape Alternatives

PetSafe SSSCAT Spray Pet Deterrent

  • Odorless and harmless spray
  • Motion-activated sensor
  • Residue-free
  • Replacement cans available
  • Battery-operated

The SSSCAT spray system consists of a motion-activated sprayer that releases an audible, quick burst of spray intended to startle your cat and deter them from coming any closer to the protected area.

To use this product, remove the lid from the aerosol can to use the product and attach the battery-operated (4 AAA) motion-activated sprayer top to the can. Adjust the radius of the spray by swiveling the head or moving the spray nozzle up or down. If your cat comes within three feet of the motion detector, the system will let out a harmless, odorless spray.

The system comes with a spray can that lasts up to 100 sprays. You can purchase additional spray cans to go with your system.

While this product is more expensive than other options on this list, it’s very effective at deterring our feline friends.

My Personal Experience With PetSafe SSSCAT Spray

PetSafe SSSCAT System spray in action and showing the batteries on the bottom of the sprayer.
The PetSafe SSSCAT System includes 1 can and 1 spray bottle. The device emits a three-second pulse of air when it detects motion. Adjust the nozzle vertically and or sensor horizontally for optimal results. It also requires 4 AAA batteries (not included).

SSSCAT is a staple in my house. I use this product to keep my cats off the kitchen counters, and I’ve also used it at night outside my bedroom door to keep my cats from scratching the surface and loudly meowing when it comes time for their morning meal.

Keep in mind that if you have intelligent cats, you have to be strategic when placing these sprays. If the spray sits in one place too long, my cats will learn the radius around the spray so that they can walk without tripping the motion sensor. I’ve fixed this by adding more spray systems to cover a wider area while routinely adjusting the sprayers’ direction.

FUKUMARU Cat Scratcher Mat

  • Dimensions: 23.6″ x 15.7″ x 0.39″
  • Safe and non-toxic
  • Made from 100% natural and biodegradable sisal
  • Non-slip design
  • Velcro tape for hanging

Most times, the best way to deter your cat from scratching one surface is by offering a more enticing, scratch-friendly surface in its place. The FUKUMARU cat scratcher mat does just that. This pad is made from natural sisal that cats love. You can place it on the floor or adhere it to surfaces using the included Velcro tape.

I like that this product supports horizontal and vertical scratching to cater to each cat’s preference. The mat also comes in three different sizes to fit any size of cat. The mat itself is made of natural sisal, which is renewable and eco-friendly. The product is free of formaldehyde and is sterilized at high temperatures during production.

Despite its thin appearance, reviewers say it’s very sturdy and well-made. The FUKUMARU mat comes in two neutral colors: brown and cream.

Poils Bebe L-Shape Cat Scratcher

Poils Bebe L-Shape Cat Scratcher.
  • Made of non-toxic corrugated paper
  • Eco-friendly and recyclable
  • Space-saving, wall-protecting design
  • High-density and durable
  • Comes with cat ball toy

If you like the idea of providing your cat with a scratching alternative but don’t want to use adhesives, consider the Poils Bebe L-Shape cat scratcher. This cat scratcher is made from cardboard with wood edging for stability. The product is easy to assemble, and the curved design fits most spaces.

This product is an excellent option for felines prone to vertical scratching. Is your kitty scratching your sofa? Place this product in front of the spot you’re trying to protect. Cats love the feel of corrugated cardboard, and offering an enticing alternative scratching option is a great way to prevent unwanted scratching behavior.

While the product is sturdy, keep in mind that it’s lighter than other scratching posts on the market. If this product sits on a smooth surface, there may be some sliding. Reviewers have fixed this by putting a non-slip mat under the scratcher.

Comfort Zone Spray & Scratch Control

Comfort Zone Spray & Scratch Control.
  • Created to mimic feline facial phromones
  • Proven to reduce urine marking and scratching in 1-2 weeks
  • Good for spot treating areas
  • Drug and fragrance free
  • Veterinarian recommended

The Comfort Zone Spray & Scratch Control spray functions as a calming spray to discourage destructive scratching. This pheromone spray uses a safe, non-toxic formula to reduce scratching and other anxiety-induced behavioral problems.

You can use the Comfort Zone spray on various surfaces, including fabrics and hardwood. You can also spray this product on your cat’s bedding or other preferred surfaces to encourage a stress-free environment.

While this product is relatively expensive for a small bottle, it can work wonders for cats who struggle with anxiety. Unfortunately, some customers found the smell too strong and discontinued use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding cat scratch tape and cat scratching in general. Don’t see yours? Ask us in the comments.

Does Cat Scratch Tape Work?

Cat anti-scratch tape works for those cats who don’t like the sticky feeling on their paws. While it may not be successful for all cats, most cats are deterred by cat training tape. Cat tape makes a surface less appealing and provides a physical barrier to prevent damage caused by scratching.

The downside to cat anti-scratch tape is that the sticky surface collects cat hair and other debris. You will likely need to reapply the tape regularly since it becomes less sticky over time.

Does Aluminum Foil Stop Cats From Scratching?

Many cats dislike the feel of aluminum foil—they may even just the first time they touch it. If your cat is one of the many who dislikes the feel of aluminum foil, you can use this material as an anti-scratch tool.

Scratching And Anxiety

Is your cat overly clingy and aggressive? These behavior changes—along with scratching, hiding, and excessive vocalization—could indicate that your cat is stressed or experiencing anxiety. Talk to your veterinarian about solutions, including prescription drugs like gabapentin.

Why Trust Love Your Cat?

Tara has tested various anti-scratch products during her 20+ years of living with cats, from cat training tape to nail caps, sprays, and more. She’s found that the best way to prevent destructive scratching is by ensuring plenty of scratch-friendly options. You can significantly decrease destructive scratching by providing a cat-approved scratching post in each room of your home. Don’t make the mistake of hiding the scratching post. Place it in a convenient location that your cat can’t miss.

Tara currently lives with two nine-year-old domestic felines, Luna and Lucy. Tara uses scratching posts (both vertical and horizontal), SSSCAT spray, indoor trees, and well-placed blankets to prevent destructive scratching.

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