270 Cat Names That Start With P

Do you love cats and names that start with the letter P? If you've just welcomed home a new kitten, it's time to find a powerful moniker. Perhaps one of these phenomenal cat names that start with P will be the perfect pairing.

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Last Updated: May 2, 2024 | 9 min read

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Have you just welcomed a perky little kitten to your four-legged posse? Congratulations! What an exciting time! Now comes the fun part: getting to know your new furry little playmate. Along with that, you must pick out a personable name for this precious new pal. There are many ways to approach this, but if you have a particular penchant for the letter P, that is the place to start. I love finding new ideas for kitten callsigns, and I decided to see what kinds of cat names start with P.

Names starting with the letter P can be extremely popular, polished, or peculiar, but be sure there is one that is a perfect fit for your sweet, purring baby. If you love the idea of naming your new feline prodigy with a name that starts with the letter P, rest assured I’ve got you covered.

Perhaps your new pretty kitty is a Polly, a Piper, a Prince, or a Posey. If one of these doesn’t fit, sit back and peruse these 270 prestigious P-names for cats.

Popular P Names For Cats

The popular name charts fluctuate, but some classics always make top marks. Many of these start with P and make perfect pet monikers.

20 Popular Male Cat Names Starting With Letter P & Meanings

  1. Padgett – A rising and popular name, Padgett is English and refers to a page boy or groom.
  2. Palmer – An English title meaning pilgrim.
  3. Pascal – A Latin and Hebrew name that means “Easter’s child.”
  4. Patrick – With Celtic, Irish, and Latin roots, this moniker means noble and “son of Patrick.”
  5. Pax – Pax means peace and has Latin origins.
  6. Paxton – An old English surname derived from the English “Pœcc’s town.” It means peaceful or peaceful town.
  7. Peregrine – Meaning traveler or wanderer, Peregrine is of Latin origin.
  8. Perry – With British and Roman roots, Perry is a popular moniker, which means traveler, pilgrim, and one who lives by the pear tree.
  9. Perseus – A Greek moniker that means destroyer, Perseus is also the son of the Greek god Zeus.
  10. Peter– A title with Greek roots meaning stone or rock. It is derived from the Greek name Petros.
  11. Peyton – This title has Irish and British roots and means “fighting man’s estate.” Also spelled Payton, it is popular for both boy and girl pets.
  12. Phillip – Phillip is a Greek name that means “fond of horses.”
  13. Phineas – This is a Hebrew term meaning bronze-colored one, with connections to ancient Egypt.
  14. Pierre – French form of Peter meaning stone or rock.
  15. Pike – Pike has English and American origins and means sharp point or spear. An alternative spelling is Pyke.
  16. Porter – With French and English origins, Porter means gatekeeper or doorkeeper.
  17. Presley – An old English term and Scottish surname. It translates to “one who lives near the priest’s meadow.”
  18. Prince – With Latin origins, this moniker is well known for referring to the son of a king and queen.
  19. Pryce – Pryce is a Welsh and French name that means enthusiasm, value, reward, and prize.
  20. Pumbaa – This is the name of a beloved character from the Lion King movies, and it comes from Swahili. It means to be careless or foolish.

20 Popular Female Cat Names Starting With Letter P & Meanings

A cat sniffing a money tree on a pink background.
You could name your cat after a plant or flower.
  1. Padme – Padme is a gorgeous moniker with Persian origins. It means lotus flower.
  2. Paige—Paige is a classic French name meaning servant. It has become very popular as a female moniker in recent years.
  3. Pandora – This Greek title translates to “one who bears all the gifts.” In Greek mythology, Pandora was the first woman on Earth.
  4. Patience – Patience is both a virtue to possess and also a British term that means enduring.
  5. Patty – A shortened version of Patricia, this ancient Roman title means noble.
  6. Paulina – This French moniker means small and is a time-honored favorite.
  7. Pearl – Pearl has Latin origins and means precious, or “gem of the sea.”
  8. Penelope – With ancient Greek origins, Penelope means weaver or duck. Many may recognize Penelope as the queen of Ithaca, as depicted in Homer’s Odyssey.
  9. Perdita – Perdita is a Latin name that means lost.
  10. Peridot – Peridot is a gorgeous name and green gemstone that represents the month of August. It has French origins.
  11. Petal – With Greek origins, Petal translates to leaf and is also a part of a flower.
  12. Petunia – The petunia is a lovely pink flower with pink and white blossoms and a beautiful name for a little lady.
  13. Phaedra – Translating to bright, Phaedra is a Greek title that refers to a mythological princess.
  14. Philomena – Philomena is a Greek name that translates to “friend of strength.”
  15. Phoebe – A Greek title that means radiant and pure. Perfect for any paw baby.
  16. Pink – Along with being a lovely color and a famous singer, pink is a great pet naming idea. It has British and German origins and means a small person, to peck, and refers to the flower Dianthus.
  17. Pippa – A Greek word that translates to lover of horses.
  18. Poppy – A lovely moniker and the name of a bright red flower, this one has Latin and Old English origins.
  19. Primrose – A British term that means first rose, referring to a flower with an early spring bloom.
  20. Priscilla – A Latin name that means ancient or venerable, Priscilla is a very old name.

30 Boy Cat Names That Start With P

Boy cats are boisterous, peppy, and full of energy. Male kitties need names that reflect just how plucky and bold they are. Perchance one of these personable ideas will pique your interest.


30 Girl Cat Names That Start With P

Of course, every girl cat is a perfect feline princess, and she requires an elegant title to show it. Both playful and polished, plenty of poised names begin with P to christen your perfect purr baby. And if you want to know more about the differences between boy and girl kitties, we’ve covered that, too.


60 Cat Names Inspired by Places That Start With P

There are plenty of places all over the world that start with the letter P. These are promising ideas for pet callsigns, from tiny villages to huge cities. Naming your new kitten after a special place is a fun way to be unique and pay tribute to a special memory. These can be for male or female cats.

Pablo – MontanaPerry – Georgia
Pacifica – CaliforniaPevely – Missouri
Pajaro – CaliforniaPhelps – New York
Pakse – LaosPhoenix – Arizona
Palermo – CaliforniaPierce – Nebraska
Pali – IndiaPilar – Argentina
Paltan – BangladeshPinch – West Virginia
Palu – IndonesiaPiney – Arkansas
Pana – IllinoisPioneer – California
Panshi – ChinaPiqua – Ohio
Paoli – ColoradoPlock – Poland
Paonia – ColoradoPoa – Brazil
Paradise – PennsylvaniaPomona – New York
Paris – FrancePonce – Puerto Rico
Parker – ColoradoPoole – United Kingdom
Parma – IdahoPortland – Oregon
Parral – MexicoPorto – Portugal
Pasco – WashingtonPost – Texas
Patan – NepalPoway – California
Pati – IndonesiaPraia – Cape Verde
Patna – IndiaPrato – Italy
Patuto – PhilippinesPrescott – Arizona
Pavia – ItalyPreston – Idaho
Payson – ArizonaPrincess Anne – Maryland
Peabody – MassachusettsPrinceton – Florida
Pecos – New MexicoProsper – Texas
Peculiar – MissouriProvo – Utah
Peebles – OhioPuebla – Mexico
Penrose – ColoradoPuli – Taiwan
Peoria – ArizonaPune – India

60 Food Names For Cats That Start With P

Grey cat pawing at pizza box.
Cats love cheese, so why not name yours Pepperoni or Pizza?

I am a huge fan of naming pets after your favorite snack, sweet, or savory dish. Not only will it remind you how delicious that plate is, but our favorite foods also make unique pet names. It’s possible your new kitten is a Portobello, a Pork Chop, or a Pound Cake. If not, perhaps one of these food-inspired ideas that start with P will make the cut. These can work for boys or girls, and all will make you hungry.

Pad ThaiPesto
Panna CottaPico de Gallo
PattyPop Tart
Patty MeltPopcorn

30 Nature-Inspired Cat Names Starting With Letter P

Nature is a palette of picturesque inspiration when it comes to naming ideas for your purr-fect new pet. Felines are natural-born hunters, and many love to spend time outside. A nature name might be an ideal pairing for your new kitty. These can work for male and female cats.


20 Funny Feline Names That Start With P

Having fun with your kitten’s title is a wonderful way to welcome them to the family. Keep it classy, but get creative. To get you started, here are a few funny feline monikers starting with the letter P.


Do you have any favorite cat names that start with P? If I missed yours, let me know in the comments.

Other Names To Consider

I love the idea of cat names starting with the same letter, like the prolific P. However, there are plenty of other options to choose from. If these ideas aren’t exactly your thing, that’s okay: we’ve got you covered. We also have a long list of kitty names starting with the letter C, mischievous names for cats, Anime cat names, Taylor Swift-inspired cat names, and Harry Potter cat names. You can also learn more in our naming lists for specific breeds like the elegant Persian, the beautiful Bengal, and the ever-floppy Ragdoll.

Cat Naming Tips

Bringing home a new kitten is a joyous time with plenty of laughs, cuddles, and happy memories. Picking out a new kitten nickname is an enjoyable and exciting process, and it is great to get creative and have a little fun with it. For some, it can also be a source of stress and intimidation if you don’t have an idea picked out right away or if your choices just don’t seem to fit.

Finding that perfect title for your new purr baby does not have to be intimidating. While it can be challenging, sometimes we overcomplicate the process. There are a few things to remember as you brainstorm new ideas. These will help make the process smoother and eliminate some of the frustration you might be feeling. To get started, it helps to understand exactly how your cat processes language and how they receive and understand our messages when we speak to them.

What Do Cats Understand?

It’s essential to keep in mind that cats do not process things or understand spoken language the same way we do. Felines tend to have a two-year-old toddler’s intelligence and understanding level. They often respond to baby talk, but usually just from their owners or trusted friends. Cats understand when we speak to them and will learn that their name stands out as an important term.

Research has also shown felines to discern and respond to their owner’s voices over those of unknown people. In 2022, a study done in France showed that cats can tell the difference and react to us when we speak directly to them instead of around them. All of this shows that though all cats do understand when we are talking to them and can understand that certain sounds and words mean something more important, they really cannot understand more beyond that.

7 Cat Naming Tips

  1. The first thing to remember is to keep it simple. Felines recognize and respond to shorter words better than longer ones. Try to pick something that is one or two syllables, as it is shown that they respond to these the best.
  2. Along with short words, cats also prefer double-syllable words. Words that end in vowels also stand out to them more clearly than those that don’t. The preference is because our voices change tone and lighten when we say words that end in a vowel. Cats have very astute hearing and pick up on this change.
  3. Long vowel sounds, in particular, stand out better to felines. They can pick up and process these better. Specifically, cats respond very positively to the long “ee” sound.
  4. It’s always important to consider your kitten’s history, appearance, breed, and personality. If you have a specific breed, like a Ragdoll, you may want to pick something that complements that, like Raggedy Ann or Andy.
  5. Avoid picking words that sound like the names of other pets, family members, or common commands.
  6. Stay appropriate. While it is wonderful to have some fun, enjoy a chuckle, and get creative, you must stay within the bounds of what is appropriate. Remember that other people, including pet sitters, groomers, and veterinarians, will also use this name. You do not want to embarrass them or, even worse, cause undue judgment to be passed on to you or your pet due to their name. This is especially true if you’re picking a name from a different culture or country. You want to ensure that it doesn’t translate into something considered inappropriate or offensive.
  7. Along with keeping things simple, you must remember that this is the learning process for you and your new kitty. They are in an entirely new environment and learning new things daily. You will need to bond with your kitten, make them comfortable, and learn more about them. Stay positive, have patience, and provide plenty of treats. With practice, eventually, your kitty will learn their new name. And, if things don’t work out for some reason, it’s perfectly acceptable to change their name after a few weeks and try again.

Am I Ready For A Kitten?

If you are new to kitten ownership, it’s essential to do a little research and prepare yourself before welcoming home a new fur baby. You must commit time and money to ensure your cat has all the proper supplies and medical care they need. Cats need regular veterinary care throughout their lives. Just like puppies, kittens need more medical care during their first year. We discuss more about how often to take your cat to the vet, as well as signs and symptoms that are a clue they may need medical attention.

There will also be a transitional time when your cat learns about their new home and bonds with you. Learn more about how and why cats imprint on people here. Basic training and understanding how to discipline your cat are also areas you will need to build expertise. If you are brand new to kitten ownership, a few breeds are easier to start with than others. You can learn more about the best breeds for first-time owners here. And, of course, if you have any questions, reach out, and I am happy to help.

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