8 Best Cat Muzzles: For Grooming, Preventing Bites & More

Have you ever used a cat muzzle? If you have a bite prone cat, or just need a muzzle to help with grooming, we are here to help. Learn more about muzzles, when to use them, and see our top picks for the best cat muzzle.

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Last Updated: September 5, 2023 | 12 min read

Cat wearing a muzzle while getting groomed

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Do you have a bite-prone cat? Are you considering a cat muzzle? Most pet owners are familiar with dog muzzles, but did you know there are also muzzles for cats? Why would someone want to muzzle a feline, you ask? It turns out there are plenty of reasons. Cats have teeth and know how to use them, and there are certain situations when an extra step may be appropriate. If you are new to the concept or are an experienced owner needing a recommendation, we have researched the options for the best cat muzzle and are ready to share our findings with you.

Cats are famous for being temperamental and can turn from a sweet cuddle bug to a snarling demon on the flip of a dime. Some cats bite out of affection, fear, aggression, or dominance. Regardless of the reason, no one wants a bite on the hand or face.

While some may feel a muzzle is harsh, it is a humane and safe way to ensure no one, owner, pets, or other people like veterinarians, vet techs, or groomers get bitten. So, sit back, and let’s explore the subject of using muzzles and discuss some of the best cat muzzles owners can try.

At A Glance: Best Cat Muzzles

Best Cat Muzzle

Downtown Pet Supply

ZOOPOLR Cat Muzzle

Best For Biting


Best For Grooming

Proguard Pets Softie

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Why Use A Muzzle For A Cat?

What motivates owners and veterinarians to use a muzzle for cats? Muzzles are devices placed on a kitty’s face that prevents them from being able to bite. For several reasons, owners may turn to muzzles to help manage their feline friend’s behavior. Biting is clearly the main reason. However, other reasons include grooming, meowing, ear cleaning, and administering first aid or other care.

Most muzzles are made from nylon, mesh, or other breathable fabric. They are not intended to harm but rather to restrain and prevent biting. In some cases, muzzles control eating, administer medication or control excessive grooming. Some products cover the eyes, and others have openings or mesh so kitties can see.

What To Know About Cat Bites

At first thought, the idea of muzzling a cat seems odd and not something every owner thinks of as an option. While we often hear about dog bite statistics, feline bite statistics are nothing to ignore. According to the World Health Organization, feline bites account for 2 to 50% of reported animal bites worldwide. They are second only to dog bites. In the United States, it’s estimated that there are at least 400,000 cat bites every year, with 66,000 people seeking emergency care.

Female cats tend to bite more, though all kitties have the potential to bite. Most bites are provoked, and felines tend to bite adults more than children. They also tend to bite women more than men. Feline bites can be dangerous, as they carry bacteria and can cause infection and serious injury. Felines have razor-sharp, thin teeth and can puncture human and other pets’ skin fairly deeply. They spread bacteria, which can get into human blood, in severe cases causing blood poisoning. In severe cases, the infection can spread, causing something called cellulitis.

Best Cat Muzzle

Downtown Pet Supply Cat Muzzle

  • Simple design.
  • Easy to use.
  • Prevents biting.
  • Durable nylon fabric.
  • Three sizes are available.
  • Short-term use only.

Downtown Pet Supply makes a no-frills, simple, affordable, and effective kitty muzzle. The product is designed to help prevent biting and can be helpful while grooming, cleaning ears, administering medication through injection, nail clipping, and veterinarian examination. Three sizes are available, small, medium, and large, so these can be used for a wide range of kitty weights and sizes. The large size fits felines over 12 pounds. However, you may need a larger one if you have a heftier breed like a Maine Moon, Ragdoll, or Bengal.

We love the durability and ease of use. Downtown Pet Supply muzzle uses strong nylon fabric. Features adjustable Velcro straps, making it easy to get on and off. The product is a very easy-to-use design that helps keep cats manageable. The device is not intended for long-term use, nor should kitties be left unattended when one is on.

Personal Experience With Downton Pet Supply Cat Muzzle

I have tried the Downtown Pet Supply Cat muzzle. It’s something I only ever use for a few minutes at a time, mainly when clipping my cat’s nails or performing cleaning and care. I have a purr baby with medium-length hair color with a very bushy back end. This means that occasionally messes in the litter box can stick to his fur, and then gets dragged around the house.

It requires two people to clean him, one to hold him and the other to clean. The person holding him is often at risk of getting bitten or scratched, as he does not appreciate this activity. I purchased this to help prevent anyone from getting bitten while in an uncomfortable situation. So far, it has worked and is easy to put on and take off. However, we have only used this product for a few minutes at a time, as my cat starts to become agitated rather quickly, especially when his eyes are covered.

Best Cat Muzzle For Biting

Bite prevention is likely the number one reason that owners, veterinarians, and groomers use muzzles for felines. Feline bites can be pretty serious, and as we presented above, they are common.

ZOOPOLR Cat Muzzle

  • Nylon mesh muzzle.
  • Adjustable straps.
  • Velcro fastener.
  • Easy to use.
  • Prevents biting.
  • Breathable design.

The Zoopolr is made from nylon mesh and is designed to help stop felines from biting and chewing. The product is designed for use with professional groomers, as well as at home for pet parents. As with any other pet restraint, it’s essential not to leave your pet unsupervised in the device for any period of time. The device is made from breathable, strong nylon fabric with an adjustable strap and Velcro fasteners.

We love the softness and security that the Zoopolr offers. The Zoopolr is an easy-to-use design, simple and effective. The design keeps kitties unable to bite, though they can complain. We also appreciate that the device is not too restrictive or confining.

Wintchuck Cat Muzzle

  • Made for grooming.
  • Four sizes are available.
  • Breathable mesh.
  • Cats can see and breathe.
  • Safe, snug fit.
  • Easy to adjust.

The Wintchuck Cat Muzzle is constructed from durable, soft, breathable mesh. The device is designed to fit most felines and comes in four sizes: small, small, medium, and large. The product is best for nail trimming and quick grooming. Wintchuck is easily adjustable to fit the animal’s head shape, and breathable mesh allows kitties to see but prevents biting. There is a good size breathing hole allowing their nose to poke through comfortably. Owners can easily put the device on their pets and get a safe, snug fit.

We love that the Wintchuck design is specific for grooming and allows pets to see. It’s a perfect option for kitties who get skittish or do not like the feeling of their eyes covered. Best for short-term use to calm cats so owners can groom, bathe, clip nails, clean ears, and administer medication.

Cat Muzzle For Grooming

Grooming is one of the primary times when owners consider using a muzzle for their cat. When grooming at home, it can be common for owners to find themselves getting scratched and mouthed on. Felines have incredibly sharp teeth; even a tiny graze can break the skin and draw blood. In many cases, bites during grooming are simply a cat’s way of expressing fear or unhappiness with what is happening to them. Using a muzzle can help calm them down, keep them stationary, and prevent anxiety when owners approach with grooming tools.

Proguard Pets Softie Cat Muzzle

  • Unique, patented design.
  • Durable and flexible.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Patented Dupont fabric.
  • Resistant to chewing and tears.
  • Breathability for the cat.

The Proguard Pets Softie is a very well-constructed device. The design is unique and patented. Safety is a top priority here. It’s also very comfortable. It restricts felines from biting and allows for easy breathing. Made from patented Dupont fabric, abrasion resistant and tough to tear through.

We love durability and focus on safety. It’s best to clean with a damp rag or wipes rather than washing. Works very well for grooming, nail, clipping, and medication administration by injection.

Cobette Transparent Cat Muzzle

Cobette Transparent Cat Muzzle
  • Soft fabric.
  • Transparent PVC shield and facemask.
  • Prevents biting.
  • Allows cats to see and breathe.
  • Anti-licking.
  • Lightweight device.

Cobette’s design is different from the usual fabric model. It’s designed not to impede vision. The product uses high-quality, transparent PVC as a shield. The product alleviates anxiety, tension, and other extreme emotions. It is a light, easy-to-use device. Felines can breathe freely while preventing them from biting. Cobette is made from a transparent PVC shield and soft cotton breathable fabric.

We love the unique design and the Cobette muzzle’s multiple-use possibilities. It will prevent kitties from biting veterinarians, licking wounds, and biting. The Cobette can be worn longer than others due to its less restrictive design. Additionally, owners can decorate it on holidays like Halloween and Christmas, making it a multipurpose tool.

Cat Muzzle For Meowing

Some feline owners may have extremely vocal pets and often ask, “Will a muzzle help my cat stop meowing?” It’s debatable how much one will prevent a feline from yowling, but it will help them calm down if used every time a kitty starts yowling. Eventually, the behavior will change. Muzzles will not prevent kitties from making any noise at all, but they can stop excessive yowling and howling. There are few muzzles explicitly designed to prevent meowing, so owners may need to try a few to find the one that works for them.

Augegel Cat Muzzle

Augegel Cat Muzzle
  • Unique face-shield design.
  • Sturdy, non-fabric material.
  • Breathable.
  • Cats can see but may reduce meowing.
  • Prevents biting.
  • Chew-resistant straps.

The Augegel device is a different design than most other options on the market. It is a plastic shield covering the face and snout rather than a fabric device. It’s firm, durable, and will hold up to damage well. The shield is helpful for grooming but also makes it difficult for felines to be overly vocal. There are plenty of cutouts so animals can see and breathe. It even has a cute kitty face design.

We love the different designs of the shield and that it is made from a durable, strong material. It comes with adjustable straps that are resistant to pets chewing them should they wriggle their way out. Velcro fasteners make it easy to get on and off.

Cat Air Muzzle

Air muzzles look nothing like traditional muzzles or facial restraints. These resemble miniature space helmets and generally consist of a breathable helmet covering a cat’s face but not restraining the mouth as standard muzzles do. Many owners choose air muzzles, as they feel less restrictive than those that cover the face and mouth with fabric. These allow felines to see, breathe, and meow, but they cannot bite owners or other pets. An additional perk is that your purr baby looks like a tiny feline astronaut.

Pet Edge Air Muzzle II

  • Air collar
  • Helmet design
  • Allows for movement and breathability.
  • Prevents bites.
  • Leaves eyes uncovered.
  • Slips on and off easily.

The Pet Edge has a unique helmet-like design. It does not cover the eyes and protects against bites. Covering their eyes can trigger aggression in some felines, so Pet Edge is a good solution. Felines can easily breathe and observe. The helmet slips on easily without the need for tight restraints.

We love the open design. Being able to see and move their heads reduces the stress felines feel when having a restraint put on.

WOWAMZ Breathable Air Muzzle

  • Transparent helmet design.
  • 46 cutouts for breathing.
  • Easy to put on and off.
  • Safe, durable ABS material.
  • Does not block vision.
  • Good for grooming and prevents bites.

Wowamz makes another top pick for a transparent air helmet. With plenty of cutouts for breathing, the helmet is comfortable to wear, breathable, and does not restrict felines’ vision. The astronaut helmet design is kept but also highly functional. It prevents bites and is very lightweight. Additionally, the air helmet does not restrict a kitty’s movement.

We love the ease of use and functionality of the astronaut helmet. The helmet is cute looking but also highly functional. The bubble uses high-quality, highly transparent ABS material. There are 46 cutouts, meaning kitties will never feel like they are fighting for air. Additionally, the helmet is easy to put cats into and fastens securely and snuggly on the neck without being too invasive.

Makeshift Muzzle For Cats

Not every feline owner will have a muzzle available when an emergency arises. In these cases, there are ways owners can create a makeshift device for very temporary use. There are a couple of different ways to go about it. A very common do-it-yourself method uses a paper cup and gauze. Owners remove the bottom of the paper cup, punch holes on the sipping end, and tie a piece of gauze to each side. This rudimentary device is then placed over the snout and mouth and will work to prevent biting, to a varying degree, for a short time.

Another way to make a simple emergency face guard for a kitty or dog is to use gauze or fabric. Stay away from string, twine, shoelaces, and other thinner options.

Owners will take the cloth material or gauze and create a small loop around the cat’s snout. Wrap the ends underneath the chin and then back around the head. Tie the ends, which will secure the apparatus temporarily. Do not wrap too tight. You do not want to harm or painfully restrict your pet. This is a fix for an emergency, not something owners should use every time they want to groom their pet, nor are these makeshift temporary muzzles good for training purposes.

What Should I Do If A Cat Bites Me?

If you own a feline, it is likely that sometime in your relationship, you will experience a bite. Bites can be minor to quite severe. If a cat bites you, there are a few basic steps to follow:

  1. Wash the bite right away with warm water and soap. Gently pat dry with a clean towel or paper towel to help stop any bleeding.
  2. Wrap or bandage the wound.
  3. Elevate the wound, if possible, to a height above your heart to help stop swelling and infection.
  4. If bleeding lasts longer than 15 minutes and through pressure being placed on it, it is essential to call your doctor. Sometimes, bites can go down to the bone or damage the nerves. You should contact your doctor as soon as possible if you have any serious symptoms or a medical condition that causes a weakened immune system.
  5. Always seek medical attention if an unknown or stray animal bites you.

Treating the wound is a priority, but owners want to ensure their pets are OK. Make sure to observe the situation and take note of your pet’s behavior, demeanor, and overall health. It is essential to rule out any underlying medical cause that may have caused them to bite. If the bite was done in aggression, try to identify the trigger and prevent another bite from happening.

If your purr baby is acting highly aggressively, entirely out of character, or you notice other odd behavior, it is wise to schedule an appointment with the vet to check them out. Felines are excellent actors and actresses and can hide serious medical conditions, injuries, and pain very well. Owners may only know something is wrong once they try to pet a kitty or pick them up in the wrong way and end up getting bitten.

My Cat Bit Another Pet. What Do I Do?

If your kitty bit another pet or was bitten by another feline, it is crucial to inspect and look over each animal right away. Assess the situation, and if the bite seems severe enough, seek out veterinary attention. Felines bite with their canine teeth, which are extremely sharp and will leave deep punctures.

Clean any puncture marks and bleeding you see. Keep an eye out for the formation of abscesses or infections. If your pet starts to have swelling, leakage of pus, or the area near the bite feels very warm, they likely have an abscess and will need medical attention.

It is imperative to keep the wound clean throughout the healing process. Along with that, owners will need to determine what caused the bite to happen and try to remove those triggers from their pet’s environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Cat Muzzles Cruel?

No, they are not cruel. They are well-designed, safe, and effective devices that owners, veterinarians, groomers, and anyone who needs to manage an animal can use. These are not for long-term use, and keeping a feline in them for longer is cruel and unnecessary. If you have a kitty biting aggressively, a muzzle will only temporarily help. It is best to seek veterinary advice and care to determine the cause of the aggression and how to treat it.

Is It OK To Muzzle A Cat?

Yes, muzzling a feline is perfectly acceptable. As long as it is done safely, following all product instructions, and under close supervision, short periods of muzzling are perfectly safe. Muzzles can be helpful to train away bad behavior and keep owners and other pets from getting bitten during examinations, medical care, and grooming.

Can I Use A Dog Muzzle On A Cat?

Dog products are designed for a different facial shape and a longer snout. In an emergency, it might work, but it is best to stick with products designed for felines.

Will My Vet Use A Muzzle?

The answer depends on the specific veterinarian and individual animal. Veterinarians do not use muzzles on felines by default. I have taken purr babies to the vet for over 35 years and have never had a muzzle used on my pet, even under examination or when given vaccinations or shots. However, pets known for biting or veterinarians who have been bitten in the past may require a muzzle. As a general rule, veterinarians do not use muzzles for regular examinations. Muzzles are a tool that may be used during surgery, testing, or other treatment if necessary.

Final Thoughts

Cat muzzles are not something that everyone is comfortable with. However, they are a proven and well-established training tool. Unlike dogs, felines are not able to wear muzzles for long periods. Unless they are under surgery or receiving intense medical treatment, a vet will not likely muzzle a kitty for more than just a few moments. Groomers may use them, as the grooming process is stressful and may trigger aggressive reactions from felines.

There are several products to choose from, many of which use the same basic design. Air muzzles, or helmets, are another less restrictive option that allows pets to breathe and does not prevent them from seeing. When picking the proper muzzle for your purr baby, consider your pet’s specific needs, what you hope to use it for, and what design you feel most comfortable with.

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