Ojos Azules Cat: History, Rarity, Prices & More

Renowned for their striking blue eyes and intriguing history, Ojos Azules cats have garnered attention from cat enthusiasts and breed admirers alike.

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The Ojos Azules is a beautiful cat breed known for their captivating blue eyes, which are this color due to a genetic mutation.

However, these gorgeous kitties are extremely rare, and the number of Ojos Azules cats worldwide is unknown.

Let’s learn more about out their history of how they came to be, some of their unique characteristics, where to find this cat, and more.


Ojos Azules translates to ‘blue eyes’ in Spanish, so it’s easy to tell where these pretty cats got their name. The first Ojos cat was a tortoiseshell female living in a feral cat colony in New Mexico. She was discovered by a local family in 1984, and upon noticing her dark blue eyes, they took her in and named her Cornflower. 

Later on, Cornflower was bred to males who didn’t carry the Ojos trait, and she produced a litter of kittens, most of which exhibited striking blue eyes as well. In addition, the gene that gave these cats their eye coloration didn’t cause deafness or blindness, which are traits shown in other blue-eyed cat breeds. 

In 1991, the International Cats Association officially founded the breed and named it Ojos Azules. However, the Ojos cats remained rare, with only ten individuals recorded in 1992 and the current population unknown.

Personality & Temperament

Due to their rarity, very little is known about the Ojos Azules cat’s temperament. However, people who have been fortunate enough to own one describe their personality as loyal, affectionate, and active. 

Size & Appearance

Ojos cats are usually medium-sized, with a fully grown individual weighing between nine and twelve pounds on average. They can also grow to be eight to ten inches tall at the shoulder, making them the perfect size to curl up on their owner’s lap. The appearance of an Ojos Azules is similar to that of a typical house cat, with the exception of their deep blue eyes.

They have a lithe, rectangular body supported by four slender legs. The tail of the Ojos cat is medium in length and tapers at the tip. Their head is subtly triangular, and their muzzle is slightly square. In addition, heterochromia is tolerated by this breed’s standards. For example, if an Ojos cat had one dark blue eye and one yellow, it would still be considered an Ojos Azules.

Coat & Colors

Since the main thing that makes an Ojos cat distinctive is its blue eyes, they come in almost all coat colors. Pure white Ojos Azules cats are less desirable as they can’t be distinguished from regular white cats (like white Main Coons) with blue eyes. White markings are common on their tails, muzzles and paws. In addition to their wide variety of coat colors, Ojos Azules cats can have either long or short fur, depending on their genetic makeup.


Ojos cats don’t have any special care needs, but they still require plenty of places to hide and climb. A cat tree is a good choice for any active feline breed, as it provides easy exercise. A cat tree will also give a cat their own space, so they have somewhere to go if they need some alone time. Additionally, interactive puzzles are fun to keep a cat entertained and mentally stimulated. If you want to add an element of hunting into your cat’s daily routine, you could purchase toys for them to chase after and pounce on.


As with any cat breed, feeding an Ojos cat a healthy, well-balanced diet is vital. Due to their love for food, felines tend to become overweight, leading to further health complications. Although some people leave a large food dish out for their cat and refill it daily, this is not responsible for pet ownership as a cat can easily overeat. One or two meals a day is good for Ojos Azules cats, and occasional treats can be given.


The dietary needs of an Ojos Azules cat are relatively simple. Cats are carnivores, so they require a diet of varied meats. Choosing a quality commercial brand is essential if you aren’t feeding your cat fresh food. Make sure any food you’re giving to your cat is fish or meat-based and doesn’t contain a lot of carbohydrates, as an improper diet can cause a cat to become obese and unhealthy.


Ojos Azules cats are very active and require more exercise than some other cat breeds. A few playtime sessions in which the cat can chase, bat at and pounce on toys are crucial to stimulate your Ojos. Outdoor cats will also need less exercise than indoor cats because they spend time roaming about outside.


Depending on their genetics, Ojos Azules cats can have long or short fur, so their shedding amounts will vary. However, brushing your cat regularly to remove excess hair is still important. Brushing them once or twice a week can also help to reduce shedding and hairballs.


Ojos cats should be brushed about once a week, but this varies depending on their coat length, thickness, and density. When brushing a cat, be careful and gentle when working through knots or mats in their coat. This is because their skin is very sensitive, and they are not used to hair being pulled out. Combs and slicker brushes are helpful tools to avoid hurting your feline during grooming sessions.

In addition to grooming their fur, cats require frequent nail clipping and dental care. Tooth brushing is a form of grooming that should be trained from a young age. This can prevent cavities and tartar buildup on a feline’s teeth. Nail clipping is necessary to keep a cat’s claws from growing too long and becoming uncomfortable.


Unfortunately, Ojos Azules cats are not a very healthy breed. When they were first being bred, it was discovered that pairing two cats with the Ojos trait resulted in genetic mutations for the kittens. These mutations included:

  • Cranial deformities.
  • White fur, which was not tolerated because it made Ojos cats look like regular white cats with blue eyes.
  • A small, curled tail.
  • Stillbirth.

Breeding of the Ojos Azules cats was eventually suspended due to the risk of fatal cranial deformities. This is what led to the breed becoming so exceptionally rare today. However, there have been reports of dark-colored cats with blue eyes in feral cat colonies, which may mean that the genetic mutation of the Ojos Azules occurs more frequently than we recently thought.


Like most other cat breeds, the Ojos cats have an average lifespan of 10 to 12 years. However, this number can increase or decrease depending on how well the cats are cared for. It is common for the Ojos Azules to live for 10 to 12 years, but they have been known to live longer.


If you are fortunate enough to have the chance to bring an Ojos Azules cat into your family, it’s essential to be aware of the cost. Usually, the price of an Ojos cat varies from $700 to $1,500, but this can change depending on the cat’s upbringing and genetic makeup. Due to their rarity, however, it is almost impossible to find and adopt one of these felines.

After the kitten/cat’s cost, other products must be purchased for your cat to live a happy and healthy life. Beds, toys, treats, collars, and bowls for their food and water are crucial for maintaining an enriching environment for any feline. Veterinary attention is also quite pricey, with an average visit for a cat costing about $200.

As Family Pets

Ojos Azules cats are known to display affection towards their owners, making good family pets. In addition, they are tolerant of small children but should always be handled gently and with care. Careful handling can help your Ojos become more comfortable and ensure a positive experience with humans.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Ojos Azules cats shed?

Although Ojos cats can have any fur length, they do not shed as much as other longhaired breeds. However, if you are an allergy sufferer, this breed is likely not for you.

How many Ojos Azules cats are there in the world?

Currently, their population is unknown.

Are Ojos Azules cats extinct?

Breeding of Ojos cats was suspended due to the risk of cranial deformities. Some claim to have seen dark-colored cats with blue eyes in the wild, but the Ojos Azules breed status remains a mystery.

Final Thoughts

The Ojos Azules is a mysterious and enchanting cat breed with a distinct personality. Since their discovery in 1984, the population of Ojos cats has been very small, and the current amount is unknown. However, some people are fortunate enough to bring one of these striking cats into their home, and they enjoy the benefits of owning such a beautiful and charming feline.

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