Reveal Cat Food Review

Considering Reveal Cat Food for your purr baby? We look at the company background, history, and product options in this brand review. Learn more about this feline food option and if it is right for your cat. Let's get into the details in our Reveal Cat Food review.

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Last Updated: February 8, 2024 | 6 min read

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Are you a concerned purr parent? Do you spend hours each day trying to devise fun activities for your kitty and stay up late worried about the food you are using? If yes, you understand the importance of feeding your feline friend high-quality food. Luckily, feeding a feline is easier than most people think. Once you find the right brand and type of chow, they will be happy campers. It is important to offer variety, so kitties stay energized and do not turn away their meals. Researching different brands can help owners make more informed decisions. One brand kitty owners often consider is Reveal.

Reveal is a relatively new natural cat food company, only hitting the market in 2017. They focus on limited-ingredient recipes using top-quality ingredients. The company follows a straightforward philosophy, “If we can’t make a better pet food, we won’t make it at all.”

Reveal offers grain-free wet cat food and kitty treats. They work with specialist suppliers worldwide to create unique, limited-ingredient recipes. Let’s jump in and learn a little more about it in our Reveal cat food review and see if it suits your pet.

Key Features

  • Limited ingredient recipes
  • All grain free
  • Wet foods up to 75% protein
  • Complementary nutrition
  • Sustainability
  • For all life stages

Is Reveal Good For Cats?

Yes, Reveal is good for cats. They use high-quality, fresh ingredients to create tasty meals for kitties. There are no chemical additives, artificial colors or flavors, fillers, or hard-to-digest grains. Simply meaty goodness in tasty liquid purr babies will surely enjoy. These products are not enough to sustain your kitty alone but will help provide him with complete and balanced nutrition. Felines crave meat, and this brand delivers.

Who Makes Reveal Cat Food? Company Information

Reveal came into the world of feline nutrition in 2017. They are a smaller company that was started to provide felines with an option for grain-free, high-protein chow with no unnecessary fillers and additives. All recipes are made with shredded chicken breast or whole tuna fillet. This brand is part of a larger company (MPM), Making Pet Food Matters. MPM also makes Applaws, Encore, and Nature’s Calling. All are natural pet nutrition brands.

Where Is It Made?

Reveal products are made in Thailand. All ingredients are traceable to their source throughout the manufacturing process. The company works with specialty suppliers in the United States, Austria, Australia, France, Spain, Thailand, and the UK. The fish is sustainably caught in the waters of southeast Asia and then processed in close proximity.

The supplier the brand partners with is one of the world’s leading suppliers of canned tuna and prepared chicken. The business chose this supplier since it is a human food supplier that ranks grade A by the British Retail Food Consortium in Food Safety. Other companies like Against the Grain, Applaws, Earthborn Holistic, Fussie Cat, Miko, Petite Cuisine, Pet Select, Tiki Pets, Weruva, and WholeHearted all make pet products in Thailand.

Recalls & Lawsuits: Has Reveal Had A Recall?

People often ask about companies to find out if they have had a recall. Recalls happen for a variety of reasons and can be voluntary or involuntary. Fortunately, there has not been any recall to date on any of the products produced by Reveal. Additionally, we can find no record of lawsuits against the company or complaints about pets becoming ill.

Reveal Ingredients

All recipes are grain free. They are limited ingredient formulas and include animal protein with very few other additions. Felines need animal proteins to survive. They are what are called obligate carnivores. Animal proteins provide energy, support growth, and help the body repair itself. Without high-quality proteins, felines will not be healthy. Products with named animal proteins like chicken, beef, turkey, pork, or fish are best. The good news is that the brand uses all named animal proteins and no by-products or meals.


Reveal uses the following animal proteins: chicken, duck, crab, shrimp, mackerel, ocean fish, salmon, sardines, sea bream, and tuna. Felines need diets high in healthy animal proteins, and this brand offers a tasty variety.

Additional Ingredients

The brand uses very minimal ingredients, and most recipes contain only protein. However, some added ingredients include seaweed, pumpkin, and one recipe that includes cheese. All recipes are protein heavy and very simple, using no chemical additives, fillers, or grains.

Reveal Recipes

This company makes wet cat food and treats. They offer pots, pouches, and cans. Each offers natural protein, full flavor, and high quality. Products are not meant as standalone nutrition and should be used in addition to your cat’s regular meals. This is important to note, as you want to ensure your kitty receives complete nutrition. Products are suitable for kitties of all ages.


Reveal Pots
  • 11% crude protein.
  • Limited ingredients, complementary nutrition.
  • 2.12 ounces.
  • Three flavor options.
  • Mixed protein and broth.
  • Grain-free.

Pots are extremely limited ingredients, grain-free, and 100 percent natural. Reveal pots are complementary to pet nutrition and not intended to be your kitty’s only food. They come in three flavors: Tuna with Shrimp in broth, Chicken Breast with Duck in broth, and Sardine with Mackerel in broth. Ingredients include only proteins and broth. Pots have about 11% crude protein each. These are small, 2.12 ounces, and should be fed to your kitty along with a balanced dry kibble.


Reveal Pouches
  • Grain-free
  • Flavor variety
  • Complimentary nutrition.
  • Fresh portion.
  • Three flavor options.
  • Protein and broth.

Pouches come in three flavors: Tuna with Shrimp in broth, Tuna with Sea Bream in broth, and Chicken Breast in broth. These also have very simple ingredients, just protein, and broth. Crude protein content ranges from 18% to 19%, with very low fiber and fat and high moisture and taste. These are not meant to be the only thing your purr baby eats. Kitties also should be offered high-quality kibble. Pouches are fantastic toppers and make even the pickiest of feline diners interested.


Reveal Canned
  • 14 flavor options.
  • Protein in broth or gravy.
  • Complementary nutrition.
  • 8% to 15 % protein.
  • High moisture, low fiber, low fat.
  • Limited ingredient, grain-free.

Canned formulas offer the most range of flavor choices. All are protein-packed and served in broths or gravy. Protein content ranges between 8% and 15% or so, depending on the recipe. Minimal ingredients, great taste, low fat, high moisture, and low fiber. These are also intended to be served along with a complete and balanced dry kibble.

Canned Flavors

In BrothIn Gravy
Tuna with CrabTuna Fillet
Tuna with SalmonTuna Fillet with Salmon
Tuna FilletOcean Fish
Tuna Fillet with ShrimpChicken Breast
Tuna Fillet With Sea Bream
Tuna Filet With Seaweed
Ocean Fish
Chicken Breast
Chicken with Pumpkin

Tuna Loin Treat

Reveal Tuna Loin treat
  • 100% whole tuna loin treat.
  • Can be fed as a treat or meal topper.
  • Fresh protein.
  • 23% protein.
  • No additives.
  • Fresh meat flavor.

Currently, the brand offers one cat treat, the whole tuna loin. This is just what it sounds like, 100% fish with no other ingredients and 23% protein. The loin treat lasts up to a week in the refrigerator. Your kitty will love the flavor and enjoy the protein boost. This can be a treat or mixed in with kibble.

What We Like

We like a lot of things about Reveal. Their ingredient list is very limited and is high quality. Proteins are fresh, and recipes are not full of filler or unnecessary added ingredients. These are all about the protein and the flavor. They have no grains, so they are very easy to digest. The wet options are excellent for cats with sensitive stomachs, allergies, or digestive concerns. They are not enough to sustain your pet alone but will boost the flavor, moisture, and protein your pet needs and wants. We also appreciate the options with pumpkin and seaweed, which add vital nutrients to a feline’s diet and aid digestion.

Pros & Cons Chart

Fresh proteinsNot complete nutrition
All grain-free productsNo dry food options
Great tasteSome customers do not like the smell
Flavor varietyCan be pricey
Very limited ingredientSmaller portions
Good for sensitive stomachs
All wet food
No recalls
Well-reviewed by customers

Is Reveal Cat Food Healthy?

Yes, Reveal is healthy because it has remarkably few additives and is mainly protein based. However, it does not provide everything a feline needs in his diet, so it must be used along with another nutritionally balanced meal, preferably kibble.

How Much Is Reveal? Is It Worth The Price?

This is a moderately priced option. The cans are small, so keep that in mind. It is easy to find on grocery store shelves like Kroger and Albertsons and in retailers like Target or some online retailers. Cans cost about $1.40, pots are $1.40 to $1.50, and pouches are $1.45. treats are $2.25 or more, depending on the retailer. The website can help you locate the closest retailer in your area.

We believe that Reveal is worth the price. It is not intended to be complete nutrition, so owners must also purchase high-quality kibble. These smaller portions of protein-packed deliciousness help keep your cat’s taste buds happy and give him a flavor and nutritional boost directly from natural animal sources. There are plenty of options to keep your purr baby happy and his tummy full. These are far better for your pet than some of the other treat and topper options high in fat, wheat gluten, and artificial flavors. Food meant for felines is better than human foods or cheap products with many fillers.

Final Thoughts

Reveal is a top-notch natural pet nutrition company specializing in limited-ingredient recipes. The company focuses on providing the best quality they can for cats while staying completely natural. The parent company MPM is focused on sustainability, which is also seen with Reveal. This food is tasty and high quality and makes a terrific addition to your purr baby’s diet. We love that they have so many protein choices.

Additionally, the brand has no recalls and welcomes customer feedback and contact. Overall they are a very well-run company that puts feline nutritional needs as the top priority. Your cat will likely love the addition of these tasty proteins and extra moisture to his daily meals.

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