Flame Point Siamese: Coat, Lifespan, & More

Flame-pointed or red-pointed Siamese cats are rarely found, unlike their darker-colored counterparts. These cats have a unique pattern, all white with a ginger muzzle, paws, ears, and tail. They also have the well-known blue eyes of the Siamese breed.

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Last Updated: October 17, 2023 | 5 min read

Blue eyed Siamese Flame point Kittens

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Ever since the first flame-pointed Siamese cats were bred in 1930, the demand for them has escalated, and many people want them for pets due to their striking appearance.

However, many official breed registries refuse to recognize the flame points as part of the Siamese family, instead classifying them as Colorpoint Shorthairs. This is partially due to the breed’s rarity since they are hard to come across, and some people even doubt they’re real. The other reason is that many people own color-pointed kittens of no particular breed and misinterpret them as Siamese.

In addition to this, since a red-point Siamese gets only half its genetics from a Siamese parent, many people don’t count them as purebred at all. Debates on whether these felines should be considered Siamese are still happening today. Let’s delve deeper into the story of these unique felines.

Breed History

You must cross a ginger tabby with a Siamese to get a Siamese cat with these distinctive red pointed markings. The first known kittens from this pairing were bred in 1930 and soon began to gain popularity. Before long, countless people wanted to make a flame point Siamese part of their family. These cats proved extremely rare and hard to obtain, but this did not discourage interested buyers, with some paying up to $4,000.

Once word had spread about the flame-point Siamese, the breeders attempted to get them officially registered with well-known breed registries such as the CFA (Cat Fanciers Association). This did not go over well, with the CFA eventually registering them as a Colorpoint Shorthair, a completely different breed. They reasoned that the cats are only 50% Siamese and thus should not be considered purebreds.

Personality & Temperament

Lazy Flame Point Siamese on a sofa
Flame-point Siamese cats have a needy temperament, so they will always want to be close to you and know where you are.

Red-pointed Siamese felines are best known for their active, vocal personality. Like most Siamese cats, these kitties will vocalize at nearly everything and everyone they see, making them fun to interact with. Their voices are pretty deep, and they may continue to meow persistently even after their needs have been tended to.

These cats are also curious and have a knack for exploring. Because of this, keeping most breakable things out of their reach is essential, as they may accidentally knock items over while climbing or running around. A red-point Siamese will enjoy playing outside, but most owners prefer to keep them as indoor cats because of their rarity.

Size & Appearance

The Flame Point Siamese cat sitting looking up at the camera
Their fur is usually short to medium, requiring minimal grooming.

Like most Siamese cats, flame-points have a long, slender body, giving them a graceful appearance. Their head may be more wedge-shaped or oval depending on their ancestry. An average male red-pointed Siamese can weigh up to 11 or 12 pounds. However, these felines vary in size. Some can weigh only 8 pounds, while others weigh 14. Regarding body shape, red-point Siamese cats have a lithe torso, four medium-length legs with a small paw on each end, a relatively long neck, and a thin tail.

Coat & Colors

The red-pointed Siamese is a beautiful breed, and their striking features make them appealing to many people. Their base coat is usually a soft, creamy white that deepens slowly as they age. These cats’ paws, noses, ears, and tails have a ginger tabby pattern that fades out the closer it gets to the middle of the body. The eyes of a flame-point Siamese are a rich, deep blue, while their nose, paw pads, and the inside of their ears are a pale pink. Felines of this breed also boast silky, medium-length fur, which does not require a lot of grooming.


Like most short-haired cat breeds, red-pointed Siamese can maintain their coats, using the spines on their tongue to remove anything unwanted from their fur. However, brushing them once a week is still helpful to reduce the risk of hairballs or excessive shedding. Their nails should be trimmed once every two weeks, and if possible, a cat’s teeth should be brushed daily to prevent tartar buildup.


Flame-point Siamese cats don’t have any special exercise requirements, but something like a cat tree should still be provided. Felines are drawn to cat trees because they give them their own space. In addition, climbing is a good way for your kitty to get exercise. Cat toys are also a fun way to keep your feline entertained, as chasing after a toy will give a cat a feeling of hunting and stimulate its wild instincts. However, it’s very easy for a cat to get overexcited during play, which may cause them to nip or scratch their owner by mistake. To prevent this, ensure playtime is smooth and steady if your cat becomes too riled up.


Unfortunately, all cats in the Siamese breed are prone to certain genetic diseases. These cannot be prevented, but always purchase cats from a reputable breeder to ensure you get a healthy kitten. In addition, they may allow you to see the parents and will tell you if one of them carries a genetic disease. These diseases include dental issues, progressive retinal atrophy (a problem that can lead to blindness), and amyloidosis (which negatively affects the liver). 

Due to their compressed, narrow face shape, Siamese are also at a higher risk of respiratory issues, so regular vet checkups are crucial. Visiting the veterinarian once or twice a year can help detect a possible problem before it’s too late.


All Siamese are highly intelligent, making them receptive and easy to train. When we say ‘train,’ we don’t mean showing a cat how to sit and roll over. Instead, training refers to teaching the proper behavior to a feline. Some examples of this behavior are:

  • Being social with houseguests and not hiding away.
  • No scratching, biting, or hissing at people.
  • Using the litter box correctly.

Aside from this basic training, many people teach their cats how to walk on a harness and leash so they can take them outside. However, this training is optional, as not all cats want to leave the safety and comfort of their home.


The price of a flame-point Siamese varies greatly, depending on their breeder, heritage, and genetics. If you want a kitten, some breeders may only ask for $300 to $600 (relatively cheap in the Siamese community) while others could require $1,000. Unfortunately, since a red-point kitten’s markings only develop as it ages, breeders occasionally sell fake Siamese to unsuspecting buyers. To avoid this situation, you can ask to see the parents of your kitten to make sure your money is well-spent.

As Family Pets

A flame point Siamese cat with blue eyes outside
Red-point Siamese cats are fantastic pets due to their loving, playful, and affectionate nature.

These cats have a sweet temperament and always want to be close to their owners. In addition, Siamese typically get along well with children and other pets and are social towards houseguests and most strangers. However, although these cats are wonderful pets, many people dislike them because of their vocal, noisy tendencies. The flame-point Siamese may not be for you if you aren’t looking for a loud cat.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do flame-point Siamese cats shed?

Siamese cats do shed, but not excessively. Many variations typically have shorter coats and don’t require much grooming. Although these pretty felines are not hypoallergenic, they are about as close as you can get, and are suitable pets for most allergy sufferers.

Do red-point Siamese cats like water?

Flame-point Siamese cats are one of the breeds most known for liking water. However, they do not enjoy being completely wet but may try to play with the water while drinking.

Final Thoughts

The flame-point Siamese is one of the most beautiful and unique cat breeds. Since they were first bred, many people have been after their gorgeous fur pattern that contrasts with their deep blue eyes. With proper care and research, you can bring a red-point Siamese into your home and ensure they live a happy, healthy life.

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