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Are you considering Cat Person cat food? This is a high-end subscription option. Learn more about the company, its history, and product options in our Cat Person cat food review.

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Last Updated: May 22, 2023 | 9 min read

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Cat owners spend many hours looking for the right nutrition for their pets. This can be daunting as many options are available, and new ones pop up daily. One newer company is Cat Person, a subscription-based, higher-end option. They have a solid following online and offer no-frills, high-protein meals for kitties. We learn more in this Cat Person (CP) food review.

There is more to feline nutrition than claims on a label or cute pictures on a website. Learning more about a brand before committing is vital. Pet food reviews are a great way to learn about a brand.

Sit back, cuddle up with purr baby, and learn a little more about this brand and what they offer. We know how important high-quality nutrition is for our pets and are here to help. Let us do the hard work to help make your purr baby as happy and healthy as possible.

Key Features

  1. Limited ingredients
  2. High protein recipes
  3. Solar powered facility
  4. Above average nutritional value
  5. Made specifically for cats by cat people

Cat Person Brand History

Cat Person is a newcomer to the cat food market. The CP brand started in March 2020 and is named after two cat people wanting to see healthier feline options with more variety. Realizing the market was heavily leaning towards dogs, the duo wanted to give cat owners more choices. The brand runs under Harry’s Labs, a start-up incubator held by Harry’s Inc, the maker of men’s razors and shaving products. The company is based out of New York, New York.

CP’s recipes focus on “simple, straightforward, and honest” nutrition. No frills, no fancy names, and no gimmicks. They make high-protein, grain-free, low-carb recipes. There are no unnecessary fillers. Instead, they focus on protein. Recipes contain one to two animal proteins and are developed to be easy to digest and suitable for kitties with sensitivities and allergies.

CP sells grain-free recipes developed just for felines. They use human-quality ingredients and offer subscription boxes. The brand uses resealable bags, easy-open cups, and reusable serve and store sets. “We consider everything about a cat’s body and mind in order to create solutions that improve the quality of their life and, therefore, your co-existence.” Owners can create a subscription based on their kitty’s needs without more trips to the store to pick up those cans or bags of kitty chow.

The brand offers 16 wet meal products and three dry kibbles. They also make treats, kitty accessories, and pet beds. Along with focusing on sustainability, the company donates meals to support foster kittens, a cause close to the founders’ hearts.

Has Cat Person Been Recalled?

As of this writing, we can find no CP recalls. This is excellent news and means that there has been no mandatory or voluntary reason products have been suspected not to be safe.

Where Is It Made?

Products are manufactured in the United States and Thailand. Dry kibble is manufactured in the United States, and the wet product is made in Thailand. The United States facility aims to be environmentally conscious, including using solar power. In Thailand, the manufacturer utilizes sustainable fishing and ingredient sourcing. Recipes are created for cats of all ages.

The brand does not manufacture its own products. They work with manufacturers in the U.S. and Thailand to produce their recipes using their ingredient selections.

Ingredients To Look For

Top-quality cat foods will contain several ingredients. Felines are obligate carnivores and need a diet that is high in animal protein. Protein proves their energy, supports growth, and works to help the body function properly.

Amino acids are in protein and are pivotal for a cat’s health. Taurine is one essential amino acid, and without proper amounts of it, cats can become sick and unhealthy. A taurine deficiency can lead to heart disease and even blindness. Omega-3 and omega-6 amino acids support skin, coat health, brain development, and mental health.

Healthy fats are another critical element of feline nutrition. Fat is important as it supports joint, eye, coat, and skin health. Fat is involved in many body functions and is essential in helping the body absorb certain vitamins.

Carbohydrates provide energy, fiber and aid in digestion. Fiber is also beneficial in breaking down hairballs and keeping the digestive tract healthy.

When selecting kitty chow, always read the labels and look for high-quality proteins. Named meats are best. Avoid products that use fillers and artificial additives.

What To Look For

  • Animal-based proteins like poultry, fish, beef, and lamb are good choices.
  • Essential fatty acids, including omega-3 and omega-6, support skin and coat health.
  • Carbohydrates provide fiber to aid digestion and energy and keep cats full.
  • Vitamins and minerals include vitamins A, B, taurine, and potassium.
  • Moisture is important. Felines can become dehydrated quickly. Wet food is an excellent way to add moisture and prevent dehydration.
  • Avoid feeding felines meals made for humans or human products.

Many feline owners will avoid things like fillers (corn, wheat, soy), artificial preservatives, colors and flavors, and low-quality by-products. These can be hard to digest and have little nutritional value. Some pet parents choose grain-free diets, while others elect for limited-ingredient diets or specific formulas for health conditions like urinary and digestive health. Cats can eat grains, but they do not need them. Unlike canines, there is not any suspected connection to heart disease with a grain-free diet. Considering your purr baby’s individual needs when choosing nutrition. Always check with a veterinarian if you have any concerns about your pet’s nutrition, health, or eating habits.

Cat Person Ingredients

CP uses high-quality ingredients from human food suppliers. They do not use any fillers, artificial flavors, or preservatives. These recipes are very protein-rich and use limited ingredients, with a few added fruit and vegetable components.

CP uses proteins that include chicken, duck, beef, salmon, tuna, mackerel, and turkey. Wet options contain 80% moisture. All recipes contain “at least 50% more protein than industry standard” and are grain-free.

Wet foods and ingredients come from Thailand. Dry foods are made in the United States. The company does not provide information on exactly where its ingredients come from but does say that its ingredient providers have meticulous pet food manufacturing standards. Dehydrated meat and fish, and dry foods are ethically sourced.

According to the company, wet foods come from a supplier that uses sustainable ingredient sources, from healthy oceans, along with safe and legal labor. All seafood in their wet line is Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certified.

Cat Person Recipes

Wet Food

Currently, CP offers 16 different wet products. These include shreds in broth and pate. We take a look at some of their fan favorites.

Chicken Shreds In Broth

Cat Person Chicken shreds in broth
  • Single protein.
  • Grain-free.
  • For all ages.
  • Crude protein 10%.
  • Crude fat 4%.
  • Crude fiber 1%.

This shredded wet option uses chicken and chicken broth as protein sources. According to the company, it is a minimal ingredient formula and offers 86% more protein than the industry standard. As with all this brand’s recipes, it is grain-free and low-carb. The recipe contains no potatoes, corn, rice, or wheat ingredients. This recipe offers complete and balanced nutrition for all ages, including kittens and senior cats. This recipe comprises 54% chicken and 41% chicken broth and includes no unnecessary elements.

Chow is served in 2.75-ounce easy-to-open cups. The recipe is approximately 50% protein, 45% fat, and 5% carbohydrates.

Duck & Chicken Shreds In Broth

cat person duck and chicken shreds
  • Duck and chicken.
  • Grain-free.
  • High-protein, low fat.
  • Crude protein 10%.
  • Crude fat 2%.
  • Crude fiber 1%.

This recipe contains two animal proteins, duck and chicken. Duck broth, duck, and chicken are the first three ingredients on the label. The recipe is 54% duck and chicken, 43% duck broth, 2% tapioca, and 1% essential nutrients and natural flavoring. Contains approximately 60% protein, 32.5% fat, and 7.5% carbohydrates.

Salmon & Tuna Pate

  • Sustainably sourced seafood.
  • Salmon, fish broth, tuna, and dried egg.
  • High-protein and healthy fats.
  • Crude protein 12%.
  • Crude fat 5%.
  • Crude fiber 1%.

This smooth pate is packed full of fishy flavor. This lists four animal proteins right away. Salmon, fish broth, tuna, and dried egg. All seafood is sustainably sourced. The recipe is low-carb and made for all life stages. easy to eat and digest. This has 55% salmon and tuna, 33% fish broth, and 5% dried egg.

Dry Food

CP offers three varieties of dry kibble. These are salmon & tuna, duck & turkey, and chicken & turkey. These come in two-pound bags for $14.50. Kibbles are all grain-free and low-carb. Recipes contain no potatoes, corn, rice, or wheat elements.

Chicken & Turkey Dry Kibble

Cat Person Turkey & Duck Dry kibble
  • Chicken, chicken meal, turkey meal, and turkey.
  • Dehydrated chicken bites.
  • Resealable bags.
  • Crude protein 40%.
  • Crude fat 20%.
  • Crude fiber 4%.

This recipe uses chicken, chicken meal, turkey meal, peas, turkey, pea protein, and chicken fat as protein sources. The recipe also contains elements like flaxseed, dried tomato pomace, and vitamins and minerals. The recipe is made up of 64% chicken and turkey ingredients. It has approximately 45% protein, 45% fat, and 10% carbohydrates. This recipe contains real, dehydrated chicken bites adding a pop of real meat for cats to enjoy.

Bags are resealable, so food stays fresh and tasty for as long as possible.


Bone & Joint Goodness Blends

  • Bone and joint supplement.
  • Turkey & salmon puree.
  • Glucosamine & Chondroitin Sulfate.
  • Omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Calcium & Phosphorus.
  • L-Carnitine.

CP offers five selections of Goodness Blends treats. These are all focused on different areas of health: digestive support, immune support, cognitive health, skin and coat, and bone and joint.

Goodness blends offer cats an extra vitamin boost in the form of nutrient-rich turkey and salmon purees. They are grain-free kitty supplements containing supportive ingredients for specific health areas.

For example, the Bone & Joint Goodness Blend contains glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate for joint health, omega-3 fatty acids for joint mobility, calcium and phosphorus to support bones, and L-Carnitine to burn excess fat.

The cognitive health goodness blend contains DHA for brain health and development, Vitamins C and E for their antioxidant value, and omega-3 fatty acids to suppress inflammation.

Is Cat Person Good?

Overall, yes, CP’s products are good. It has high protein content, taken from natural animal sources. No by-products, artificial ingredients, or fillers are used in any recipes. These foods offer cats the high-quality animal protein they need to keep them healthy. They also provide enough variety to prevent them from losing interest or boredom in their bowl.

The ingredients in recipes are very limited. Food is easy to digest and free of many common allergens and components that can be troublesome. The product is simple, with no fillers and misleading claims or language.

These are developed specifically for cats and offer many health benefits. In fact, several owners report CP helping with their cat’s smelly bowel movements. It has also been attributed to shinier coats and skin health. Some kitty owners report that their kitties were not interested in the wet food, but the kibble was a success. Because of this, owners must take the time to try a starter box, determine what their purr baby likes, and then adjust their orders accordingly.

How Much Is Cat Person? Is It Worth The Price?

CP is sold on a subscription basis, but products can also be purchased individually. Owners start by taking a quiz about their cats to help customize the meal plan. Afterward, they select a starter box that can be a wet and dry starter or only a wet starter. After the starter box owner arrives, owners have two weeks to modify their order before monthly subscriptions start. Boxes ship out every four weeks, and owners receive 10% off. Meal plans over $45 receive free shipping.

I own two indoor cats, one male, and one female, about ten years old. I priced out what a monthly meal plan would be for them. My cats like both pate and shreds and eat dry kibble and canned meals daily. My starter box had a price of $25.

After the starter box, my meal plan works out to $5.06 a day. This was for wet and dry food only. Supplements are extra and not part of the monthly plan. Those are $19.50 for a box of 14 1.4-ounce packages.

This food is high in protein and very easy to digest due to the limited ingredient recipes. Though it is on the higher side of the price range, it is worth the investment, especially for cats with digestive sensitivities or food allergies. The subscription boxes can get pricey and may be outside some pet owners’ budgets. Fortunately, products are available for individual purchase, allowing owners to use these high-protein foods and their regular kitty chow.

How Does Cat Person Compare?

This is very high quality in comparison to many other pet food products on the market. The limited ingredients and high-quality protein sources go a long way to making this food easy to digest and nutritionally balanced. Ingredients are not human-grade certified but are very high quality and made in human-grade kitchens. Nutritionally, CP is very good, and many owners report their kitties enjoying it—especially those who are picky eaters.

Because it is on the higher end of feline food options, CP may not be our first choice for subscription foods. Other companies like Smalls offer human-grade certified, freshly made meals delivered right to your door. Fresh, human-grade meals are a better value for the higher price tag. However, CP food is shelf stable and lasts much longer than fresh food options. So, it may be the top pick for some, depending on the owner’s situation and the pet’s needs.

Subscription kitty food boxes are newer to the market and are rising in availability and popularity. CP is a new brand to many, offering a very high-quality product, though a bit pricey. They have a dedicated online following, and many owners are quite happy with their offerings.

Compared to another top pick, Smalls, we prefer Smalls, as they use human-grade certified ingredients. Food is prepared fresh, then frozen, and shipped right to your door. My cats adore this food, and I cannot recommend it enough. You can learn more about our comparison of Cat Person vs. Smalls.

What We Like

There are many attributes to this brand that we like. We appreciate that this is a brand for cat people by cat people. As a feline owner who has spent many hours at the pet store hoping to find the perfect thing to meet my purr baby’s needs, I know firsthand how inconvenient those weekly trips can be. Having high-quality food delivery directly to the door is an excellent convenience for pet owners.

We like the customizable nature of subscriptions and the variety of recipes. Additionally, the health-focused treats are another great feature.

Another feature we appreciate is that the company offers a 30-day refund policy if customers, especially the four-legged variety, are unhappy.

Pros & Cons Chart

Wide varietyHigh price
High-quality ingredientsNot human grade certified
High nutritionWet meals are made in Thailand
Real animal proteinsNo clear ingredient sourcing
Convenience of subscriptionNo fresh fruits or vegetables in most recipes
Customizable monthly box
Health-focused treats

Final Thoughts

Cat Person is a newer player in the feline food market. This company came about as the brainchild of kitty parents tired of seeing stores primarily dedicated to dogs. So, they created this company to make high-quality, feline-specific products. Their ingredients are high quality but not human grade. The subscription is convenient, and there is plenty of variety. Cat Person is on the higher end of the price range, so it may not work for budget-conscious owners. Additionally, their limited ingredients do not contain fresh fruits or vegetables in most cases, which may be something some feline owners prefer.

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